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Wife sharing stories 2

Innocent Comment


It started out very innocently. My wife Jill and I were in the bedroom continuing the job of unpacking boxes in the house we had moved into two weeks earlier.

Our eight-year son came in with a magazine subscription ad, asking his mom to fill it out and order the magazine for him. "I only want to get it for a little while," he said whining only slightly.

"You have to have 12 inches." was my wife's reply. Looking over at me embarrassed she said, "I mean 12 issues. If you want it you'll have to get 12 issues."

Of course I, not being able to let a good slip go past said "I can't get you twelve inches right now, but if you wait a while...." This went right over the head of the eight-year whose mind remained on the magazine while mine descended into the gutter.

Jill and our son, Michael continued their magazine conversation as if I hadn't said anything and for a while I thought neither of them had heard me.

After Michael left the room Jill turned to me and said "Where are you going to get twelve inches from?"

"Would you like it if I had 12 inches for you?" was my reply.

"Hmmm," was her reply as she picked a laundry basket and headed for the washer.

As I continued unpacking and watched some baseball on TV I thought about the conversation and that very strange "Hmmmm."

Jill and I had been married for fifteen years. Our sex life had been good, but as with most couples it had tapered off quite a bit in the last few years. Juggling a home, work and family sometimes doesn't leave with time or energy to pursue an active sex life. We had done a few things to enliven our sex play a little. We have talked quite a bit about our sex lives before marriage and those chats usually led to some pretty hot sexual action afterward.

As I put things away I tried to remember if Jill had ever talked about the size of her previous sex partners. She had told me about her adventure sucking off two of her medical school classmates on the same night, at different times, and about the guy she almost got engaged to. But she had never said if they were larger than my 6 1/2" cock.

She'd never complained although vaginal orgasms were rare for her. I love eating her pussy anyway and feeling it get wetter after she cums, so having her cum by clitoral stimulation was fine by me.

I wondered maybe any of her previous lovers were big dick cocksman. Being a black man who isn't blessed with a 10 inch swinger between my legs got me to thinking that her Freudian slip might be something to follow up on.

The thoughts buzzed around inside my head the rest of the afternoon as I mindlessly unpacked and put things away. I had had the wife watching thoughts before and they were very arousing, but I had never put this much thought time into it. It's amazing what an innocent comment and some time to explore it can do for you.

That evening in bed we went through weekly round of sex. Things as I've said, had gotten a bit staid but tonight fueled by thoughts I'd been having all afternoon, my sexual energy was ramped up and running high. Jill must have noticed to because there was more swing to her hips as I moved inside her pussy. Circling hip motions to match my own and serious pushing back as I pushed in. Trying to make it last I pulled out to have just the head of my cock between her lips. Jill opened her eyes and said, "My, what got into you?"

"It's what's in you my love," I replied, smiling. As I started to push back in I finally asked the question. "Were any of your boyfriends bigger than I am?"

She looked at me puzzled. "Taller?" she asked.

"No," I said "bigger, you know, bigger?"

"Oh, that bigger," she said getting my meaning. "Maybe, I don't know."

Something about the way she said made me know she did know.

"Come on," I said, "Tell me."

"Well, I guess James was bigger and maybe Larry was," she said.

James and Larry were two of the six lovers she had had before we met and married.

"It doesn't matter though, I like the way you feel inside me."

I wasn't about to leave it alone yet. "Did you cum more easily vaginally with a larger dick inside you?" I asked. Still inside her I could feel a little contraction of her pussy muscles as I asked the question.

"Not really" was her answer. I could tell she was getting close to cutting off this conversation, so I let it go and we went off to a great finish. I pushed in deeper and wrapped my arms around her. We were sweating from our efforts and the brief conversation had given us some rest and added sexual tension, as if we had been talking about something forbidden or taboo. As I stroked in and out rushing to the finish I wondered if she were thinking about one of those larger cocks fucking her now. Her orgasm, and mine right after it certainly made me think she was. As I lay inside her, the hardness of my cock receding and our breathing returning to normal, Jill said, "You've always been big enough for me." I rolled off on to my side of the bed, kissed her good night and went to sleep.

At the time she didn't know it, but Jill had just opened the door on my secret fantasy. I've always been highly sexed. Daily masturbation was part of my routine day before I got married at age 28. Now 15 years later it was still apart of my life just maybe not on a daily basis. Moving from secretly watching X-rated VHS tapes in basement after Jill went to sleep to catching video clips on the net before going to sleep at night, to chatting on line, and reading stories, I liked sex and porn.

One night I was chatting with a woman who told me the hottest story I had ever heard. She told me her husband had brought a few friends over after they had been bowling. The husband and friends were in the hot tub relaxing. Husband comes into the kitchen and asks her to bring out some drinks. She says okay. Then he asks her to do it wearing a bikini. She protested a little but wound up doing just that. After the first round of drinks he asked her to serve the second round to them topless. She agreed and things got wilder when she joined them in the hot tub. She wound up having her pussy eaten by all three of her husband's friends, and sucked off two of the guys while hubby watched. Her story had me so hard I had to take care of it before going to sleep. I chatted with her another time and she said she was waiting for them to come over again. This time she was ready and wanted to fuck all of them.

That story was the start to my fantasy. Before that the idea of watching my wife Jill with another man would never have entered my mind. That night it entered my mind and stayed there. It was something I could never tell Jill about. I thought she'd freak out, call me a pervert and I'd find myself sleeping in the guest room. Now a seemingly innocent slip of the tongue might have put the fantasy thing in a different perspective. Maybe she did want a 12 inch cock, and maybe I could be there to watch. The thought gave my cock a big twitch.

I decided to think it out and slowly see where things went. I knew I couldn't just spring it on her: "Honey, can I watch while you fuck this guy with the big cock?" That would never work. As a few weeks went by I thought more about it and got increasingly excited as I did.

On a Friday a couple of weeks later, on my drive home on the highway I noticed at the exit before mine a new X-rated superstore had just opened. An X-rated superstore? Sounded like the kind of place I would like. Being in the right lane made it an easy choice to get off the highway and take a look.

Of course it was nothing special. Like a lot of the x-rated bookstores I'd been to before except this was brand new and giving out toys for grand opening prizes, and a buy one toy, get one half off promotion. I looked around and selected about an eight inch vibrating dildo and then a larger one that looked to be about ten inches. My cock got hard just thinking watching it slide into Jill. I also bought various lubes and a string of those anal beads that I'd seen I porn videos. They looked like they'd give her a little thrill; if she'd agree to try them.

The rest of the ride home was spent thinking about how I'd work all these things into our sex play. Jill wasn't the all that adventurous when it came to sex. Anal was very rare and making a move like I was thinking about was totally off the chart, but hey: "Nothing ventured, nothing gained."

I remembered Jill was scheduled to go out of town to a medical convention the following week. That would give me plenty of time to figure out how I was going to work this all out. However it might be good to put the bug in her head before she goes away, then she might have a thought about while she's away and be intrigued when she comes back.

I began to envision the Saturday night before she left for her convention on Sunday. Sex is usually really great on nights before we're away from each other and the night we get back together is pretty good too. I felt my erection throbbing as I exited the highway a few blocks from home.

Saturday was a busy day with Jill packing and readying for her trip to and me keeping the kids out of her way and doing things around the house. When evening finally came upon us we were both tired but knowing our pre-parting ritual knew that sex was on the menu for the night.

We started with our usual kissing and touching. She has marvelous tits that feel full with large semi-hard nipples that I never get enough of. Working my way down over her little bit of a belly that had housed three babies I made my way to her pussy. Licking around the lips I teased with my tongue. Her pussy became wetter and wetter as I teased, nibbled and licked. Alternating sliding between her lips and sucking and nibbling on her clit she was soon trying unsuccessfully to keep the moaning and "oohs" down to a low level.

Our bedroom was on the other side of the house from where kids slept but she still always wanted to keep the noise. "The kids will hear," she'd say.

My reply was always,"So?"

As I pushed her toward the edge of her first cum of the night I pulled my head from her sweet, tasty and very wet pussy and said, "I've got a surprise for you."

"For me? she asked. What kind of surprise?"

"The kind you have to measure in inches," was my reply.

She rose up on her elbows and looked at me as I took a little time to suck on her inner thigh.

"Oh," she cooed, enjoying the feeling. "What are you talking about?"

I reached down under the bed and brought out the 8 and 10 inch cock vibes. There was a funny little look on her face that I'd never seen before. A look of fascination or maybe it was a hint of the possibility the toys could bring.

"What are going to do with those?" she asked as she moved her legs apart a little more.

I took it as a rhetorical question and rubbed the already lubed 8-incher between her wet and ready pussy lips. I could tell she was tense as I pushed it in till those lips covered the head of the cock.

Her breathing was quick and anxious. She laid back, her hands pressed into the bed waiting for more. I pushed in more, about one-third of the length inside her.

She moaned again. My own cock was hard as a rock by now. It pulsated from the excitement. I pushed another third of the rubber cock in then pulled back some. Her pussy walls sucked at it not wanting to let it out. I turned the vibration on to it's lowest setting eliciting a big "mmm." I took that to mean all was good so I pressed on a little further.

I pushed going a little deeper. In and out a few more times until almost all of it was in.

She whispered loudly "Don't move it. Just hold still."

Of course I didn't do that. Instead I pulled back some then went back all the way in again. I could tell she was getting close. I could hear the wetness in her pussy as I pulled in and out with the vibe. Pulling all the way out I rubbed it against her clit as she moaned again. I leaned over and slid my tongue in the warm wetness that told me she was enjoying our play. Picking up the 10 incher, which was also a little fatter, I slide the head of it where my tongue had just been. The taste on my lips reminded me why I loved eating her so much. The bigger dildo went in easily at first. "Oh, that's bigger," she said in a low almost whisper that coincided with her legs spreading even wider. "Close to those 12 inches we talked about," I said. "Ooh, nice," she said, seeming to luxuriate in the feeling. I pushed in and out until almost about 9 inches of it was in her.

I watched as she moved her hips around on it. I let go of it and watched as the end of it protruded from her pussy as she squirmed around on the bed. Those beautiful brown hips moved and the thighs opened and closed. The cock moved as she squeezed and relaxed her pussy. It was really something to see.

After a minute I went back to moving the dildo in and out increasing speed. She moved with it, keeping most of it deep within her. A few minutes later, she arched her back and raised her ass about six inches off the bed then plopped back down.

"Oh my God!," she said over and over again as she spasmed, cumming mightily from the cock that was deeper inside her than I'd ever been.

As she calmed down I resumed the in and out thrust fucking movement with the dildo Jill must have cum six, seven or maybe eight times.

The cum was ready to burst from my own cock soon even if I didn't touch it. I turned her into doggie position with her head down on the bed. I pulled the plastic pleasure stick from her pussy and thrust my cock into her warm, very wet pussy. It closed around me comfortably.

