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Part 1 - Border check

Maria and Paul Owen came to the Egyptian border at four in the morning. They were tired, hungry and desperate to enter a relatively civilised country after just travelling the length of the desolate Sudan. They knew that the end of their epic journey across Africa would soon come to an end and they held mixed feeling of regret that they would have to leave this troubled but beautiful continent and relief that they would soon be back home in England with their family. They pulled their Landrover up at the border control and two Arab guards walked over to them casually. In the morning light they where shadowy figures and as they came closer they had dust covered uniforms and old Kaliznakovs haphazardly slung over their shoulders. They checked Paul's papers but they didn't immediately let them through and Paul grimaced, wandering if they were going to ask for a bribe.

"These papers not correct sir!" One of the guards said. "We not let you through!"

"These papers are fine!" argued Paul.

"No!" said the Arab shaking his head simply, but not breaking eye contact.

"Look, we are travelling across Africa for charity. We have no money and nothing of any value. I'm asking you with all my heart to make an exception this time."

The Arab rubbed his chin in mock consideration. Finally he announced. "Ok, I may exception if you make exception."

"But I have nothing of value." replied Paul, becoming impatient.

"How about, your wife, you don't consider her to be of value."

"Let's not go there."

"If she show us her pussy we will let you through."

"That's ridiculous!"

"We want to see white woman's pussy before we die. It's very simple!"

Paul looked at his wife, if she could just flash it to them then could get through and get some sleep and some food."

"What exactly do you want my wife to do"

The Arab smiled "Come in our guard room and show us pussy so we can masturbate!"

"That's not going to happen!" said Paul, preparing to turn back.

"We no touch, we just want to see a white pussy eh!"

Paul ignored him and turned the jeep back around.

The Arab shouted after them "Maybe you try Libya eh? It's just a few thousand miles west of here."

Paul drove in a rage for about five minutes. He was driving back into the desert, back into empty lands with no technology or edible food. After a time Maria put her hand on his wrist. "Let's go back!"

"What! Are you crazy?"

"If we go back they might just let us through."

"They won't, they're animals!"

"Well then I'll just have to do it."


"We don't have much choice. As long as they don't touch me, I'll just have to close my eyes or something." she laughed without any humour.

Paul stopped the truck and took a deep breath before turning it around, hoping that something would happen on the way to get him out of this situation. "What if they try to touch you?"

"I'll scream out! Don't worry about it. It's just a bit humiliating that's all."

Maria cursed herself for putting on makeup that morning. Why on Earth she has decided to do such a thing in the middle of the desert was beyond her. She was a thirty two year old housewife, five foot eight, with a slim but curvy build, a pale complexion, large, firm breasts and shoulder length natural blonde hair. It had often been commented that she resembled Scarlett Johanson though she would never make such claims herself. Now she cursed herself wondering if she had just tried to keep her head down and look as plain as possible, whether she would have slipped through.

As the Landrover bore down on the border post the two Arabs came back and were smiling happily.

"You change your mind?" said the chief one as the vehicle pulled up.

"Look is this really necessary?" pleaded Paul.

"Necessary? Yes!" he replied feigning stupidity.

Maria got out of the Landrover before she lost her nerve. The chief Arab made to follow her whilst the other one stayed with the Vehicle, leering at Paul.

Maria walked to the dusty, dirty hut of the two guards and the Arab opened the door for her to enter. She ducked in and walked into the small, cramp room.

"Ok you sit on that table, facing me!" said the Arab grinning. He suddenly pulled his penis out deftly and stood about two feet in front of her. It was an average size penis, rock hard with the Arabs obvious enjoyment of this scenario.

"Ok now take off your boots, sock, trousers and panties."

"How about I just show it to you?"

"You want to go through the border or not?"

Maria obliged, feeling absurd for obeying this man. She slipped off her foot wear and then pulled down her trousers as the Arab masturbated in front of her. Her smooth, white legs were laid bare to him and he began to quicken his pace. She grabbed her knickers and pulled them off too, then closed her legs and sat before him. "Open your legs I need to see your pussy" He commanded.

She obliged.

"You're beautifully white and your blonde hair matches downstairs eh!" He commented and she ignored him, looking at the floor.

"Look me in the eye!" He commanded and she forced her eyes to look up to his leering stare.

