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My Husband's Wish

My Husband's Wish

I knew the bastard was up to something as soon as he walked through the door! He had that silly smirk on his face which I know so well. He is so predictable I can read him like a book. Tonight is Friday night and we have this arrangement whereby I allow him to go to his club where he has a couple of drinks with his friends and in return he has to come home and fuck me silly! We don't have anywhere near as much sex as we used and this regular weekly effort is great, although we do sometimes make love during the week! He doesn't drink very much at all - he is almost a non-drinker but he loves to be with his friends and they discuss all sorts of things which tend to get him so excited that when he gets home, I am always ready for him and he fucks me silly!

Marvin is a 33 year old lawyer and he is in partnership with several other lawyers and they have a very successful business. I am 29 and we have been married for 6 years but we haven't thought about children yet so we are both free and easy with ourselves. My name is Melanie and I am a strawberry blond with a reasonable figure although I am certainly not very attractive because I am very shy with other people and it is only since I met and married Marvin that I have come out of my shell at all.

I was a virgin until I met Marvin and he is the only man I have had in my life and I love him very much. We met at a football club party and he danced with me and eventually took me home although I was terribly nervous that he might want to kiss me or something else. He didn't even try to kiss me at the gate but he did ask me if I would go to the pictures with him next Saturday and I accepted on the spot. Anyway we went out on quite a few dates before we started to fool around and when he found I was a virgin, he wanted to fuck me straight away but I kept saying no. I don't know how many virgins he had had before me but he was certainly anxious to bust me!

I eventually let him fuck me about a month before we were engaged and then it was a regular thing until we got married. We made love a lot for a while after we married but it certainly tapered off after the first 3 years. Now we have this silly ritual where he goes out with the boys and they tell him all sorts of things they have done or have heard about and it gets him so roused up he just rushes home and fucks me. It is very silly because I know exactly what time he will be home and so I strip naked and am always waiting for him in bed - just lying on the bed with nothing over me. He comes in the front door, goes to the bathroom and removes his clothes and then rushes through the bedroom door and jumps on me and fucks me! Oh, boy, I get at real thrill when he does that - it is certainly the best fucking we have!

I know he has told the boys at the club that that is what he does and they all get him excited so that he is almost uncontrollable when he reaches home. I certainly look forward to Friday nights.

This particular Friday night the look on his face was a picture. He had something really exciting to tell me but he wouldn't say a word about what it was until he had jumped on me and fucked me. It is always the same routine - after we have cooled down and rested, he will tell me what happened at the club and what the boys told him and then we make love - really passionate love - and this is the very best part of all.

Some of the things they tell him are outrageous and we can't do some of these things. He was told the best position to make love is for the man to stand on his head in a corner and then for his naked wife to back into him so that his cock enters her cunt and then she fucks him in this position. I knew this one wouldn't work but he wanted to try it and the resultant disaster when he collapsed in a heap was that he needed physiotherapy for over a week before he could walk properly. Not to mention the trouble I had trying to back my cunt over his cock which was wavering around like leaves in a wind storm! He falls for anything like that and I generally go along with him because I love him and it is what he wants!

This night he fucked me really well and we both enjoyed the experience and for the first time in week we came at the same time - so many times I get left and miss out on my orgasm. I always cum when we make love for the second time on the Friday nights but I am greedy and like to cum twice! I knew he was busting to tell me what he had heard at the club so I listened intently to his ramblings.

He started off his conversation by saying, "The boys at the club were talking about the most wonderful experience any man can have and I want to do it too! Will you go along with me on this idea?" Of course I had no idea what he was talking about but as usual I said, "Darling, of course I will go along with you on this - I love you so much I will always do what ever you want me to do!" Marvin was so excited I thought he was going to cum before we made love! He then dropped his bombshell, "Darling, the boys have all told me how wonderful it is to watch their very own wives being fucked by another man and I want it do it too! Isn't it wonderful, I have never even thought about it before but they tell me it is such a turn-on that they now do it often!"

God, I was gob-smacked! I just didn't know what to say that would make sense. Now he has this idea in his head that they all let their wives get fucked by another man in front of them and he thinks it is real! I guess it would be possible that one or so of the men would do something like that but certainly not all of them as he is telling the story. I tried to reason with him but he just wouldn't listen and told me he was going to arrange a man for me next week! I was almost too upset to make love with him but I did try to participate but my thoughts were well away from him at the moment!