We moaned together as I got in maybe ten strokes before I shot a huge load deep into he pussy. We flopped down the bed a rested, both of us breathing hard. Jill was out almost immediately. I slipped the both of the rubber cocks back in the box under the bed, curled up next to my wife and slept the sleep of the satisfied.


The mother–in-law and I don't always see eye to eye on things but when she volunteered to take our three kids for a month during the summer I could have kissed her. Well, not actually kiss. Anyway it was good to have them taken care of for few weeks while out of school. It also afforded Jill and I some time alone like we hadn't had in years. We certainly took advantage of it. From skinny-dipping in our pool late at night, to an afternoon quicky on the couch, we were in high sex mode and enjoying it.

The toys had become a good part of our sex play that also included some fantasy role-play about strangers with big cocks and what she'd do if the encounter really happened. Without the kids in the house, it seemed to free Jill up a bit and allowed us to play a little wilder than usual. We kept the role-play in the bedroom and never even spoke of them in the light of day. The idea of any of it coming even remotely true was out of the question.... so we thought.

On the second weekend the kids were away we went to a little cultural fair in one of the local parks. It was a hot afternoon in Florida and we were soon pretty hot and thirsty. We sat on the grass listening to a reggae band that was actually quite good. Just as their set ended I looked over and saw an iced tea stand a little ways off from us.

"Do you want something to drink," I asked Jill.

"Like what," she said.

"There's some iced tea over there, I said and pointed.

We both got up, but I said, "I'll go. You can wait here."

"Okay," she said looking around toward the stage."

I walked off. After a few yards I looked back at where she stood. She looked beautiful. She wore a white sundress that hugged her curves nicely. She held her low heel backless sandals in her hand.

Looking through the crowd she seemed as though she was looking for someone or had seen someone she knew. I turned and continued toward the iced tea stand. After getting the tea I looked for her again and she was still in the same spot, only now she was talking and laughing with a man, an older guy. He looked to be in his late fifties. Kind of tall, he looked in good shape, lean with a shaved head. As I got closer I could see it was the singer from the reggae band.

As I got closer Jill looked up and while taking the iced tea I extended to her she said, "Barry, This is Jonah. I met him a long time ago when my mother and I went to St. Thomas on vacation."

"Nice to meet you Barry," he said in a mild island accent. "I couldn't have imagined running into Jill after so long and having her remember me."

"Well you haven't changed that much in 17 years, it's really amazing." Jill said shaking her head looking at him, "Besides how could I forget that voice?"

"Thank you for that complement. The years have been very kind to you as well. You look as lovely as I remember you. How could I forget you and your lovely mother from that weekend we enjoyed?"

Weekend they enjoyed? What weekend did they enjoy and what was so enjoyable?

After talking a few minutes more we found out Jonah had been in town to visit some friends and would be leaving in two days. His friend had convinced him to come out and sing with his band at this fair.

Since their set was finished we walked around and talked some more. I didn't want to like him but he was a genuine and personable guy.

As he and Jill talked about St Thomas and them meeting at a club where it turned out Jonah had actually been trying to make a play at Jill's mother. Not a too far fetched an idea since Jill's mom had been divorced for a while then and even now at 62 looks damn good in a dress and heels. I can imagine how she could have been very attractive almost twenty years back.

It started getting later and we decided to go somewhere to continue chatting and get some dinner.

Jonah had a rental car and we decided that he would follow us as we led to a local place to eat. As it turned out we had to go right past our house on the way and the call of nature beckoned both Jill and I so we stopped to use the bathroom. Jonah came in and also used the facilities. The sun was going down and the breeze through the house felt good.

"Let's just order a pizza and stay here." I suggested.

"Sounds excellent," Jonah said with a nod.

We popped open a few beers and Jill had some wine as we waited for the food

We drank quite a few more beers with the pizza as we talked about the long ago vacation to St Thomas. As Jill and Jonah said more about it I began to wonder if something had gone on between them during the five days they'd shared time. I hadn't really noticed until Jill started to slur her words that she downed almost an entire bottle of wine by herself.

We had already decided Jonah would use our guest bedroom instead of returning to his friends place for the night so we talked and laughed the evening away.

I went to answer nature's call again and walked into Jill as I was coming out of the bathroom. She gave slightly drunk giggle and I asked her what was funny.

She said, "From where I was sitting on the floor I could see Jonah is going commodore."

"What?" I said.

"He's going commodore. You know, no underwear"

"Oh!" I laughed. "It's going commando, honey! Commando, not commodore! And why pray tell, were you looking there?" I said with mock indignation.

"I couldn't help it," she said. It was peeking out of his shorts." In a low husky voice she said, "It's huge."

"Huge, how could you tell that?" I said, my own shorts getting a little tighter as my cock began to fully come to life.

"It's long even though it's soft. When it's hard it must be huge."

As she said "huge," she kind of stretched the word out and slowly closed her eyes like she was imagining seeing it hard.

She opened her eyes to see me staring at her. She stared back both of us silently knowing we were moving close to something that would have unthinkable a few months before.

"Is it a big as the dildo," I asked.

"Bigger," she said, as we continued to stare at each other.

"You liked the way that felt sliding into you. Imagine a warm, real cock, even bigger going into your pussy.

Her eyes got bigger as she realized what I was saying and where we were going. "You want to see that?," she asked, the excitement evident in her voice.

"Yes," I said my voice a strained whisper. "If you say no it's over and never spoken of again."

"Or we can have an adventure, still love each other and know that we did something crazy, had fun, and then moved on. He will be leaving tomorrow. We'll most likely never see him again. Besides he may not even want to have a..." I paused, " threesome."

"Well in St Thomas we came close to having a foursome, but I got cold feet."

"That is a story I would like to hear at another time," I said. "Right now though, What about tonight?"

"I'll change and meet you out there, she said, heading for the closet. I turned and went back to the living room.

Jonah lay sprawled on couch. "I thought you two had decided to call it a night. I was going to go bed after this song.

"Jill's coming out in a minute," I said sitting on the chair opposite him. "I heard you two came close to a little sexual foursome. Jill, her Mom and you, now that could have really been something."

Jonah stared opened mouthed a second and then broke into a smile. "Well it didn't happen. One of those lost chances."

Just then from behind Jill said, "Sometimes there are second chances."

We both turned to see her leaning against the wall clad in short silk robe I'd bought for a birthday one year.

Jonah looked from her to me and back to Jill again.

"Really?" he said.

"Yes, really," said Jill. She walked to the couch and sat down next to Jonah. We're going to have an adventure if you're willing," she said to him. "An adventure with you beautiful lady, a man would be foolish to turn down."

He looked at me. I nodded slightly. He leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips. The second kiss was longer, deeper and hungrier.

I watched their tongues playing against each other. I heard her moan as his hand loosened the belt on her robe. The kiss ended as he opened the robe to see take in her body. She seemed proud to show it to him.

She wore a red merry-widow thing. She'd put some fragrant oil on her cleavage and her brown skin glistened. Her cleavage swelled in the tight corset, the beautiful legs crossed at the knee, one backless red heel gently swinging from her foot. She looked more confident than I'd ever seen her, more sexual. As it she was freeing herself from holding back. Oh yes, this was going to be an adventure.

Jonah was obviously experienced in undressing women as he easily, but slowly undid the front-opening clasps on the corset. Her 36C's greeted us with erect hard nipples and something else.

"Ooh," I said. "Where did you get those?" Not referring to the breasts and nipples I'd been very familiar with over the years, but to the Janet Jackson- style star-shaped nipple jewelry she wore.

"I found them in a store on our last trip north," she said with a devilish grin. "I was saving them for a special occasion. This seemed right."

Jonah kissed then sucked on each nipple. "It's nice to see these again so nicely adorned," he said moved in for more.

"Again?" I thought. "When was before?"

"That almost foursome you spoke of," Jonah said as if reading my thought, "got as far as topless wading in the Caribbean Sea on a warm moonlit night. Jill and the lovely Jackie teased me and my friend Mark unmercifully that night."

Jill smiled at him as she sat on the edge of the couch her legs slightly spread.

"You guys gave up about five minutes too early." She looked over at me. "If they'd have kept trying a little longer I would have really had a story to tell you when you asked about past lovers."

My cock jumped once again at the thought.

Jonah continued to tease her nipples with little teethy nibbles and sucks as Jill quietly moaned and melted into the couch. Finally getting the last clasp undone he tossed the corset on the couch and reached to slid down her panties.

"No," she said, "Let me do you first."

They traded places. Jonah on the couch with Jill kneeling before him.

He lifted to allow her access as she slid his shorts down. His cock appeared. He was semi hard. It looked to be about 8 inches already. I wondered how long it would be fully erect.

A feeling came over me. Was it jealousy? Fear? Both? Too late to back out now. This is what I wanted, wasn't it? If I yelled for her to stop, would she? "Please don't let this mess us up," I thought. Next time I'll keep my fantasies to myself. But this one is past the point of no return.

Jill seemed fascinated by the long uncircumcised cock in her hand. She jerked him a little and pulled the foreskin back to look at the head. She leaned in, kissed it and sucked momentarily on the head.

Jerking it some more she turned and said, "Barry, can you get that strawberry motion lotion please?"

I could hardly walk to bedroom fast enough. When I came back Jill was standing, Jonah hands firmly grasping her thonged ass cheeks, sucking hard on those nipples again. Before taking the lotion from me she put one of the throw pillows on the floor to kneel on. She poured the warming lotion into her hands, poured a little on the top of his cock, then resumed her cock play with him.

She was in no hurry, content to tease us both. There was no question who was in charge. Jonah and I were just extras. She was the star for night and she knew it. This wasn't about my fantasy anymore. It was about her pleasure.

Jill covered Jonah's cock with the strawberry lube. Her hands were wet with the stuff after she finished. She took two fingers of each hand and rubbed a little of the lotion on each nipple. Her brown nipples were already sticking out; aroused by the pressure of the nipple rings and the attention Jonah had been giving them.

She leaned her head down and kissed the head of his cock once again. She allowed her lips to slide over the strawberry lubed head sucking it in. She continued to push her lips down until maybe two inches were in her mouth. She pushed down a little more taking another ¼ inch, her cheeks hollowing as she pulled in more and finally pulled back until just the head remained between her lips.

Jonah's breathing and the sounds of him inside Jill's mouth were all that I could hear. I realized I had been holding my breath and reminded myself to breathe.

Jill's head moved down on him again, she was moving a little quicker now. Sucking down and pulling back, she jerked him with one hand that didn't quite completely close around his bigger cock. She was getting into it. She managed to get about half of it in her mouth with her next plunge. I heard her gag as she came up.

Jonah was making twitching movements. I took those to mean she was really working him over.

My cock was solid in my pants. I was afraid to touch it knowing it would pop at the slightest stimulation and I wanted to hold off and see all of what I had dreamed of seeing. Was I now a cuckold? So what! This scene was hot as hell. I'd deal with any implications later.

Jill was in overdrive now sucking his cock for all she was worth, jerking it faster and sucking up and down faster. Taking in at least eight inches with each downward head movement.