"You do it!" He commanded suddenly after stopping masturbating himself. She shook her head but he came closer, grabbing her hand and placing it on his penis before she could think. She just let him guide her hand over his sweaty penis and down to his testicles which he made her feel. Then he made her masturbate him. This went on for a minute or so. Then he grabbed her other hand and moved it to her vagina. He picked a finger and inserted it into her. She was obviously dry and so he pulled out the finger and stuck it in his mouth. The situation was becoming increasingly out of Maria's control but she didn't know what to do about it. All she knew was that her husband was virtually at gun point outside. The Arab brought her finger back down and inserted it into her vagina again. This time it slipped in and out a little smoother and after another minute or so her finger was replaced by his, which she pretended not to have noticed. Now his penis was less than a foot away from the entrance to her vagina and she was well out control of what might happen. He was finger fucking her with three fingers now and her vagina was making embarrassing slurping noises as she was slowly masturbating her tormentor without his assistance. His free hand was now squeezing her bum provocatively. The Arab spat on his penis and then into her hand as she continued to masturbate him off. Then she felt the inevitable three fingers open up her vagina and his penis come closer and slip into it. The head sat inside her for a moment and he rubbed it up and down the outside before pushing it into her in one thrust. She looked up at the ceiling, not able to look at him as he sighed deeply with his penis going in her and his head rested on her shoulder as both of his hands grappled her bum cheeks to pull her closer to him. He pulled almost all of the way out and then thrust back in again. For Maria the feeling was strange as she had never felt another penis other than her husbands, but it wasn't a rape as such and she couldn't help herself becoming sensitive to this strangers cock. If you are to have a massage that you don't want, as long as you relax to some extent you will still enjoy it and your muscles will still feel lighter afterwards.

He continued to fuck her obviously soaking pussy for a short time and after several deep thrusts she felt the Arabs penis erupt inside her, filling her deeply with his semen. He thrust into her several more times before pulling out. He put away his penis and muttered "Thankyou!" before leaving the hut.

There was a minutes silence during which Maria sat stock still, trying to get her head around what had just happened. Then the door opened again. It was the second Arab and he whipped out his penis without delay. This one could apparently not speak any English and he took hold of Maria by the hips and spun her around so that she was bent over the table. He stuck his hand into her vagina and was obviously impressed at his comrades deposit because he laughed to himself. Then he put his own penis slowly into Maria's vagina. She grabbed the edge of the table to brace herself as it entered her deeply. This man was a bigger than the first and than her husband and his penis stretched her insides. With one hand the Arab stretched around and began playing with Maria's clitoris. With the other he stretched up and underneath her top to grope her breasts. He began to fuck her doggy style, using various violent strokes whilst his hands explored all of Maria's sacred parts. They squeezed her nipples, rubbed her shoulders, graced her thighs, tickled her clitoris and as his fucking of her became more urgent he had one of his fingers in her anus whilst his other hand violently hung on to her right breast. He slammed into her again and came, as he twisted his finger in her anus. She felt a combination of pain and pleasure and was certain that she too had cum. The Arab pulled out of her and hiked up her stiff body by the back of her top. He span her around and she dropped to her knees in front of him which is what he apparently intended as his penis immediately entered her open mouth. She tasted his semen and bawked. He pulled it out for a moment and then stuck it back in. It seemed that he only wanted her to clean his penis off rather than give him a blowjob. When his penis was clean of semen he slapped her lightly on the face three times in some sort of gratitude, then put his penis away and left. She took a few minutes to get her wits back and she pounced over to her clothes. She tried to let as much of the semen as she could seep out of her before putting her clothes back on and she used her knickers to wipe much of the rest away. She got dressed and threw the knickers in the corner. She took a deep breath, then went out in the morning sunshine. The two guards were enjoying a cigarette and waved goodbye to her. She ignored them and tried to remain calm and focused. She didn't want Paul to know any of this. She had done what she had to do and that was it. It was over and would now be forgotten.

"Are you ok?" Asked Paul and she nodded with a convincing smile.

"Yes. Now lets get the Hell out of this dump before anything else happens."

The landrover started up and quickly they sped off and into Egypt.