How could he possibly want another man to fuck me while he watched? Who on earth would he get to do the job? Did he expect me to just lie there and let a strange man fuck me? How could I get out of this? Then other thoughts started to run around in my mind. What if I liked being fucked by another man? What if I wanted to do it again afterwards? What if Marvin wanted me to fuck other men regularly?

All these questions were buzzing around in my mind as we were supposed to be making love! He was so excited he came well before I was ready and he pulled out of me and started discussing details of who and when we could get this wonderful idea operating! I was deflated to say the least and, whilst he was rambling on, I was playing with my clit and managed to eventually bring myself off by thinking of another man lying on me and fucking me!

He talked about it on Saturday morning but I didn't hear anything more about this silly idea until the next Wednesday when he brought up the subject again. This time I could see he was serious. He told me he had decided who he wanted to fuck me and he was going to ask him tonight! I was quite upset because I really didn't want to have another man fuck me but I didn't know how to stop him. He absolutely amazed me when he told me he was going to ask his younger brother to fuck me! Now I loved his brother a lot and if the truth be known, I had watched his brother lots of times when we were at the beach or at a pool when he was wearing his very small trunks and I could see this huge bulge which was always present! Would his brother have a bigger cock than Marvin and would I be able to take it all inside me?

I kept protesting and told him it was a silly idea but he rang his brother and told him he wanted to discuss something which was very important and could they meet tonight. He went out to meet his brother and left me at home worrying what would happen now. When he returned home quite late I was hoping he would tell me it was all off but that wasn't the case - no, his brother would be delighted to fuck me! It was all arranged and Dennis would be around at the same time as Marvin arrived home from the club and he would fuck me while Marvin took the photographs to show his friends! This last little bit really upset me - the idiot had fallen for the idea of photographing his wife being fucked by another man and then he would take the photos and show his mates! What an idiot! It was bad enough him thinking it was O.K. to have me fuck another man but to take photographs - NO WAY!

Marvin kept discussing the procedure for Friday night over and over again. He was to take the afternoon off from work and he would come home and help me dress up for his brother to fuck me! He wanted everything to be right for his brother. I finally persuaded him that taking photographs would be upsetting for Dennis because the flash would disturb him. He agreed that I might be right and he told me the camera was not on - he didn't want anything to go wrong.

Friday morning he started again with the procedure. He would come home after lunch and I wasn't to have a shower until he got home. He would help me get ready and everything would be right for the night. I took the precaution of hiding our camera in a place he would never find it and that made me feel a little better but now much. Marvin came home after lunch and told me he would get a bath ready for me. He would then shave my legs and my underarm and then powder and perfume me so that I was perfect for Dennis! I really had little say in this, he was so determined to carry this out.

When my bath was ready he called me into the bathroom and carefully removed all of my clothes. He then eased me into the lovely warm water into which he had poured some sweet-smelling crystals and although I tried to relax, I just couldn't. He never shaved my legs but this time he was determined to do the job. He had me lie down in the bath and lift my leg up so that he could apply the shaving cream and he rubbed this in from my toes to my thighs! He intended shaving right up my legs which I never did - just to my knees was all I ever did. He started with my lower leg and shaved me clean and then started above my knees. It was more difficult for him here because I was partly in the water. He gave up on that leg and started on the other. Again he shaved my lower leg and then made me stand up in the bath while he shaved my upper legs right up to my crotch! I had a little hair growing down between my legs and he shaved that off very carefully until he was satisfied. Then he started on my underarms and soon they were free from any hair! I wondered if he was going to shave my pubic hair but he didn't and I was very grateful.

Once he had dried me he inspected me and told me I looked wonderful and his brother would be very pleased with me. He then sprayed body perfume all over my body taking particular care of the area between my legs and my bush. He applied deodorant under my arms and in my groin area and then applied powder all over me. He also helped me with my makeup and watched carefully as I applied my lipstick. He took the lipstick from me when I had finished and carefully painted my nipples with the lipstick. I don't have very big breasts and almost no nipples so coating them with the lipstick made them stand out a little more. He wanted to paint my clit and labia with the lipstick too but I told him definitely no and he accepted that. He then gave me my very transparent dressing gown to wear and told me I was ready for his brother. I tried again to stop him but his mind was made up.

At five o'clock he left for the club to meet his friends leaving me alone to worry about what was going to happen to me. Promptly at 8pm I heard his car in the drive and knew it was about to start - whether I liked it or not!