Jonah raised his ass off the couch; his hands now hold the sides of her head. Jill was being face-fucked!

Emotions ran through me. Fear, excitement!

Jonah strained to hold back, Jill sucked harder. Finally Jonah let out a loud long sigh and pushed his hips and cock deeper into Jill's mouth. She pulled back some as his cock exploded into her mouth.

She licked his cum from her bottom lip, swallowed some and backed off as the rest of hit spurting out in ropes to land on her lips, chin and breasts. As it slowed down she continued to jerk him milking more from him. She leaned forward again and sucked the last bit from him. Amazingly, he was still quite hard.

"Are you finished?" she said looking up at him. "Can you go anymore?"

"Yes. In a few minutes," he said. "But first I want to return the compliments to you for your excellent oral activity." They smiled at one another.

I wasn't part of this right now. I was playing the role I wanted, observer.

Jill lay back on the rug; her legs spread wide, still in her heels. She placed hands on the insides of her thighs rubbing in circles. "Come and get it then," in a husky sexual voice that turned me on even more.

Jonah moved down on the floor and wasted no time. He kissed is way up her thigh and found her pussy wet and glistening. "Mmm, no need for strawberry flavoring here. Your pussy is wet and sweet as fruit" His tongue came out and I noticed for the first how long it was too. Big cock and a long tongue. Some guys have all the luck.

He worked his tongue in deeply as Jill squirmed and moaned loudly. He pulled back and sucked on her clit. Alternating those movements he had her writhing on the floor being pleasured to the utmost. She finally locked her legs around his neck and came loudly, jerking her hips off the floor.

As she relaxed her legs from his neck he moved up her body. He paused to suck once again on the jewelry clad nipples and continued his journey. He kissed her as his cock, fully hard again tickled the opening to her pussy.

If she thought it was going to a slow tender entry, she was mistaken. Her pussy gets very wet when she comes and Jonah took advantage of it. Her rubbed the head of his cock on her clit then up and down between her lips a few times then plunged in. The surprise entry stunned her.

She froze for a second, her breath catching. Her legs thrust straight out then locked behind his back as he began the push-pull. She held on to him as I could see his cock slide completely into her, their pubic hairs mingling then the pull back until just the head of cock remained hidden inside her.

For several minutes I watched as this man from my wife's past fucked her. I watched his cock slide in and out. I heard her moaning. I heard her say, "Oh yes, more, keep going."

My fear, still there. My excitement, still there. I looked up from watching their brown hips in motion to see Jill looking at me. Our eyes locked. Silent questions and answers in them.

"Is this what you wanted?"

"Yes it is." "Will you still me love after?"

"Yes, I will."

"Respect me after?"


She watched as I pushed my shorts down. My cock, finally free, pointed straight out bobbing slightly form the blood rushing through it. I moved to her side.

She reached for me and brought my cock to her mouth sucking it in. As Jonah fucked her pussy deep and hard, she sucked and coaxed a long awaited cum from my cock.

It would have been nice to say we all came together, but we didn't. I was hot as a pistol at that point and came within a few minutes. Cumming in her mouth, she tasted cum for the second time that night. For the second time in her life, she tasted cum from two men in one night.

Jonah lasted at least two or three minutes longer. He pushed hard into her once again and she came loudly once again after two more strokes he came too.

We lay half on the hardwood floor, half on the area rug. All of us panting as the passion and excitement of the last half hour slowed. Jill lay with her legs cocked open, breathing deeply, coming down from the excitement of the last hour.

The cum that Jonah had driven into her began to make a reappearance between her pussy lips. I watched as it did. I couldn't believe we'd done this. We all sat or lay in silence a few minutes listening to the soft music from the stereo.

Jill finally broke the silence.

"Anyone thirsty?" she asked still the hostess.

Although being the hostess had never been like this before. Without waiting for an answer she got up, stepped into her low heel red sandals and provided a beautiful view of her naked ass as walked toward the kitchen.

I got up and went to the sliding door looked out onto the pool deck. The night air was still very warm.

I turned to Jonah said, "Swim?"

"Excellent idea.," was his response.

We walked out onto the pool deck naked and jumped into the pool. The water was cool and refreshing. A minute later Jill walked out carrying an ice bucket, a couple beers and bottled water.

"Are you going to join us," I asked.

No, I don't want to get my hair wet"

"Ah, come on," I said climbing out to sit on the edge of the pool deck. At that moment Jonah came to the surface to float on his back. His cock still formidable flopped around as floated. I saw Jill look over at it. She got up slipped off her robe and dove in.

She came up next to me. Holding to the side of the pool she said, "Are you okay?"

"Sure, are you?" I leaned down and kissed her.

"Yes," she said. "That was quite an experience."

"Is it over?" I asked, sensing something.

"Do you have more fantasies to fulfill?"

She looked sheepishly down at the water,

"Come on. Tell it. Once in a lifetime experience here. Total free pass on freakiness tonight"

"I want more."

We adjourned to the bedroom this time. Hardwood floors are just that. Hard and wood. Our king-sized bed was much more comfortable.

She began by handling us both. Once Jonah and I knew what she wanted our cocks were immediately at attention. The pool water had provided a refreshing shake up and although it was nearing midnight we were raring to go.

Jill sucked my cock to full ripeness and as she sucked on Jonah's manhood I worked on her pussy. Some of the cum he had deposited in her, she had wiped out before she brought out the drinks, and some had probably come out in the pool. I could taste a little difference every so often in her pussy that let me know all his cum had not run out of her. I was indifferent about the thought of a creampie, but the thought that another cock had been in there very recently was very stimulating and the extra taste added to that.

Jill pulled away from my mouth and moved up to straddle Jonah's cock. She has excellent muscle tone and her pussy always squeezes me so well, like a soft warm glove. I hoped it would still be that way. She rose up and lowered herself down on it. Where Jonah had plunged into her earlier, she now took things much slower, allowing it to enter a little at a time until she rested on his hipbone.

"Ohhh," she said, "It's so big"

After a minute she leaned over so her asshole was visible to me. We had engaged in anal play before and had some lube that I had used to loosen her up as I ate her pussy earlier.

I picked up the 8 inch dildo that had been our first introduction to the large toy arena. It too was well lubed. Jonah reached around grabbing Jill's ass cheeks pulling them apart to show her asshole in all its glory.

The buzzing vibe made Jill flinch a little but as Jonah's driving cock from underneath her distracted her, the muscle relaxed as the vibe went in. It went in a little at a time. Jill's breathing growing louder with each push in. Jonah must have felt the vibration as his breathing also quickened and a small sound of pleasure escaped his lips. For the second time I got to see the vibe protruding from her. I watched as the vibe buzzed in her beautiful brown bottom as her brown hips ground her pussy on Jonah's thick brown cock. I sat back and viewed the scene for a moment, thinking about how unbelievable this night had been and how it had started with a little innocent comment several months ago.

Jill's moaning brought me back to the moment. She was moving her hips with more enthusiasm now, really putting moves in heading toward the finish. Jonah hands reaching up and squeezing her tits as she rode him was such a turn on to see and I couldn't take my eyes from it.

Our digital camera sat on the dresser a few feet away. I picked it up and took three or four pictures of them before I stood on the bed, my hard cock even with Jill. She turned pulled me in. She massaged my balls as she loved my cock with her mouth. I took two more pictures before the feeling overwhelmed me. The last picture showed her looking up at me and the camera, my cock encased in her lips.

I pulled away and settled behind her. She leaned forward and sighed heavily as the buzzing vibe was slipped from her ass.

Double penetration isn't always as easy as it sounds. We moved and repositioned until I got the head of my cock at the right angle. With her ass and my cock well lubed I brought my cock to the entrance. I pushed and the head popped in. Jill took in a large breath. I waited a few seconds the pushed in more.

"Oh my goodness," she panted. "So full, so full."

I pushed in further. Each push accompanied by a moan from her.

Finally I was in. I waited and then began to pull back. As I did she came back some too. The forward motion proved to be that catalyst for the last pleasure ride of the evening. We seemed to develop a motion. With every other push in I could feel his cock push in on the other side of that thin wall. Jill was in constant moan as we moved toward climax.

It was hard not to come. It felt so unbelievably good. Jill was moving with both of us. Her fantasy was about to be complete. Mine was already complete.

Fucking hard, pushing hard. Jill moved her hips back and forth between us seemingly lost in thought and sensation.

My final triumph, if you want to call it that, was being last to cum. Jonah grabbed her hips and thrust up deep into her and came. It was amazing I could feel him cum inside her. It pushed me over the edge as I came for second time of the evening. We collapsed on the bed. Jill in between Jonah and I. Jill snuggled close to me. I could feel the wet spot forming between us. I didn't care. We slept.

I awoke alone in bed the next morning to the smell of coffee and bacon. Grabbing a robe I walked out of the bedroom to find Jonah dressed and sitting at the kitchen table while Jill clad in a longer more modest robe stirred the scrambled eggs.

"Good Morning." I said, stepping into their view.

"Hi honey. Sleep well?"

"Yes, I did. How about you?"

She moved over to kiss me. I turned and she kissed my cheek. She looked startled.

"Haven't brushed my teeth yet," I said.

"So," she said back and kissed me full on the lips.

Jonah was looking at us and smiled. "I slept very well and I want to thank you for allowing me to enjoy your company last evening. You are very hospitable hosts.

"Well believe me not all our guests get treated as you were," I said laughing.

We ate and Jonah collected his things and headed out. At his car he stopped shook my hand, hugged Jill. He got in, started the car and said, "I probably shouldn't tell you this, but you and your mother are amazingly similar with your tastes in fantasies." Before we could ask more, he drove off.


A Great Night

I've been trying to talk my wife into the sharing herself for years now. It usually just blows over after sex, and I wasn't quite sure how we'd feel after if it happened for real, so I never really pushed the issue. It used to be good enough to hear stories about her past sex life. We were friends for years before we even got involved intimately. Growing up, she was whore. That's part of the reason it took me so long to get involved with her, it's tough to handle your friends when the girl under your arm had sex with all of them. One time, before we were involved, we were hanging out at a club in Stamford Ct. She hooked up with 3 different guys throughout the evening. She fucked 2 of them in their cars and blew the other one in the back seat of my truck as I drove them home. It was dark but at least I've experienced the sounds of her with another guy, that's what gives me some confidence that I could handle it now that we're married. There's one thing I'll never forget about that night after I dropped him off. She got into the front seat, drunk and tired, and there was semen in her hair. I've beat off to that scene in my head so many times I can't count. She is a manager at a department store and I'm always asking her about guys from work. She tells me about who she'd like to fuck but it's all in bedroom type play. Then this one time she told me about a good looking wholesaler from one of the companies who's products they represent. He was married and going to be in town for 2 weeks. We were fooling around so I asked her if she flirted with him, she said yes. She told me he asked, "Where can a guy go to meet women in this town?"