Part 2 – Enter the Cobra

Maria looked up as the door opened. A young, handsome Egyptian came in dressed in a smart suit. She stood and shook his hand.

"My name is Aswan Al Faday and I'm holding you for questioning regarding an incident with two of our guards yesterday."

Maria was shocked. 'How had they found out?' She asked herself, but to no avail.

"What can you tell us about the incident Mrs Owen?"

Maira paused, she had hope to forget about the whole thing, to bury it inside her skull as one horrid memory she would never have to face. But now, there was no running away from it. "I was raped!" She finally whispered.

There was no response from Aswan, he just gazed at the floor, seemingly angry.

"I was raped by two soldiers." she said, afraid he hadn't heard her.

"Well unfortunately that is not what we have heard. We have heard that in fact you and your husband have played a somewhat sordid game with our armed forces. We have learned that you were pimped out to the soldiers in some sort of racket to get you across the border illegally and as we are informed, a soldier is quoted to have said that you wished to sample some Egyptian goods."

"That's ridiculous!"

"Mrs Owen we do not take incidents like this lightly. Although we may appear to you as unorganised and even uncivilised the government of Egypt will not tolerate open displays of dissent and disobedience, even with its western visitors."

"I'm telling you I was raped."

"Mrs Owen we have the word of two of our professional soldiers that you went into a guard house with them and willingly got undressed and even folded your clothes and sat on a table before opening your legs for them one at a time... We have CCTV footage of you willingly going into the guard hut..."

"I had no choice! I didn't want them to rape me!"

Alright Mrs Owen have it your way." He pulled a pen and paper out and said "Tell me what happened."

Maria described the events and was horrified that this man wanted to know all of the sordid details, even whether the soldiers came into her and how she felt throughout the ordeal. He asked if she had told her husband and she told him the truth that she hadn't. The man finished his report of the incident and sat down on a couch facing her. Maria held her head in her hands, contemplating the situation and trying to understand what was going on. She had been in their hotel and doing a good job of forgetting the previous days events. Paul had gone out to get some cigarettes and almost immediately plain clothed police officers had come to their room and arrested her on some sort of military charge which she didn't understand. They had barely let her leave a message for her husband before dragging her off and taking her to a government building. Then he was left in this room for half an hour and when finally somebody came to see her she was given this baffling accusation. She waited patiently for the man to speak and eventually he sighed "Mrs Owen, I'll be frank and tell you that I don't know what to do from here. I mean this would certainly seem harsh if what you say is true and we accuse you of virtually the opposite. But you must understand that in Egypt there is a power struggle between the military and the civil factions of the government. I sympathise with you but there are men who would send you jail regardless of if they believed you or not."

"Send me to jail?"

"I'm afraid that's what we could be talking of for both yourself and your husband! The military faction will go out of its way to override the civil faction on any issue especially one involving a foreign body."

"But what for? You can't just send someone to jail over an accusation."

"An accusation from two soldiers is seen as far more legitimate than that of two foreigners. The military would love to prove their might and make an example if you understand me! Especially considering you're a Westerner and they know it may therefore harm the tourism industry which is our main source of income."

Maria rolled her eyes, suddenly wanting desperately to be back home. "What can we do?"

Aswan hesitated for a time, then finally spoke "Well, we have been searching for an ally for some time. Especially for a foreign ally which we could use against them. This would make it far harder for them to track."

"What would you have me do?"

"There is a long history for sleaze and corruption in the military faction. We have long tried to infiltrate and take advantage of this but they have always found our traps. We would give you a full guarantee of safety and freedom if you would help us."

"You want to pimp me out?"

"This is a very important role for you and could bring enormous rewards. It could change the course of Egyptian history and set an entire nation on the right path. To bring down those who would destroy my country from the inside I would do anything but I'm incapable, so I am asking you."

Maria sat back in her chair, thinking of the horrible situation she was in and thinking of a dark, sweaty Egyptian jail. She pictured the room were she had sex with those two soldiers and jumped up "Okay, I'll bloody do it!"

Aswan nodded "Firstly you will fill in these forms for me."

She took a handful of forms and set about signing her life away. Aswan sat back and watched intently.

Another half an hour passed and Maria was finished. She handed the forms to Aswan who thanked her. There was a moments silence before Aswan spoke again. "You understand what you will have to do?"