He came in and greeted me and told me to take off my flimsy gown and to lie naked on the bed as I always did for him. He then did something which I thought was crazy - he climbed up on the bed and changed the bulb in the light fitting with a much stronger wattage! When he turned the light on it was much brighter but he explained he wanted to see every detail as his brother fucked me!

At exactly 8.15pm his brother knocked at the door and Marvin brought him into the bedroom where I was lying naked and spread on the bed ready for him! Oh, hell, what was I doing this for? Why didn't I just jump up and tell them both to get lost?

Marvin had arranged me on the bed for Dennis's arrival. He had my legs spread apart and my hands behind my head in what Marvin called total submission. This was the first time Dennis had seen me naked although he had seen me in my bikini before but that certainly covered my vital parts. Dennis had a grin on his face which showed he thought this was a great idea and was eagerly looking forward to partaking of my body.

Dennis greeted me with his "Hi Sis" which is the normal way he greets me and told me he hoped I was agreeable to all of this. I started to tell him I wasn't happy at all but Marvin told him to undress and that was the end of my protest. Dennis slipped his clothes off and I got my first look at his cock. It was certainly larger than Marvin's cock both in length and in thickness and it wasn't fully erect yet. He still had his silly grin on his face as if he thought Marvin would stop him at any moment.

As Dennis started to climb onto the bed alongside me I started to realize fully just what this meant to me. I was about to be fucked by another man and my own husband was the one making me do this. I didn't want this to happen but knew in my own mind that I wouldn't be able to stop it. If I was honest there was just a little bit of me wanting to go ahead with this but I knew I was fooling myself.

Dennis reached over and began caressing my rather flat breasts and he tried to rouse my nipples but they just don't make much of a show. He also began kissing me and after a number of passionate kisses he moved his hand down my belly until he reached my bush. He rubbed my hair with his fingers before he slowly moved down to my pussy where he stroked my lips and clit making me very aroused. I had to admit I was very aroused both because of what Dennis was doing to me and because I was lying there naked and being made ready to fuck another man.

Dennis took my hand and placed it on his cock. It was much larger now than when I looked at it and I was very surprised at its size comparing it with Marvin's cock! I stroked his cock as he kissed me and he was stroking my pussy lips and pushing his fingers inside me making a path for his cock. I almost came with the ministrations I was receiving and then he moved over on top of me, his knees between my spread legs and his cock now, still in my hand, but positioned just outside my cunt lips. I pulled him towards my hole and I felt him nudge my lips. I knew in my own mind I was now ready to be fucked and lined his cock up with my hole and pulled him to me. He entered me about an inch and then stopped. Just then I could hear a sort of whirring noise and looked past Dennis's shoulder to see my stupid idiot of a husband holding a video camera to his eye and the red light indicated he was filming me being fucked! The bastard - he told me he wouldn't take any photographs and now he was actually filming with the video camera he had hired instead of still pictures.

By this time Dennis had pushed his cock further inside me and at last he was fully in me! His larger cock filled me much more than Marvin's cock and I loved the full feeling. As he started to pump his cock into me I could feel my orgasm starting to build up straight away. I had promised myself I wouldn't cum with Dennis in me but my body gave me away. Suddenly I came and shuddered as the wonderful feeling spread all over my body. Dennis could feel it and kissed me hard and whispered there were more orgasms to come yet. He continued to fuck me and I had several more orgasms before I felt his cock start to change stroke and if anything his cock seemed to get bigger as he pumped his cum right up into my cunt! I had just been fucked by another man - my husband's brother!

Although I hadn't seen it happen (I was much too busy with Dennis) Marvin had taken all of his clothes off and while he was filming me he was playing with his cock and he must have been very close to cumming. Dennis had to get off my body - he was just too heavy and I felt disappointment when his cock plopped out of me! I had really enjoyed being fucked by Dennis.

Marvin stopped filming me after he had taken a couple of close-ups of my cunt leaking cum from Dennis's deposit and handed the camera to Dennis. Dennis started filming as Marvin climbed between my legs and he fucked me. He didn't seem to mind he was pushing his cock into my cunt which was still full of cum from Dennis.