She replied, "I'm a woman"

"But your married" he said

"So are you" my wife answered

At this point my wife said he was completely red in the face and couldn't even reply to her. So she asked him if he wanted to go out for drinks at the Holiday Inn bar on Thursday night and he accepted. At this point I was laying on my back, she was stroking me and we hadn't even begun having sex. Regardless, I shot a load all over myself. She seemed a little startled but said, "That's funny, I was hoping to get the same reaction out of him" and got up to wipe her hand. She was sitting on the edge of the bed putting her bra back on and said, "I know you like when we talk about these things, but would you be upset if I met him?" I couldn't believe it, she was serious. So I asked her if it actually happened. She said yes, but he was the one who asked her to go. I asked her, "Did you tell him you would meet him there?"

She replied, "Yes, but I can cancel if you want, I got a little caught in the moment so I accepted without really thinking it through."

"Do you think you want to meet him?"

"Yes, but I'm a little worried about how you are going to react."

So I said, "Listen, it's not as if I've never seen you with someone else, in fact I've seen you wearing another guy's cum."

"I know" she said, "But we weren't even together then. How about this; He doesn't know who you are, why don't you come down at the same time we get there, and you can signal me if it's all right once you actually see us together... and try to imagine what you're getting yourself into."

"Agreed" I said.

I still had my load sitting on my chest but I was hard as a rock. I asked her to come back to bed. She took her bra off and started kissing me from my mouth to my balls, licking and sucking the cum from my previous load. All of a sudden it hit me. I may have awakened the whore I knew from high school, and it was too late to get the genie back in the bottle. Then another thing hit me as she was blowing me, she was thinking about him. Simultaneously I had a sinking feeling in my stomach and a sensation of pure arousal. I blasted a load in her mouth and she kept going, which is very unlike her. She continued till I was semi hard and then came up to kiss me and let my own semen roll into my mouth. As I smelled and tasted my sperm she asked me, "Would you still want to kiss me if that cum wasn't yours?" I said yes. She smiled with a sly look and said, "I actually believe you would, fine then, let's do it." At this point I had nothing to do but wait until tomorrow night. I tried to sleep but couldn't. I think my wife had the same problem. The clock moved slow but it was finally time to meet my wife on the first date she's been on since we've been married. I got there early and prepared myself with a few drinks. I still wasn't prepared for what I saw. My wife walked in holding hands with her new man. Everything seemed different, but it was so exciting. He led her to the spot next to me at the bar and asked, "Are the seats taken?" I was a little shocked at his seating choice but it was crowded. "No, go right ahead." He took the seat between my wife and I. It was starting to dawn on me that we might not be able to keep up this charade. I couldn't believe what came out of my mouth next. I asked, "Are you two married." My wife smiled and he answered for them, "Yes we are, I'm Ross and this is my wife Tara." My wife was giggling under her breath as this man was introducing her to me. I couldn't believe he used her real name. The green light signal for her to proceed was for me to order a shot of Cuervo. I really needed the shot but I knew what that meant. Thinking this through in my head I felt there would never be a better opportunity than my wife and I have right now to make this move. I yelled, "Bartender, I'll have a shot of Cuervo." Then I turned to my wife and her date and asked, "Do either of you want a shot?" My wife said, "No, I'm fine." as she slid her hand directly onto his package and kissed him on the neck. Ross said in a comical way, "Check please." But my wife said, "I am a little tired, let's go up to the room." I'm not sure who was more shocked, him or me. In either case, I watched this guy walk my wife to bed. This was obviously not the hotel he was staying at because I watched them go to the check in desk and get a room. Then my wife came back, told me the room number and said, "I told him I left my scarf behind. Wait down here for a couple of hours, I'll give you a call when we're finished." I asked her, "Who paid for the room?" She pointed at me and smiled. Then she walked away. About two hours later my cell phone rang. It was her. She said, "He just walked out, wait till you see him pass the front desk then come up." As she was hanging up I saw him walk by. I thought to myself, what a guy, I stay married to this woman for almost ten years and he just comes along and fucks her. I walked up to the room mumbling to myself, "Well, let's see what happened." I opened the door and it was obvious what had happened. It was completely dark and it smelled like sex. I heard my wife say, "Come in, close the door." So I came in, took off my clothes and sat in a wet bed. I rolled over to my wife and her whole body was hot, sweaty and slippery. It was tough to see in the darkness but as I went to kiss my wife she held me back for a second and said, "It's on my face you know."

I played dumb and asked "What's on your face?"

"Ross' cum. The last time we had sex he said he wanted to cum on my face, so I let him."

I asked her where else he came. She told me he came inside her. She followed up, "We tried anal for a while but it was too painful."

With that I planted a full kiss on my wife's lips and took in the unmistakable taste and smell of the other man's semen. Then I kissed my wife past her sweaty musky tits, past her stomach and positioned myself directly between her legs. I started eating her out and it was a mess. She was soaking wet, his cum was all over the place, and I was coming close to blowing my load. I couldn't wait any longer, I got on top of my wife and stuck my dick in that mess. Her pussy felt so used that I've never been that turned on in my life. I started asking her questions about her man. The first thing I wanted to know was his size. He was taller and thinner than me so I was prepared that he was also bigger.

So I asked her, "How big was he?" She started giggling because she knew I get turned on by hearing about her ex boyfriends' dick sizes.

"Do you really want to know?" She teased.

"Yes, I do"

"He wasn't the biggest I ever had." She answered, trying to tease again.

"Come on," I said, "You know damn well what I want to know."

"OK, OK," she kidded, "I'll tell you, he was noticeably bigger than you."

"Noticeably?" I asked

"OK much bigger, I'll show you. Push your penis as far as it will go into me and hold it there." So I did it, and she knew she was turning me on. "You feel that?" she asked. "Yes" I answered. She started kissing my neck as I held my dick as far as it would go into her. Then she whispered, "No matter how hard you try you will never, ever reach the parts of my insides that he did." With that I blew the biggest load of my life on top of Ross' load. We both passed out exhausted. At 5:30AM we were woken up by her cell phone. It was Ross. He wanted to know if Tara could come by his hotel this morning. She asked me if that's OK, I said yes. She gave me a quick raise of the eyebrows and told him she'd be there in an hour and hung up. I asked her, "Do we have time for a quickie?"

She replied, "I really have to get in the shower. Let me meet you home at lunchtime"

I said "OK".

Then my wife got into the shower and I laid in the bed and beat off. It was a great night.


My Wife Denise: True Story

The following is a true story that happened in the month of May 2001

* * * * *

I've had fantasies about my wife fooling around on me long before I found out there were websites devoted to this kind of thing. Needless to say ever since I've been checking out hotwife sites I've gotten bolder and bolder with my bedtime suggestions. I've always told her it was a fantasy of mine, but by the time we're done fucking I stop talking about it till the next time.

Anyway, we were fucking a few weeks back and I told her that I'd really like to see her give a blowjob to another guy. I must have said the exact same thing a thousand times in the past, and she always says, "Fine with me if that's what you want." And that's always been a huge turn-on for me.

But this time she surprised me. She pulled her head off my dick and said, "You know, I can never tell if you’re serious when you say that." All of a sudden I got totally turned on because it seemed like she was really considering it. I managed to hold back my load and said to her, "Well, what do you think?". I said that because I wasn't even sure. She said "I think you're all talk.", so I said "I think you're all talk.

So she went down and started giving me some of the best head I ever had, then she pulled it out and said, "You really wouldn't have a problem if I did that to someone else?" I said no. Then she started licking my balls and the space between my balls and my ass and said, "I guess this wouldn't be a problem either.". I grunted no.

With that she came up along side me, continued stroking me, and said, "Then give me permission... before you cum." That was nearly impossible after hearing her talk like that. But I managed to say "fine". Then she wanted more details. The conversation went something like this.

"How far can I go?"

"How far would you like to go?"

"This was your idea you tell me."

"How about a blowjob?"

"Okay by me, anything else?"

"Like what?" I said.

"Is kissing allowed?"

When she asked me that, I came all over the two of us. But apparently she wasn't done talking. She told me that I had already given her permission and asked me if I was still okay with that. I started getting hard without ever getting limp. I told her I was okay. She said she was too, but wanted to know if there were limitations. I asked her to explain.

She said, "There's a lot of things to consider, can I kiss him? Can he touch me anywhere? Is he allowed to cum in my mouth? Can it be anyone in particular?". I responded," You've obviously put some thought into this, so everything is allowed that you feel comfortable with." She asked, "Everything?". I said "Yes, do you have anyone in mind?" She asked me if it would bother me if she did, I said no.

She started, "Well, there is someone I've had a crush on for a few years now, I've always wanted to bring him up during sex but I wasn't sure how you'd feel. You met him twice at my dad's store, he's one of our suppliers." I nodded because I knew who she was talking about. She continued, "He knows I'm married, but he always comes on to me when dad's not there. I don't want you to get upset with me, but I've been out with him before."

"Out with him?" I asked. "Just for dinner," she said, "But the last time he tried to kiss me. I told him that if he was a little more patient with me, I would do more than just kiss him." I was shocked but very excited. I said, "Is that why you made me give you permission before?" She nodded. I said, "Well, this is interesting, when should we do this?"

She said, "If it's okay with you, I don't think I would be comfortable with you there the first time. I think I should go out with him a few times alone first." I told her that was fine and asked her if she would fill me in afterwards. "Of course I'll fill you in," She said excitedly, "And I'll even tell you what we're planning ahead of time so you can think about me while I'm gone." I think I was more excited than she was so I asked what the plans were.

"Well, we had plans to go out Thursday for an early dinner, and I told him afterwards he was allowed to make another move on me. Depending on how I would respond, I'd be able to make it home by 7 - 7:30. But now that everything's out in the open, I have a better idea." I asked her what that was.

She snuggled up to me, threw her leg on mine and said very seductively, "After dinner, I'm going to give my 'date' the best blowjob he's ever had. But how about you let me stay out as long as I like, so I could do everything he wants, and I won't even wash up before I come home." I should point out that her not washing up after a date was a big part of my fantasy, which was why she was attemping to bribe me with it. I agreed and came all over her leg. She giggled when it hit her, and got up to go to the bathroom.

So I said to her, "You're serious, aren't you." She said, "Very much so." and went into the bathroom. I was extremely turned on hearing this and I could barely sleep.

As the week rolled on I didn't know what to expect. I had always been excited by the idea and as Thursday was approaching I got more and more excited. I kept running home from work to lay on my bed and re-live the other night. I came so many times I thought my balls were going to turn inside out.

I could tell Denise was getting excited too. To her, she was finally going to live one of her fantasies, instead of just turning me on with talk. She seemed like a new woman. But I have to say, in most other first time hotwife experiences I've read about, I hardly ever hear of the time leading up to the first date. This was the most erotic time of my life.