"Yes." She replied meekly.

"And you understand that you will have to do it convincingly?"


"Then would you mind if we made certain of that?"


"You would pretend I was one of the military faction now and act as you would when we put you in the field."

"What do I do?"

"We have just had drinks, you are an English business woman selling old soviet weapons for a good fee. You want to sell and they want to buy but they are, as always difficult and it will take some extra convincing for them, me, to sign."

"Okay I understand!" she sighed with resignation.

"Stand up." He ordered.

Maria stood up, somewhat shaky.

"Take off your clothes... slowly"

Maria firstly took off her top, then slipped her trousers down her legs. She stood before Aswan in her underwear. She looked at him as if for a cue. He simply nodded and she took of her bra and her knickers and placed them on the floor. Now she stood completely naked before him. Aswan's face was unreadable as he said "Turn around!"

Again Maria did as bid.

"Bend over!"

She bent over and remained there in silence for a few moments.

"Get on your knees and crawl over to me and take out my penis."

She slowly and awkwardly got down onto her knees and crawled over to him red faced with embarrassment. She unzipped his trousers and reached inside. She took hold of his erect penis and slowly pulled it out. She kept it her hand and looked into his eyes.

"Kneel on the couch, above my penis." She knelt above him. "Stick my penis into your vagina."

She took the head of his penis and stuck into the entrance of her vagina. She rubbed it up and down at the opening and was surprised to find that she was wet. She sat down on his penis and it slipped easily into her. They both gasped and she remained still, with the penis fully imbedded on her.

"Ride it!"

She began to slowly move up and down on the penis, wandering why on Earth she was doing this but at the same time enjoying the erotic feelings flowing through her. Giving herself to this man opened up a cavern of emotion within her that had somehow remained closed for her entire life until yesterday. '

'Yes!' She thought as she continued to fuck Aswan 'I enjoyed getting fucked yesterday just as I'm enjoying this! Oh my God it feels so good.! How had I not seen it? I feel so alive!''

She rode Aswan's penis for around ten minutes without touching him other than sitting on his penis. Eventually Aswan leant forward and kissed her passionately. She responded and after a few more moments she felt him buck inside her and his semen flowing into her womb. She came herself and moaned lowly. Aswan motioned for her to get off him and she obeyed. Maria stood up with shaky legs and several globs of semen dropped down from her vagina as she stood up.

"We must start immediately!" announced Aswan. "Go into the bathroom and freshen up, then put on the clothes that are there waiting for you. Discard all of your other clothes."

Maria picked up her clothes and went into the bathroom. She got a shower and gently cleaned the sweat of her skin and Aswan's sperm from her vagina. She got out of the shower and realised she was still in some sort of sexual trance. 'What am I doing?' she asked herself aloud. 'I've become a slut!'

She continued to dry herself. 'No, I'm doing this because I have to. I have no other choice!' she decided, forcing herself to believe it. There was a black dress hanging up and she walked over to it. She ran her hand down the length of the material. It was soft, smooth and felt very expensive. There was also a padded black bra, a pair of black shoes and a pair of black stockings, but no knickers. She put the outfit on and put her old clothes in the bin as ordered by Aswan. She fixed her hair and attended to her make-up then went back into the room. Aswan was waiting for her. When he saw her, he nodded in apparent approval. He walked up to her and unceremoniously put his hand under the dress. Maria didn't flinch a muscle as he hand invaded her. She thought he was going to finger her and part of her wanted him to. But he didn't, he just softly ran his fingers across the outside of her vagina.

"Good!" He said, seemingly impressed that she had not put on her old knickers. "Now..." He began "You will follow me and I will lead you to a room. In that room there is a man. You will walk up to him, get on you knees and take out his penis. He's not expecting you but he won't refuse you. You will proceed to give him oral sex, and I want you to swallow his sperm because I want you clean and ready for the next job. Do you understand?"

"Yes!" Maria replied, her face flushed and her breathing deep. She didn't really understand what was happening but she was feeling the beginnings of excitement at the prospect of performing oral sex on a stranger.

Aswan nodded again and walked out of the room. Maria humbly followed him. They went into a corridor and took a few minutes turning various corridors before they came to another simple door which could have easily been the same room they had just left. Aswan pointed his finger at the door and continued to walk.