When they had finished I was exhausted having cum quite a few times with both of them. Neither made any attempt to dress and Marvin insisted I remain on the bed. Their cum was now running out of me and making a mess on the bed but I knew there was more to come. Dennis again moved onto the bed and there was a repeat of the first episode. He had me playing with his now sticky cock until I managed to get him inside me and then he fucked me completely again. Once he was finished (with Marvin again filming the action) he pulled out and Marvin took his place. I was one very fucked lady when they had finished with me. I tried to hold the cum inside me as I got off the bed and made a run for the bathroom but some escaped my fingers and I made a trail of cum drips to the bathroom. I hoped Marvin was now satisfied with what he had subjected me to. My only satisfaction (apart from the obvious joy I received from Dennis) was that his cock being larger, I had hardly felt Marvin's cock when he fucked me! I now realized I enjoyed the larger cock a lot more than I had thought.

Dennis climbed into our shower and cleaned himself but Marvin made me wait, still very messy from the cum, until Dennis had left out house before he allowed me to shower. When I came back into the bedroom, Marvin was watching all the action on the video screen and there I was in all my glory being fucked by his brother! I hope Marvin was satisfied. I could imagine my stupid husband taking the video camera to show his mates what it looked like when I was fucked by another man. Privately, I had enjoyed being fucked by Dennis and if the truth be known I would like to do it again some time!

Marvin climbed into bed with me and made me watch some more of the video. He told me his friends would really enjoy seeing this. I realized what a weak sort of prick he really was. Next morning at breakfast he again talked about last night and how much he had enjoyed it. He told me he knew I enjoyed it so there would be more sessions like that! I smiled thinking how nice it would be to have Dennis's larger cock in me again. Talk of the fateful evening died out and nothing more was said until the next Friday morning. Marvin told me he would be home after lunch to get me ready for another session tonight - this time with one of his friends! Oh Shit! Now I was in trouble - I was going to be the nominated slut for the district.

After lunch on the Friday he came home and prepared me as he had the previous time and I was all primped and prepared when the knock came at 8.15pm sharp. In came a short little man - no more than 5'3" and he was quite fat - and Marvin introduced him as Benny. Marvin knew exactly what to do this time and soon I was lying naked on the bed and Benny was attempting to mount me. Benny had the shortest dick imaginable - it couldn't have been more than 5" long and rather skinny. Well, he eventually got his cock inside me and started pumping it into me with very jerky motions. He had hold of my small tits and was squeezing them hard as he fucked me. It certainly didn't take him long before he was shuddering and he shot his load (it turned out to be a very tiny load) into me and then he hopped off and dressed without showering. Marvin had been filming all of this and he put the video camera down and mounted me. I must admit I was pleased his ordinary cock was in me because it felt positively huge after Benny!

So much for Benny! The following Friday was a repeat again and this time his friend Cliff fucked me and he was no more satisfying than Benny had been but Marvin was certainly getting his rocks off watching these other men fucking me.

On the Tuesday morning after Cliff, I answered a knock at the front door and I was surprised to see Dennis standing there with a huge grin on his face. I asked him inside and I made us some coffee. Dennis was quite ill at ease and didn't seem to know where to start our conversation. Eventually he apologized for not contacting me after his Friday night but he was afraid I would be upset with him. I assured him I was anything but upset with him and told him he would be welcome to come to me any time he wanted. He relaxed and began to tell me how much he had enjoyed fucking me. He had watched me with envy when I had married Marvin and had always wanted to fuck me. He told me he was so glad when Marvin asked him to fuck me, but was a little scared while he was fucking me and couldn't relax properly. He enjoyed the experience but would have preferred it if Marvin hadn't been there watching him.

I saw an opportunity and took it! I told Dennis Marvin wouldn't be home for at least 5 hours and that would give him plenty of time to really enjoy fucking me! There, I had made the first move! Dennis came over to sit next to me and began kissing me hard. I became very aroused and when his hand covered my breast I felt the beginning of an orgasm. I quickly slipped my blouse off and as I didn't wear a bra with my small tits, I was naked to the waist. He seemed to love my tits - they looked like two fried eggs in a frying pan when I laid on my back - but he still seemed to love them. He eventually tried to suck my nipples but as I have said, they are almost non-existent. I can get a bit of shape into my nipples by squeezing my tits and then they will protrude a bit. He swooped on my nipples as soon as they appeared and sucked them hard - I love having my tiny nipples sucked hard.

I had my hand in his crotch and soon found his cock which I pulled out into the open as I undid his fly. Soon we were naked and I sat next to him and held both of his hands and spoke sincerely to him. I said, "Dennis, you are the very first man to fuck me apart from Marvin and your cock is so much larger than Marvin's cock that I found it terribly exciting. I want you to fuck me again but this time I want you to make love to me taking as long as is necessary for us both to achieve total pleasure. I am not the sort of woman who would ordinarily play around but Marvin is so keen on other men fucking me that he is really no longer my husband - now he is almost my pimp! Please take me into the bedroom and make love to me, Dennis!"