On Wednesday night the phone rang so she picked it up. It was obviously him so she smiled at me. She said, "No, he's not here, I'm just sitting with my sister." Then she got up and motioned that she was going to pick it up in the bedroom. She covered up the phone and whispered, "When I yell 'Okay' I want you to hang up." I made a praying sign with my hands and mouthed the word, "Pleeeease". She said, "Not this time, it's still a little weird to me and I want to talk to him privately." I agreed.

So I made the TV louder for background noise and when she yelled "Okay" I hit the phone against the base and pressed the mute button. I figured that would sound like a hang up. Then, cock in hand, I listened to my wife talk to her new "boyfriend". She started.

"You can talk now my sister hung up. Is your girlfriend home?"

"No, where's your husband?"

"Out somewhere, who cares. Do you still want to meet me tomorrow?"

"That depends." he joked.

"On what?" she replied.

He said, "Denise, I like you a lot. But I can’t keep making out with you and have the brakes put on me, it's not fair."

This conversation was starting to go in a totally different direction than I had imagined. I thought I would catch my wife flirting and acting sexy with him, but instead I'm listening to him complain that she doesn't go far enough. I listened to my wife's response.

"Well the brakes are gone Peter. I even have my husbands permission."

"What?" he said, "Your husband knows about us?"

"Not everything, just that I like you. He has these weird fantasies about me being with other men, so the other night I called him on it."

"He wants you to be with other men? That's a little strange." They both started giggling a little. "Oh yeah," she replied, "That's not all. He wants to watch." Peter started laughing in a very startled way. "I can't believe this, I'm not going to be with you in front of your husband."

She said in a sort of baby talk, "You don't have to if you don't want to, I've arranged for us to be alone for the first few times, and if you don't feel comfortable we won't do anything in front of him, okay hun?" He agreed.

"So we're on for tomorrow, right?" she asked.

"Ohhh, I don't know." he joked. " I'll make it worth you're while." she said in the most seductive voice I've ever heard.

"What do you mean by that?" he probed.

"Put it this way," she said, "I can't get pregnant." There was a long pause and I don't know who was more surprised by that statement, him or me.

He asked, "So, I don't have to use a 'you know what'?"

"Nope." she said.

"We'll we're definitely on then, what do you want for dinner?"

"You." Now she was really getting into the conversation.

"Okay, okay, seriously." he joked, "How about room service?"

"Awesome, pick me up at work, I'll meet you around the side." she said.

"I'll be there at 5."

I hung up at that point because it seemed like they were wrapping it up, but it took her a few minutes to come out. When she came out I asked her, "So, are you good to go?" She smiled and nodded. I asked, "Are you excited?", she replied "I'm really excited." And then she plopped down on the couch like she had to catch her breath. "Aren't you?" she asked. "Yes I am, can I have a preview of what he's gonna get tomorrow?" I asked. She didn't say anything but went to turn out the light and came over and dropped to her knees.

This blowjob was beyond belief. It was like she was experimenting on me, using her hands to tickle my balls, going deeper than usual. "Do you think he'll like this?" she asked. That was the way we always talked but now it was an actual guy she was referring to. "Yes he'll definitely like that." I replied.

Then she started talking very dirty for her, she said, "I wonder what his cum tastes like." I asked her, "Do you plan on finding out?" She lifted her head and said, "Yes, but it's not just that. I noticed that when we have sex a few times in a night, your semen changes from the first time to the last. I'm just wondering if it's the same way with him."

I said with a lump in my throat, "Only one way to find out." She seemed happy with my response and said, "I guess you're right." Then the dirty talk continued.

"Where else should I let him cum?" she asked.

"That depends, do you plan on having sex with him?"

"That's still okay right?"

"Of course, the reason I'm asking is, do you plan on using protection?"

She answered, "Believe it or not, I was just talking to him about that, and we decided against using protection. I'm on the pill and he just has sex with his girlfriend, so there's really no point to it."

I agreed with her and suggested that he cum inside her once. She appeared happy that I made the suggestion. She finished me off and I came a ton.

There was one thing I was starting to notice about my sex drive now, I'm never limp. I'm always a little excited. And knowing my wife is excited is a huge turn on.

I couldn't sleep at all Wednesday night, but despite that, Thursday arrived. All I could think about was the coming evening (Literally). I told my boss I had to meet a client and I left the office to go home and beat off.

I got home about 3:00 and my wife's car was in the driveway. When I got upstairs the shower was running. I called out to make some noise so she wouldn't be startled. She turned off the water and yelled "Barry, is that you?" I was right by the bathroom door so I said, "Yes, yes, no need to scream." She said, "I'll be out in a couple of minutes."

I waited on the bed for her, hard as a rock. She came out in her robe with a towel wrapped around her hair and said in a puzzled voice, "What are you doing home?" I told her point blank, "I came home to beat off, what about you." We both started laughing hysterically, it was a pretty funny moment. But she said, "I took a late lunch so I could come home and get ready."

I said to her, "Well, now that you're home I don't have to beat off anymore." She bent over and kissed me and said sarcastically, "Oh yes you do." I kind of had a feeling she'd say something like that, but I wanted to hear it anyway. It was a little bit of an odd feeling being rejected by my wife, but she did just get out of the shower.

"Do you mind if I jerk off while you get ready?" I asked.

"I don't care." she replied.

It was amazing watching her walk around in her best panties, choosing between bras, applying moisturizer to her legs. Then she said the most erotic thing I've ever heard. Not just because it was dirty, but because it hit home that this was really going to happen. She brought 2 bottles of perfume over to me and made me smell them both.

Then she said, "If you were going to be the next man I have sex with, which one of these would you like me to wear?" I pointed to the one on the right. She threw the one I had chosen on the bed next to me and sprayed the other one on her stomach. Then she smiled and gave me a quick raise of her eyebrows.

I was really starting to get into the way she was playing my fantasy, but it was a little overwhelming sometimes. In addition, I was trying to work up the courage to ask her something, I was practicing for an hour how I would. So I finally made my proposal.

I said, "I have something to ask you, and I feel that you owe it to me since I'm letting you go on a date. You know I want to watch, but I'm not. So, do you think you could possibly turn your cell phone on so I could hear a little of what you’re doing. Just to get me through the night."

She asked, "For how long?" I replied. "I don't know, if you get the chance, just hit the speed dial for a little while so I can listen, It's my fantasy too you know." I knew that line would get her.

"How would I do that?" she said

"Easy," I replied, "Just call me, and when I pick up tell him no one's answering, then leave the flap up in your purse. When you're done, reach in and close the flap."

"I suppose I could, for a while," she said, "What do you want to hear?"

"Everything." I told her.

"Well you can't." she said sternly.

I said, "Okay, surprise me." She agreed and got dressed and left around 4:00. I felt a little weird about the cell phone thing, but I really wanted in on this first date. Now all I could do is wait and hope for the phone call. I was beating off like it was a contest for an hour and a half. Then the phone rang at 5:30.

It was her, she said, "Hi, it's me. I'm walking to the hotel room, can you hear me okay?"

"Yes, you sound fine. Where's your 'boyfriend'?" I asked sarcastically.

"He's in the car, I told him to wait till I got the room, then I would call him with the number. So let me call him and I'll call you before I get to the room. Okay?" I told her that was fine.

About a minute later the phone rang again. She said, "He's coming up now, so I'm going to leave the phone on the side of my bag. Hopefully you'll be able to hear something, but I'm not doing this very long." I agreed and she put down the phone.

It seemed very quiet so I wasn't sure if I'd be able to hear. But when that knock on the door came, I realized I'd be able to hear quite a bit. "Coming," she said and I heard the door open. I heard a lot of flirting going on and she was obviously leading him near the phone because they were getting louder. Then I heard the squeak of them sitting on the bed. He started talking.

"Now where were we, you little tease."

"I'm not teasing." she said. All the while I could hear kissing sounds between their words.

"Don’t tell me, show me" he said.

"I'll do anything you want." she said loudly for my benefit. Then I heard her say, "It unhooks in the front...there." She was talking and moaning but I still heard sucking so I could assume he was sucking her tits. That went on for a few minutes till I could hear him say, "You look unbelievable naked." so she responded with, "How about you?" Then she told him to sit, and I heard unzipping and ruffling. Then she started saying things that I was sure were just for me. She said,

"Boy, you are excited."

"I sure am, you're not gonna tease me now are you?" he asked.

"You be the judge." she replied.

All of a sudden Peter let out a huge moan, at the same time I heard sucking noises. I knew what was happening, and I was more turned on than I ever thought I would be. His moans and the accompanying sucking sounds went on for about ten minutes.

Then I heard him say, "I can't hold out anymore." When he said that the sucking got noticeably louder. Then he said, "I'm gonna cum..." and with a loud moan he did. At this point I heard lip smacking sounds, and my wife said, "Let me just grab my makeup, I'll be right back." Then the phone clapped shut.

So there I was. It wasn't even 6:00 yet, and I just listened to my wife give her boyfriend a complete blowjob, and hang up on me. This was absolutely the most turned on I had ever been in my life. I couldn't wait for her to get home.

In the meantime, I didn't know what to do with myself while I was waiting for her to get home. I jacked off a couple of times, but it was like I overdosed on Viagra, I just couldn't 'un-excite' myself. I started walking around the house. I picked up the bottle of the perfume she was wearing. Then I sniffed it and tried to imagine what was happening. It was driving me crazy. I decided to just wait in bed.

I heard the door unlock at 11:30 and my cock, which was hard as a rock, got even harder. She came into the room and threw her bag on the chair. She looked beat. She collapsed on the bed next to me and looking up at ceiling muttered, "Whoa....holy shit...whoa."

This was a bit different than what I had expected. In most of the experiences I've read about, the wife comes home nice and neat and the husband eats the other man's cum out of her pussy. But my wife was just fucking for 6 hours, and she looked like she was just fucking for 6 hours.

Her hair looked like she tried to fix it but just gave up. Her makeup was almost completely worn off, except for some smudging. But the part that was the biggest turn on for me, was that she smelled bad. I don't mean bad like locker room bad. She was sweaty, she had the remnant of her perfume and his cologne mixed together, and she clearly smelled like sex.

I asked her, "Did you have fun tonight?"

"Uh-huh." she said under heavy breaths.

"Do you want to tell me about it?"

She was still looking at the ceiling in disbelief and hadn't made eye contact with me yet. But she asked me, "Are you sure you want to hear it? You’re not going to get all jealous on me?"

"Why would I?" I responded.

"Pete said you would."

"Well Pete doesn't know me." I said firmly.

"If you insist, I'll tell you the truth." she continued, "That was the most unbelievable sex I've ever had. Did you hear us when I left the phone on?" I told her I did. "Well then you know how it started. Don't be offended, but I kind of rushed things because it was weird having you listen in on us, and I really wanted to get used to being with him in private for a while." I told her that was fine with me.

"Good, because I want to fill you in on the details. As you probably heard, I gave him a blowjob with you on the phone. This was more of a tension breaker, also to prove to him that I wasn't a tease. The lights were on, I was naked kneeling on the floor, and he was sitting on the edge of the bed with his shirt off and his pants around his ankles." I broke into the conversation so I could be involved and ask some questions. So I inquired, "What was he like down there?"

