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Wife's Business Trip

Wife's Business Trip

Katie had always been very committed and faithful to her husband and was never the type to seek other men out or have a wondering eye for men around her. Katie was pretty, not hot, but attractive with a wonderful curvy figure. Katie had that perfect 7 pounds overweight figure, far from heavy by any stretch of the imagination but soft and curvy. Katie had privately always been proud of her breasts, as a young girl her girlfriends were always jealous of Katie's breasts and even in her adult years, she was asked by women at the gym "are they real"? Katie stood 5'7" with a medium frame so her full C cup breasts gave her just the right amount of curves, not a thin model, not a fake stripper but a soft curvy woman. Katie had kept up her yoga and workout routines over the years so despite her breasts taking all of the attention, her ass was round and firm leading to nice long legs.

Katie works for a large corporation as an administrative assistant supporting two Divisional VP's and she does her job very well. This one time Katie was asked to go on a business trip to the Florida Keys to do some advance work in preparation for a large division off-site meeting. The resort that would be hosting the event required Katie to come down to spend a few days to go through all of the logistics and planning. The event was going to have over 200 people over 3+ days. When Katie arrived at the hotel she was met by the head manager she had been working with, Jane. Jane informed Katie that they would need to put her up in one of the two bedroom cabana suites, instead of the hotel. The hotel was full. The cabana was much nicer but she would have to share it with another person from the events logistics company which Katie's company had also hired. Katie said this would be fine and she was escorted along a beautiful walkway that runs along the beach to the last Cabana.

The Cabana was gorgeous with a full kitchen, living room, two master bedrooms, and large patio. It was exquisite. It was about 8pm and Katie started to unpack and relax when the door opened and it was again the same bell hop escorting the person from the event logistics company. To Katie's surprise it was a younger man. He introduced himself to Katie. His name was Jake and he had this boyish look about him. There was an awkwardness about the two of them staying in the same cabana but they each had their own bedroom so it would be fine. After some small talk Katie said she needed to go back to unpacking but would be done shortly. Jake said he was going to do the same.

At about 10pm they both emerged from their rooms and started looking around the kitchen and found a complimentary bottle of white wine in the fridge. With nothing else to do they poured two glasses of wine and started to talk and get to know each other. As Katie talked to Jake she started to see a young boyish sparkle in his eye. Somewhat innocent, maybe not the sharpest knife in the drawer but a real sweetness and kindness he showed towards Katie. He caught himself a few times saying "yes ma'am" to Katie giving away his southern roots and acknowledgment of his younger age. Katie felt like the adult in the room and Jake played the perfect gentleman, willing to take on all of the menial tasks.

As they finished the bottle of wine he immediately asked if he should go run and get another. Katie wanted to suggest that he really didn't have to go to the effort but she thought what the heck, he offered. So Jake ran off to the main hotel and came back with two more bottles of white wine. The conversation flowed very naturally as they went through the second bottle of wine, jumping from one topic to the next, as they migrated from the kitchen to the living room and then out on the patio to take in the cool night air.

As Katie relaxed, she spent more time noticing his beautiful cheek bones and his friendly bright, white smile and tussled but beautiful head of hear.

"Jake how old are you?" Katie asked.

"26." he proudly responded.

Katie smiled and dropped her head in amazement, the pleasures of being young. Now with the number 26 stuck in her head she noticed how fit he was. His arms look lean but strong and healthy, his waist was trim.

"Ma'am... I mean Katie, sorry bad habit of mine, can I just tell you that you have the most beautiful eyes".

Katie was taken back and started to blush and was sort of speechless, but quickly remembering she was the adult in this pair gave a simple response

"Oh well, Jake thank you, very nice of you to say so".

Katie went back to sipping her wine but her head was spinning as she stood up and walked to the edge of the patio to process Jakes compliment. Jake stood up and said he was going to bed but made an offer that if Katie needed any help tomorrow he would be glad to help in any way he could. Katie said good night and stayed outside for a bit longer trying to figure out why he would compliment her eyes.

Maybe that's just the way southern gentlemen are? Is he attracted to me? Do I have nice eyes? Katie went to bed but she had trouble getting Jake out of her mind. She didn't know why, yes he was very handsome but that's not it.

The next morning Katie got up early, having had trouble sleeping. While Katie got ready she decided to put some makeup on and opted for the nicer blouse and skirt rather than the more casual options. Jakes compliment was still bouncing through her head and she felt some obligation to try and look her best.

Katie went out to the kitchen and Jake was already up and had ordered breakfast for the two of them, it was on the kitchen table. Jake immediately explained that he thought he would order breakfast for both of them so Katie wouldn't have to.

What a treat! Katie was delighted and started to feel a bit like a princess. In small ways she could sense how Jake catered after her, pulling the chair out for her, pouring her juice, asking if she wanted anything else. After breakfast Jake gave Katie his business card and said to please text him if she needed anything today. He said that he wasn't going to be too busy and would have time to help. Katie took his card and watched him walk out.