Once we were in the bedroom Dennis helped me onto the bed and started to caress me and arouse me while I played with his cock. I sucked his cock while he sucked my clit and cunt. We aroused each other to an extreme height. Dennis then said to me, "Darling, would you mind terribly if I just fucked you very hard now and then when we have relaxed a bit, I will make passionate love to you for as long as you wish - please let me fuck you now!" I wanted nothing more than to be fucked hard right now and begged him to fuck me hard! And that is exactly what he did to me - he really fucked me for quite a while before he shot his load of cum right up into my depths as we both reached our orgasms together. This was fucking at it's best!

Dennis was quite rough with me and his huge cock really pounded me but I loved the pain of this rough sex and told him so. When we had finished we rolled over on our sides and continued to caress each other. He cock was softer but not limp and I was able to play with it as it stiffened to its normal size. He asked me if he could suck my cunt again and, of course, I agreed instantly. I took his cock which was covered with his cum and my juices into my mouth and sucked him hard. I told Dennis I was full of cum but he told me he often played with himself, because he wasn't married, and when he came he swallowed his own cum and liked the taste of it. This was alright with me and so I sucked his cock while he sucked his own cum out of my cunt. After a while we rested again and then we made love to each other. This was really wonderful love making. He fucked me slowly and with all the attention possible and we both reached wonderful orgasms together. We lay together for 4 hours gently playing with each other and occasionally making love until I told him it was time for him to leave before Marvin came home. By now we were making declarations of love to each other and we both knew we meant it.

That was the beginning of a long relationship with Dennis. Marvin, the prick, kept bringing his friends home on the Friday nights to fuck me and he still got his jollies watching me being fucked but my love for him slowly lessened until it was getting near hatred and I didn't want to get that low. Dennis was coming around at least 4 times each week and we were fucking and making love as many times as possible. I managed with some careful planning to avoid making love to Marvin almost completely - occasionally he would get to fuck me but there wasn't any feeling for him - and I also finally managed to stop the Friday night fucking with his friends. Now I could concentrate on Dennis and enjoy his lovely cock as often as I could.

We both knew it would be near impossible for us to marry because the family had very strict ideas and the thought of me leaving one brother for the other was out of the question. We continued our illicit liaisons for almost a year before Marvin asked me one morning if I was fucking his brother. I couldn't see any reason to lie about it because I obviously didn't love Marvin so I told him the truth. I made sure he understood it was he who had made me into a slut because of his desire to watch me fucked by other men and now he had to bear the consequences. He wasn't surprised about Dennis - in fact, he sort of accepted it without much of a whimper. I told him I didn't love him but out of respect for his family I was prepared to continue to live with him provided he allowed Dennis to come over and make love to me as often as we both wanted it. Surprisingly he gave in and told me it was alright for Dennis and I to make love whenever we wanted. He also told me he didn't even want to watch us making love - he was very depressed and I could see he was miserable but I really didn't care.

After that, for the next 8 months, Dennis practically lived at our house. He would come over in the mornings and stay all day and we would be making love as often as we could physically do so. Marvin never interfered and gave us no trouble. A few nights, Dennis would sleep over with me and this was wonderful. Marvin, by this time, was sleeping in the spare room anyway and so we had the bed to ourselves.

After this, Dennis moved into our home to live. He told the rest of the family that we were able to provide cheap accommodation for him and he took us up on the offer. Fatefully, Marvin seemed to be slipping into deeper depression. His work was suffering and he had lost his friends. Dennis and I were not really surprised when we had a knock at our front door late one night to be confronted by two police officers. They told us Marvin had driven his car onto a railway crossing and an express train had smashed into the car killing him. We knew he had committed suicide and not stalled his car as the police thought. We were very upset because after all he was my husband and he was also Dennis's brother but the feelings soon abated and Dennis and I continued to live like husband and wife thereafter. I never tired of Dennis's large cock and we seemed to be an ideal couple and made for each other. We married three years later when it was probably respectable to do so.

I think, on occasions, that things could have been very different if Marvin had been stronger and acted normally and hadn't wanted me to fuck other men. But I also thought that it would have been a lot different if he had chosen one of his friends to fuck me first - they all seemed to have small cocks - then the outcome would have probably been very, very different. I truly love Dennis!