She let out a short giggle and said, "I knew you were going to ask me that!" Now she finally turned to look at me. The room was pretty dimly lit, but I could see the smile on her face. She said with a grin, "I'm happy to report that he is bigger than you. That is what you wanted to hear isn't it?"

"Yes," I said, "If it's true."

"Trust me it's true, what else do you want to ask me?" she said

I told her to just continue. So she did. "The length was just a little bigger than yours, but it was very fat, so it was tricky getting my mouth around it at first. But after a while I got into a rhythm. Soon after that he came."

"Did he cum a lot?" I asked excitedly.

"Oh... My... God." she continued, "He must have been waiting for this day for months. He just kept squirting and squirting and squirting till I couldn't hold it all it my mouth, not to mention swallowing it all. I finally had to pull back and turn my head to try and finish what was in my mouth. So the rest of it got on my boobs and hair. That's when I hung up."

I asked, "So you were still attempting to swallow his semen when you hung up on me?" She nodded seductively. She went on to say what happened.

"Once I hung up, I felt a little relieved. After I freshened up, I came out and turned off the lights. Then we got under the covers and started getting romantic. I didn't want to have sex with him yet, I really wanted to see what it would be like to give him an intimate blowjob under the covers, with the lights out, and nobody listening. So I did that, and I got a little carried away. This blowjob made the one I gave you last night look like high school."

With that she started kissing my neck and breathing hard. Her breath was stale for obvious reasons. And then she whispered, "I did something for him that I've never done before." and stuck her tongue in my ear. I didn't even ask, I knew what she meant.

She continued, "Eventually I went back to working on his penis till he was done, and I was able to finish swallowing this time."

"That's my girl," I said. But this was all I could take, I laid her on her back and started moving down between her legs. With that she tensed up her legs and held my shoulder and asked, "Are you sure you want to do that? He's still very much down there."

I made a jerking motion on her knees to indicate I wanted her to open up, so she muttered, "All right... but be careful what you wish for." and she relaxed her legs.

I pulled her panties all the way off and put my head between her legs all the while thinking to myself, "So this was the scene of the crime." My wife's vagina looked really worn out. And since I don't normally eat out my wife after sex, there was the clear presence of another scent. I asked her to tell me the rest but my mind was elsewhere.

I started to eat her and she was still very wet. She was wet from her but also from him. I could taste his semen just as my wife had, but there weren't any huge amounts that I always hear about, not at first anyway. Eventually some pretty large streams of his cum started sliding down, but it took about ten minutes to start flowing. Eating another man's semen from my wife's pussy was not what I thought it would be. It was different, but better I think.

As I was cleaning her out she went on, "After the 2 blowjobs, we made love for hours. It was so romantic, it felt so new. And knowing I had your permission was incredible, I felt......oh, I can't describe it, wonderful. I wanted to stay the night with him, but he said his girlfriend would flip out on him."

After she said that I moved up and slid my cock into her very exhausted pussy. As I was fucking her I asked, "How did you leave it?"

She replied, "Before I tell you, I want to ask your permission again."

I asked, "What else do you need permission for? You can do anything you want."

She said, "When you asked me earlier 'Where's your boyfriend', I got very excited. And I just wanted to know.....well.....would you mind giving me permission to refer to him as my boyfriend?"

This was a new take on an old fantasy. I could imagine having sex with my wife while talking about her boyfriend. I could watch them talking on the phone. I could see her getting ready to go on dates with him. So I told her that would be fine with me.

"Great, then I'll tell you how I left it. When he said his girlfriend would get angry if he stayed out, I got a little jealous. I asked him if I could be his girlfriend too. He said it was okay with him if it's okay with you. So you're sure it's okay?"

"YES!" I said as I unloaded into my wife's pussy. She thanked me for the permission. Then she got up and said, "I have to tell him. I can probably still reach him in his car." And ran into the other room.

It's incredible how everything's been going. I'll write more after they go out more.


Courtesy Fuck

Jack had left his front door open for me.

Like he'd instructed me, I entered the front door quietly, and found the living room without much trouble. He was sitting on his couch waiting for me, drinking a beer. The open bottle rested in one hand against his thigh.

"Hey, Marc," he said, as he stood. "I'm glad you could make it tonight," he added with a smile.

He shook my hand with a firm grip.

"Do you want a beer?" he asked.

"That'd be great," I said, following him as he walked to the kitchen.

Jack was not quite as tall as I was, but very good looking in a boyish sort of way. Maybe a few years older than me. His body seemed tight and defined in his t-shirt and jeans, and he moved with an athletic grace.

From the time I'd met him three weeks ago, he'd never been quite what I expected. And tonight he was all business. But I suppose that he'd waited a long time for this.

He wanted to get to it.

He handed me the beer and started in with the same slick amicable banter that was usual to our encounters. Jack was a consummate closer, but he chatted as if oblivious to the reason for my being there. I engaged in his small talk, but after a few minutes I wanted to get to the point.

"So," I asked finally, "Are we still doing this?"

"I hope so," he said with certainty.

"What do you want me to do?" I queried.

"My wife is upstairs. We can change in the guestroom. Once we go inside my bedroom, you can't make a sound, because she has a blindfold on."

I nodded my understanding and downed the rest of my bottle of beer in one chug.

"Let's rock and roll," I said to him, grinning.

He smiled back at me and indicated that I should follow him upstairs.

Inside the guest bedroom, Jack wasted no time in taking off his shoes and socks. I slipped my shoes and socks off as well and watched him as he turned to me and silently peeled off his t-shirt. Once bare-chested, he slid his jeans down over his hips till they rested around his ankles. Underneath he was wearing a pair of white athletic briefs. Then he stepped out of the jeans.

We had confided in each other about our sexual feelings for other men on the occasions that we'd met in the bar. Or at least he'd confided in me and I hadn't given him any reason to think I thought any differently. He'd told me that he'd wanted to try sex with a man, but he had never before talked about it with another guy.

I'd had sex with a man, so I guessed it all added up somehow.

I unashamedly looked over his body with admiration. As a general rule I just didn't find other men attractive, but it was a part of what had drawn me to him. He had an inner vulnerability that he masked normally, underneath his handsome stockbroker power player exterior. Like a man who does it all to compensate for low self-esteem. His nearly naked body was athletic. The toned musculature of a man that had been a high school jock and who had worked hard to keep himself in shape through his twenties and now in his thirties.

Not unlike me.

He watched me watching him, and a blush crept up his cheeks. The attention I was paying to him made his dick grow harder in his briefs. His cock was now clearly silhouetted against the white fabric: it was short and wide.

I admired him in silence, Jack just standing there, arms folded nervously across his chest. No longer the closer. No longer so confident.

I grinned at him and decided to give him a show of my own. I slowly unbuttoned my shirt, then pulling it off so that Jack had a nice view of my full arms and chest, chiseled and buffed from my time in the service and years of hard work in the gym. His eyes roved over my thick biceps and powerful shoulders. And his grin told me he liked what he saw. I shamelessly exposed the rest of my flesh to his eyes as I also peeled off the very tight, white tank top I was wearing as an undershirt. That was when he got a glimpse of my chiseled six-pack. His smile grew even wider as I slowly undid my belt, allowing my jeans to slip down to the floor. Unlike Jack, I was wearing a pair of my usual silken boxers, so my limp dick was not yet visible.

All he could see was the as yet undefined, but growing, bulge of my package.

Jack was a man's man in most respects, but I was broader, thicker, slightly taller and more heavily muscled. Stepping out of the jeans now lying in a heap around my feet, I walked over to him and seized by a sudden urge, took his head in my strong hands and bent my mouth to his.

His response was slightly one of shock, but then his mouth opened to mine and he kissed me back passionately. His arms encircled my torso, holding me tightly to him. I could feel his dick near mine. The heat from our thighs radiating powerfully outward.

When with our kiss complete, I pulled away from him.

"I want to fuck your wife now," I murmured, my mouth still close to his.

"Okay," he said, like a schoolgirl with a crush.

He started to walk into the other room.

"Wait a minute," I said not letting him get very far.

He stood there looking at me with confusion. I turned him around to face me, and knelt down in front of him. With my two hands I pulled down his tighty whities. His cock fell out before my eyes. Growing to full harness there before me. It wasn't very often that I found myself in the position of a bitch on her knees, so it made me appreciate all over again how the women I fucked must feel.

I gave his cock an experimental tug, and it jerked in my hand. He groaned as I held him in my grip. The possibilities ran through my mind, but I let go of him and stood up.

"All right," I told him, "We can go now."

"What about you?" he asked, and I knew clearly what he meant.

"Not until I see your wife's bare naked pussy, dude," I said.

He looked at me calmly and then made up his mind.

"Remember," he said one last time, "Don't make any noise."

I nodded to him and followed closely behind him as we walked into the bedroom he shared with his wife every night in the world. The thick carpeting and the newness of Jack's home masked our careful footsteps.

Jack's wife, Debbie, lay face up and spread-eagled on the bed. Her arms and legs were tied to the bedposts. A scarf was wrapped tightly around her eyes, masking us from sight.

We stood at the end of the bed and admired the view.

Jack was a lucky man, and I put my hand on his shoulder and gave him a nod and a smile to indicate that I thought so. Debbie was blonde. And not one of those bottle blondes either. Her pussy was shaved, and probably as a result of her excitement in being treated in this fashion, her cunt was moist in anticipation. A couple drops of juice had already escaped its tight looking crack to run down the length of her ass.

Was it odd that Jack wanted me to do this?

I guess it depended on his motives, which I hadn't really asked about. I'd lost my virginity sharing girls with guys and I had been doing it ever since. But I'd never fucked another man's wife like this before. Not without her knowledge or consent. This woman had a body worthy of a Playboy centerfold. Her massive, firm breasts hung off her chest. And her thighs curved like poetry. My gaze was drawn though to her perfect, pink pussy lips, so worthy of a long hard jack off session. And in need of a good, hard fucking.

I sprang a rod just staring at those engorged pink lips.

For my part, not having her consent didn't bother me at all. I told Jack at the bar where we'd met that she'd know I wasn't him. She'd be a fool not to. But Jack didn't care, by that time he said it would be too late.

Jack carefully sat down in a chair next to the bed. He indicated to me that she was ready and waiting. I don't know what had passed between them earlier, but obviously she was expecting to be taken by him at some point that night.

So I nodded my understanding and slowly, for Jack's benefit, pushed my boxers down over my hips until they hit the floor, and I stepped out of them. That was the first time ever that Jack had gotten an eyeful of my cock, and I was sporting a diamond hard boner by that point. Full and powerful, and it is undoubtedly my biggest asset. I put my two big fists over it, one on top of the other so that Jack could see for himself, from the mushroom tip poking proudly out the top of my two fists, that my full length just shy of ten inches. And the monster boner that my fingers encircled was far thicker than Jack's own solid cock.