"Wow, I could get used to this sort of thing," Katie thought.

Katie went off to meet with Jane to work on the event planning. She decided to text Jake and see how he was doing.

"How is your day going?"

Jake immediately texted back, "Wonderful and you? I am having lunch at the Cantina out by the pool if you care to join me."

Katie, feeling her heart pound a bit faster replied, "Sure."

Jake replied, "Great, btw I just wanted to let you know that you look beautiful today, hope you don't mind me saying so"

Katie held her phone as her heart raced and her hands started to shake a bit. Does this boy have a crush on me?

Katie replied, "Thx Jake, I don't mind :)"

Katie started to pace after hitting send, Oh my God, what am I doing, he is a boy!

Katie arrived and Jake rose to pulled out her chair and once again Katie felt like a princess. As they ate lunch Katie was perplexed. Maybe he is just being nice. Jake was not hitting on her but just seemed very comfortable paying Katie compliments. Katie started to realize that Jake was in better shape than she had realized. He looked strong but lean and his eyes, how did she miss those eyes last night, big, blue and innocent?

At about 5pm Katie went back to the cabana and Jake was on the patio relaxing in his swim suite since he had just been in the ocean. Katie was taken back by his body, not overly muscular but just lean and beautiful. Jake jumped to his feet when Katie came out and was his usual charming self. Katie said she had a business dinner with the resort management and was going to go shower and clean up since the dinner was at 6:30pm. Jake said he had no plans and would probably be around when she got back. Katie went off and showered and lied back on the bed to relax before getting dressed.

Since Katie was representing her company at the dinner tonight she went with a dress and took the extra time to blow dry her hair and do her makeup. Katie was wearing a very flattering blue and white print silk dress that wrapped her figure snuggly, emphasizing her full round C cup breasts. Katie didn't get dressed up often but when she did it felt good.

At about 6:20pm Katie emerged from the bedroom to give herself enough time to walk to the resort for dinner. As Katie walked through the cabana on her way out Jaked walked in from the patio and had a look of 'WOW' on his face and was trying to be discreet as he looked Katie up and down. Jake didn't know where to stop his eyes. On her sexy calves just above her sexy high heels, how the dress clung to her beautiful round ass or how the dress put her ample breasts on display with more than a hint of cleavage. Katie couldn't help but give Jake a big warm smile, basking in her glamorous glow.

Katie walked right by Jake as she went into the kitchen and swung her hair back over her shoulder. Jake said, "Katie, you look absolutely fabulous" in his innocent southern style. Like he was stating a fact of nature. Katie said, "Oh thank you, Jake".

"I will be hear when you get back, what time should I expect you". Katie bit her lower lip for affect and said, "Not sure, 9? 10? You don't need to stay up".

"I'll be up, have a great night." he replied.

Katie went to dinner and felt beautiful and sexy. She kept thinking about Jake and how cute he is. She still wondered if he had a crush on her or not, she was confused. During dinner she got a text from Jake.

"How is dinner?"

"Fine, no boring." She replied.

Katie thought, well he must be thinking about me if he texted me. The dinner went on and on and so did the wine. It actually turned out to be a great dinner business wise and Katie was quite tipsy from the white and red wine. Several of the folks after dinner tried to convince Katie to head to the bar but she wanted to get back to the cabana so she could relax.

As she walked back to the cabana she could feel the wine catching up with her but she felt this wonderful buzz and high, not tired, not drunk but just sort of floating. As she walked into the cabana she looked around and it looked like most of the lights were off and it felt quiet. Her immediate instinct was to assume that Jake had already gone to bed. She had hoped not, she was sort of looking forward to the boy that made her feel like a princess.

She dropped her hand bag off on the kitchen island and called out, "Jake? You here"? She walked out on the patio, back through the kitchen to peek into his bedroom, but no Jake.

Katie was a little disappointed, but maybe he went out and would be back soon. Katie then walked into her bedroom and noticed a candle on her bedside table and also on her dresser and also on the far bedside table. The room had a beautiful glow about it and then she noticed something else.

On her bed was Jake, but in a state she could never have imagined. Jake had fastened each of his ankles to the corner of the bed, as well as each wrist to the corners at the head of the bed. Katie could see the black straps that went around his ankles and wrists. They were pulled taught down over the corners towards the floor. Jake was absolutely spread eagle on the bed with a black, tight blindfold covering his eyes. Katie was stopped in her tracks, startled and unsure what she was looking at. Jake was lying on the bottom white sheet of the bed with the top sheet loosely gathered to about a foot wide covering from his belly button to his thighs.

All Katie could think to say was ,"Jake!" Not loudly, but with a tone of urgency and concern. Jake lifted his head and said in a soft voice "Katie don't be mad, please, don't be alarmed, are you?"