Jack started to jerk himself off watching me.

The sight of him sitting there casually pulling on his cock was very erotic, but I turned my full attention back to his wife. My index finger moved around the outside of her pussy lips, tracing them until they found her clit.

When I first touched her, she'd gasped and arched her back at the sudden, new sensation.

"Jack is that you?" she asked, trying to reassure herself. Perhaps she was having second thoughts?

"Yes, honey," he said from the chair.

She relaxed instantly.

As she did, I let my finger slip inside her pussy. She moaned with the intrusion. I let my fingers do the walking for a while, putting my years of experience to practice on her clit. Her breathing became more ragged and soon I could hear her moans of pleasure that told me that she was having a very good time indeed.

I climbed onto the bed next to her, pulling my hand from her cunt, which caused her to groan audibly.

I bent down to kiss her neck and rubbed her hardened nipples. Slowly sucking on them and nibbling them ever so slightly. My lips trailed down Debbie's chest to her cleavage, and I took his soft breast in my hand and kiss it. Slowly, worshipfully, I wrapped my lips around her nipple and gently sucked it. I could hear her sigh above me.

Her beautiful tits were shaking with every breath she took.

I positioned myself over her then. The shaft of my naked cock brushed against her, and I could feel the heat emanating from her pussy as I ground carefully against her once or twice. My lips found hers and she was quick to send her tongue in my mouth passionately. I broke the kiss and began kissing down her neck to her chest. I sucked her other nipple into my mouth, my hand gently squeezing her breast.

Her pussy called to me, beckoning me closer, and I began kissing down the front of her.

I sucked on the skin of her tight stomach, below her navel, kissing all over her skin down there. The strong scent from her pussy was strong as my lips approached that delicate area. I let my lips gently brush around the folds of skin, around where he bush would have been if she hadn't shaved it. Then I pressed my lips against her pussy, kissing her there at first gently and then with more effort.

"Ahhhhhhhh," Debbie gasped, bucking into me.

I kissed her pussy again, and again she bucked, but not as violently this time. That time she had been prepared for the sudden pleasure that it had given her. My tongue tasted her juices a little as the leaked out of that most space. I kissed the lips of Debbie's beautiful cunt again. And then I put my mouth on her pussy, and this time I sucked her lips into my mouth, managing to keep them there even though she bucked wildly once more. I sucked, tasting her delicious juices, and I ran my tongue up and down those lips.

"Ohhhhhhhh," she moaned again, loudly.

I released her pussy lips, watching the erotic visual of them slowly withdrawing towards her body. I knelt between her legs, my eyes locked down on her pussy. Debbie's swollen lips were pressed tightly together, quivering with both arousal and nervousness. I could smell her pussy again, and it was intoxicating. I kissed the very top of her thigh, before quickly kissing her slit.

I slid my hands underneath that sexy ass of hers, grabbing onto her soft cheeks. Burying my face between her thighs, I slid my tongue as far into her tunnel as I could. She moaned, and tried to buck my off, but my hands gripped her ass firmly. All the same, this beautiful woman writhed her crotch violently into my face.

After minutes of teasing her to edge of cumming, and pulling back, I pulled my tongue out of her twat, bringing her nectar into my mouth. I paused for a moment, letting her collect herself. I wanted to enjoy this nice fuck session! I bent down again, and slowly licked from the bottom of Debbie's sensitive slit, up to the top, nudging her clit. Then I went to work, eating her, my tongue moving at an awesome pace for I don't know how long.

Soon she grunted loudly, her orgasm exploding inside her.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!" she cried out over and over again as she writhed there, my tongue lodged into her crotch, my face buried right in that pussy.

My tongue licked her in long slow circles, lapping up the residual juices that had spilled out during her orgasm.

Her damp pussy was now a flood of cum of her own devising. The aroma wafted around my nose. I came up every once in a while for air, lapping up her juices.

"Christ, Jack!" she called out, "I need you to fuck me!"

I was very turned on by this. I didn't know if she knew I was her husband or not. I didn't care, as I was now in the throes of an irresistible impulse.

I turned my head to see Jack watching us, riveted to his seat.

His eager eyes did nothing to slow me down. Meanwhile Debbie lay before me, still panting, her legs spread, and I crawled on my hands and knees back up the bed towards her. The bed frame creaked ever slightly under our combined weight, and when I positioned myself on my arms, but she could feel me above her. My weight settled down on top of her, brining my cock close to her cunt.

I bent to kiss her cheek, and then her rosy red lips. I glanced at Jack, he looked tense, but his hand never left its grip around his dick. Back to her lips, my tongue parted them, and darted inside. I kissed her long and hard, sucking her lips and tongue into my own mouth. My dick was very hard and pointed very proudly and very straight underneath me.

I was daring her to say I wasn't Jack, but if she realized it wasn't her husband who was on top of her now, she made no comment.

With my height and build, my cock was below her tender spot. I had to break away from her lips and move up the bed a little further to bring her treasure into line with my spear.

That's when she felt my cock pressed against her pussy lips.

The tip of my dick was all wet and with one hand holding up my weight, my other hand rubbed my cock against her lips, seeking her entrance. I ran the mushroom head down the sopping wet lips of her pussy, stopping when I reached the spot where the heat was at its most intense. I pushed forward.

The fat head of my dick squeezed in between the wet lips of Debbie's pussy. Once my head had parted that sweet flesh, my tip lodged in her slit, I pushed in bit by bit. Slowly, I filled her pussy with my steel rod.

Her flesh stretched around me and I moved forward.

"God, Jack!" she said, wincing, but I couldn't tell if it was in pleasure or surprise.

I squeezed more my cock inside her. I forced two inches of my manhood into her pussy before her tightness would allow no more. I pulled back a bit, withdrawing my dick from the pink lips of her cunt. It found the entrance again on its own volition, and easily slipped back inside. She gasped, with a combination of nervousness and desire. Her tight pussy was gripping my boner incredibly tight, but I managed to force another inch of myself inside her.

"Fuck!" she moaned loudly.

After a few inches had passed inside, I began to pump her pussy. I was fucking her with just the top half of my cock, loving how hot and tight her pussy was on. She was such a delicate woman, and her pussy had the tightness to match! I thrust inside her a little deeper, and she moaned. I thrust deeper still, and she moaned again. Soon my entire cock was in her pussy, finally getting it in her as far as I could penetrate.

"Oh, God!" she moaned, sighing.

I groaned with pleasure as well, closing my eyes and pressing my thighs tightly against hers. My hard, throbbing dick was all the way inside Debbie's tight, welcoming vagina. The two of us were gasping for breath, and we'd only barely started! I looked down at her. The expression on her face told me that she relished this feeling of having her pussy filled. She smiled, and I kissed her thick, full lips roughly. I kissed her again and she opened her mouth, allowing my tongue entry. I kissed her hard, still holding my cock all the way inside her as my tongue explored her mouth.

Debbie began to rub her crotch against me. I was in heaven plunging my thick member into her needy depths over and over again, and she felt almost like a virgin! She humped her hips upward, meeting each and every one of my thrusts. I was fucking her a little faster, and the two of us were forced to break our passionate kiss.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!" she moaned quietly, and repeatedly, being drilled by my rampant hard-on.

I held myself up a little so I could watch her ample breasts bounce hypnotically up and down with each of my thrusts. My gaze slid further down her body, over her sexy stomach to where my pole was disappearing and appearing over and over into that sweet hole. I was losing it already. And I knew I had to slow things down. So I pulled my dick out of her horny twat.

Debbie gasped in surprise.

But I didn't let that distract me. I quickly knelt on the end of the bed, face between her legs, sliding my hands underneath her ass. I raised her pussy up to my mouth, and I slid my tongue into her hot, steamy tunnel.

She moaned loudly.

I loved her taste! And I could eat that pussy all night! I twirled my tongue around the inside of her cunt, and she raised her ass out of my hands, moaning. I slipped my tongue out of her twat and sucked the thick lips of her wonderful cunt into my mouth. I ran my tongue up and down the silky skin, and she shuddered.

She was shaking. Her muscles started to tense. I released the lips of her pussy but suddenly clamped my mouth over her clit.

She cried out, hollering, as an orgasm exploded inside her. Debbie was a shaking, quivering mess as she came, rubbing her crotch up and down my face.

Glancing at the clock by the bedside I could see that the entire experience had taken under two minutes. I could not believe how fast this woman came when I went down on her!

I crawled back up, hovering over her, as I aimed my dick at the entrance to her treasure and thrust forward. This time my cock easily pierced her tight pussy, sliding all the way into her wetness in one hard stroke.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" she wailed loudly.

I began to fuck Debbie hard, plunging his manhood deep inside her cunt over and over.

"Oh, yes! Fuck that pussy!" she moaned as I pistoned in and out of her tiny twat.

Debbie's tits were bouncing up and down, and I had a clear image of her gorgeous pussy accepting my rod over and over. Each time I withdrew, the pink lips of her vagina were pulled outward, only to be forced back when I rammed my cock back inside her.

I was fucking her as hard as I possibly could. I glanced at Jack who was watching us intently. I knew what it must look like, such a big man pounding into such a small woman, seemingly without mercy. And Debbie's cries were still very high in pitch, coming short and fast. She loved getting fucked this hard! And she was helpless, lost in both her feelings, and desires.

Then my strokes became long and hard. I felt the cum start to rise in my balls, so I changed pace and continued to pound her, getting even deeper than she'd probably ever had before. Her cunt was absolutely soaking, greasy juices running down my balls to pool on the bed.

She continued begging me to fuck her.

And so I did for time out of mind. Using my giant cock in her sensitive pussy like a piston. My sweat dripped off of my body and onto hers, the sounds of my balls smacking her ass were audible in the stillness of the room, mixed with our grunting and moaning.

I glanced at the clock, amazed even by my own standards at how impressive my stamina was tonight. My dick had been stroking that pussy in every which way for a very long time indeed.

And if it wasn't for the fact that she was generated so much juice, cumming several times, I would have worried that she would have been rubbed dry. But when I pulled out of her, she would always beg me not to stop.

At one point though I knew I could cum. I pulled away and I moved up the bed to kneel over her chest. My cock proudly out in front of me. And with my hands I pushed those gorgeous, sweaty tits up and titty fucked her. Letting the sweat and juice of her cunt lubricate me. She was amazing.

But I could not resist the allure of her pussy. I pulled away from her tits, instead of cumming on them, and I moved back down to bury my shaft deeply in her cunt again. This time with a slower, steadier pace. With the rate I was stretching out her pussy, it was going to be loose for a month. That cunt felt so wonderful. She was nice and tight, and she was giving me a great deal of pleasure.

Her answering moans encouraged me to continue and gain speed ever so slightly as I went along. It took about ten good deep strokes of my cock until I felt the walls of her pussy undulate. She screamed out in delight, and then she came around me. And she came and came.

I know how a woman needs some variety, so I pulled out to let her have a break. But, it wasn't to be a long break.

I bent back down to her clit, using my tongue to lap up some of that recent flood of her juices. I felt her start to writhe again almost instantly. She must have been very sensitive.

I knew I didn't want to hold back any longer, even if I could, and I wanted to cum in her pussy. Jack had said nothing about it. But when I told him I wanted to fuck her without a condom, he said it didn't matter since she was on birth control.

I entered into her one last time, and soon I could feel my balls heating up again. This time I knew I couldn't stop it even if I had wanted to. I slid my dick in and out of Debbie's pussy rapidly a few more times, and groaned.

Grunting I felt myself start to unload round after round of hot cum, dick twitching, filling up her waiting pussy. I thrust until the last of it was out, and then I was momentarily spent, stroking in and out a few more times in the process.

I looked over at Jack.

His hand was sticky with his own cum, so it was obvious he'd gotten off at some point watching this. But a new boner was lodged in his fist as he watched us.

Slowly, I got up off of his wife and stepped back.

Debbie let out a contented sigh and said, "Thank you Jack. That was incredible!"

Slowly, Jack got up and went to his wife.

My cum was presently leaking out of her pussy. He stood for a second watching her, and she lay back on the bed, still tied up. Luxuriating in the post coital feeling. Then, making up his mind, he crawled up on top of her, taking my place in her empty hole. I watched as he then slipped inside the pussy I had just fucked, not bothered at all by the cum I'd left as a lubricant.

He thrust inside and with long low strokes, making his wife start to moan all over again. He was thick so it was possible she might not realize that I was thicker than him, and longer too.

I jerked myself off watching him, quickly cumming all over Jack's bedroom carpet.

But Jack was still busy within his wife, and I supposed it was time to go then. Before I did something to spoil the evening.

Once back in the guestroom I slipped my clothes back on.

On my way back downstairs, I could still hear their fucking in the bedroom. So I left them to it, closing the front door behind me as quietly as I had when I'd arrived earlier.

* * *

Copyright © 2003, 2009 by Eagle1. All rights reserved. All characters portrayed in this story are meant to be over the legal age to consent to sexual activity. Any similarity to characters or situations, real or imagined, is purely coincidental. Unless you happened to be there of course. May be reprinted without permission of author in materials distributed free of charge or on websites where there is no fee charged for access, provided this copyright notice is attached.


A Friend in Need

Mike and I had been close friends since college. Being a year older, he kind of became the big brother I never had. Though we moved our separate ways after graduation, we never lost touch with each other, talking a few mornings a week while we were each stuck in traffic in our respective cities.

About a year ago, Mike gradually admitted to me that he and Sarah had been having marital issues. About 7 years ago, he married this beautiful woman that none of his old friends really cared for. I couldn't put my finger on it at the time, but there was something cold about the way she treated him. The problems culminated in a confession he made to me sixs months ago, that he had not had sex with his wife for almost 1 year. He was at the point where he didn't even try anymore. Her constant rejection was worse than the lack of intimacy. To make matters worse...Sarah was working almost full time as a personal trainer had kept herself in great shape. According to Mike, her body was better than when they had gotten married. He could see it from time to time, but was never allowed access to touch.

At my suggested and after weeks of convincing, he finally hired a PI to follow her around town over a period of a couple weeks. He doubted that she was doing anything since she claimed that she had no interest in sex. I felt otherwise, having seen pictures of her and knowing how hard she was working to stay in shape -- it just didn't make sense. I was right. Not only was she having an affair, she was doing it right in his house. The investigator uncovered emails with details of their activities. Instead of becoming angry, he became depressed. His self esteem and confidence were completely destroyed.

He needed to get away and think. I invited him to spend a weekend away at our house where he could be among friends and people that understood. Mike quickly accepted and came up with some reason to be out of town over the weekend for work. My wife Marcy, had only met Mike a few times but enjoyed his sense of humor and understood how close of a friend he and I had become. She was more than happy to have him stay with us.

He arrived at our house late Friday evening, after we'd put the kids to sleep. The three of us sat for hours, drink wine and talking about everything. I could tell that Mike was liked talking with Marcy. She understood and her advice was dead-on. And for a man that hadn't been with a woman in a while, Marcy was a sight for sore eyes. Nothing over the top, because that's not the way she is, but she looked very cute in her jeans, open toes heels and tight white scoop neck tee. Marcy is has a pretty face, blond hair, about 5'4" with a woman's body, curves in the right places and a generous C cup. As she would leave the room from time to time, I could see Mike subtly following her out with his eyes, watching her pretty round jean covered ass. I was amused and pleased that he was enjoying himself.

One time when we were alone, he told me that he could tell Marcy and I had a great relationship. He said that he had noticed the way she looked at me and touched my arm or leg causally as we spoke. That she came across so warmly. He said he hoped that if he ended up divorced that he could find a woman like her, pretty, sexy, smart and sensual. I thanked him. The three of us went on talking until about 2 AM when Marcy said that we had all weekend to talk but only about 6 more hours before the house woke up.

I showed Mike to the spare bedroom and Marcy brought him some bath towels. He thanked her and asked if we minded that he take a shower before heading to bed. We told him no problem as the kids were heavy sleepers. Marcy and I retired to our bedroom, she showered and came to bed.

As she crawled into bed, I could see in the dim light that she was wearing her regular bed attire, a blue silk nightie that came down to mid-thigh that covered a small matching g-string. I was so tired, but she looked so damn good. She snuggled up to me and I put my arm around her. With her head on my chest she started talking. "It's such a shame about Mike. That woman does not know what she's throwing away. He's successful, smart, funny and honestly?? -- he is not that bad to look at." I asked her if she thought he was good looking and she replied, 'Yes. Absolutely. In fact if we weren't married, I'd go out on a date with him." I was kind of shocked even though, we've had pillow talk once in a while about sleeping with other people, but it was just that, pillow talk.

We heard Mike get out of the shower and after a few minutes, return to his room. I jokingly said that if she hurried, she could catch him before he fell asleep. Marcy looked up at me and said, "You know, with all he's been through lately, it would be almost an act of kindness to give him a little pleasure." I looked down at her and as our eyes met, something told me that she was serious. I asked her what she had in mind. "Oh nothing...it's just that I feel so badly for him -- he needs to be held and feel the warmth of a woman so badly. But this wouldn't be right. I'm a married woman and I love my husband very much."

I think she was surprised too when I responded, "Marcy, if your saying what I think you're saying -- I agree. He's hurting so badly right now that I think it would actually help him if he knew another woman found him attractive. " I found myself getting aroused at the thought of it and I know she could tell, though neither of us said anything about it. I told her to go and that I would not have a problem after. She looked into my eyes for several seconds to see if I was serious or just testing. When she was convinced, she kissed me gently on the lips, she told me she loved me and slid from the bed, then walked slowly and quietly out the bedroom door.

I gave her a couple of minutes and then silently walked down the hallway to the guest room. I found the door slightly a jar and moved it open only as much as necessary to see into the room. The moon and alarm clock were the only sources of light, but I could clearly make out the scene that was playing out right in front of me. Mike was asleep, lying on his side. The covers were at his waist and I could tell he was sleeping in only a pair of boxers. Behind him, Marcy stood watching him. She slowly sat on the side of the bed, slid gently behind him and rolled on her side to face his back. She didn't move for several minutes.

I watched as she gently placed her hand on his shoulder and moved it slowly down his arm. He awoke with a startle and rolled onto his back. He looked right at Marcy's face and started to protest. She quickly held a finger to his lips -- as if to say, "Shhh, it's ok." I could hear her whisper to him. "I want to make you feel good. I want to you to feel what you've not had in a long time; Will you let me help you?" Mike asked about me. "It's ok with him, he sent me to you. He knows how much you are hurting and we both want to help." He shook his head slowly from side to side as if not really understanding until Marcy put her hand on his check and brought her lips to his.

I stood silently in the doorway. Neither of them could have known I was there nor watching. They continued kissing and I could tell from the sounds and movement that the kissing had become much more passionate. Marcy moved on top of Mike and his arms were around her, she began kissing his neck and moving down to his chest. She gave him the passionate love that he had not gotten at home. She sat up, straddling him with her back to me. I could see behind her that he was fully aroused. They looked at each other as she slowly pulled the nightie up and off revealing her breasts to him. She took his hands from her waist and moved them up until he cupped her breasts. Her head went back and I could tell that she was getting very turned on. She slowly reached behind her and into the opening in the front of his boxers. He moaned when she touched his cock for the first time and brought it out into view. I could make out that he was definitely thicker and a little longer than I am. As he caressed her breasts, she continued to slowly stroke up and down his cock. I couldn't believe my eyes, this was my wife with my best friends cock in her hand and his hands on her tits. My stomach was in knots but my own arousal at witnessing this scene was undeniable.

He took her and rolled her over onto her back. Now next to each other, I watched as she took the waist band of his shorts and pulled them down his legs. She was on her hands and knees at the foot of the bed when I watched her take his hard cock slowly into her mouth. With one hand on his balls and the other at the base of his cock, she began a slow rhythmic movement with your head -- up and down on his shaft. From time to time, she would look up into his eyes as she licked the tip of his cock with her tongue. Marcy gives incredible head so I knew he was enjoying this thoroughly. She sucked him for a while, until his hips began to buck and I thought he would shoot his load in her mouth.

Suddenly, he took her by the hands and guided her back up to the top of the bed and rolled her onto her back. His hands now sliding down her belly and into her tiny panties. Her legs were spread wide and I could see as he found her hairless pussy and she released a gasp. I could tell that he was slowly rubbing her clit with his fingers. I watched as he removed her panties and she was now lying naked on his bed. He moved down along side of her until his head was next her hips and looked up at her for approval. She just put her head back into the pillow and ran her hands through his hair. He ate my wife for what must have been a half hour and at least 3 or 4 orgasms. He just couldn't get enough of her. Finally, he moved back up between her legs. She wrapped them around the back of his thighs and pulled him into her. I watched as my wife reached down with her hand and guided his thick cock into her pussy. I couldn't make out her face but could tell by the sounds of her breathing that Marcy was enjoying his cock. They tried to be quiet but I could hear her gentle moans mixed with his. Mike whispered something to my wife and I heard her respond him that she wanted to feel him cum inside her. He rocked in and out of my wife for another 10 minutes before finally exploding inside of her. He rolled off and they kissed. After a few minutes, I heard her tell him that she better get back to bed but that she hoped he enjoyed that as much as she had. I hurried back to our bedroom and pretended to be asleep.

When she came into our bed she tapped my back and asked if I was awake. I rolled over and smiled and asked if she had actually gone through with it. She said. "See for yourself." And she guided my hand to her pussy that was soaking wet with her juices and Mike's cum. "How was it?" I asked her. She looked at me and said, "He was big...and...I let him cum inside me. Now I want you to fuck me too. And afterwards, I will tell you all about what we did...and then I'll tell you what I'm going to do to him tomorrow night."