Katie was silent for a few seconds. "I'm not sure" she said in a genuine tone.

"How did you get like this, why are you like this?" Letting her words trail off as she was trying to process this image before her. Jake kept his soft caring tone, "Katie, you are one of the most beautiful women I have ever met. I don't know how else to say this but I am deeply attracted to you and want to offer myself to you. Please don't be mad."

Katie was still in shock and quickly assessed the situation. Jake was in the midst of an intense crush on an older women and unable to use more normal methods for conveying his attraction, he was plunging off a cliff of desire. Katie took a step closer to the bed realizing he could not see her. Katie let her eyes travel over his exposed body, his muscular legs, his lean but strong chest. She could see the muscles in his arms as they were stretched out to the corners of the bed. She could see his stomach muscles slightly exposed, not a 'ripped' abdomen, but wow did he have a nice body.

Jake broke the silence Katie was using to admire his body and she flinched a bit from the sound of his voice.

"Katie, please remove the sheet."

Katie approached with caution and lifted the side of the sheet and peered underneath until she could see that he was naked and she dropped the edge of the sheet and let out a high pitched, "Jake! Your naked!"

Katie covered her mouth and cheeks with her hands and walked in a tight circle to work off the shock. Jake again soothed her, "Katie, please its OK. Please just remove the sheet. I want you to see all of me. I am giving myself to you for your pleasure so please remove the sheet."

Katie approached again with some caution and grabbed the edge of the sheet and slowly pulled it across his body from right to left until it finally was on the floor to the left of the bed at Katie's feet. Katie just stood in silence and looked at his naked body, now paying much more attention to the parts just revealed. It hit her in waves.

'Wow his cock is totally exposed'

'Wow he is pretty big, but he is not really erect'

'Oh my gosh, he is totally shaved and his balls look so smooth with no hair'

"Jake I am married, this wont work. I am very flattered but please, this wont work".

Jake turned his blindfolded face toward her and replied with a little more emotion in his voice, "Katie, I know your married. No one will ever know. After tomorrow we will never see each other again. I only want you to touch me. Please just let me feel your hand on my skin, please Katie."

Katie could hear the desire in his voice but she didn't know what to do, what to say. She just stood there and looked his beautiful body up and down. She felt naughty for wanting to stare at his cock. It was so beautiful, so smooth and much larger than she was used to.

"Jake I shouldn't." Katie said softly and unconvincingly.

"Please" Jake whispered, knowing he was breaking Katie down.

Jake then felt Katie's weight press down on the bed as she sat just on the edge near his hip. Katie began to come to the full realization that Jake could not move and couldn't see her. She released the tension she was holding in her back and took a long glance at his gorgeous cock. It was thicker than she realized and the head was large and mushroom shaped. After some silence Katie took her hand and placed it on the inside of his thigh just above the knee. She could feel his body tense as Jake sucked in air.

"How is that?" Katie asked meekly.

Jake caught his breath and whispered "Oh Katie, your hand feels so good on me, please touch me more."

Katie could not help but see Jake's cock stiffen a bit from her touch so she ran her hand up his thigh, sliding it from the inside to the top and across his hip bone, up across his side where she could feel his ribs. Jake again breathed in and arched his back slightly. Katie kept looking between Jake's beautiful lips trying to read his expression and his cock that would move and flex as she touched him. Jake's breathing was getting heavier, "Please Katie, more please."

Katie for the first time realized her heart was beating very hard and her pussy had that unmistakable tingling feeling. Her head was spinning. This was crazy. How did she find herself in this most absurd of situations? Katie could feel herself giving in to the situation but she knew that she could not have sex with Jake.

Fine, she will touch him here and there but that is not sex. As Katie bit her lower lip she slid her hand across his hip bone and back inside his thigh but this time a bit higher. Katie watched his breathing get heavier. She watched his chest rise and fall, his beautiful lips parted to let more air in. Katie looked down at his cock and all she could think was OMG he is beautiful!

His cock was now pretty hard and his scrotum tight. She let her nails crawl across his pelvis just to the left of his cock and Jake took a deep breath in and arched his back pulling on the restraints. Katie could see his cock flex and get harder raising off his stomach and levitating for a brief second. Katie could feel the power she had and her pussy was pulsating and wet. She ran her hand softly across his stomach above his cock and back down the right side of his body once again avoiding his cock , tracing a finger down inside his thigh very close to his aching balls. Jake started to moan and squirm a bit, breathing heavy and pulling on the restraints to relieve some tension. Katie looked up at Jake and saw the intense affect she was having on him and contemplated what her next move should be.

Feeling her sense of control, Katie took her long french manicured nails and ever so gently ranked them across his scrotum as she asked, "Do you want me to touch you here?"

All Jake could do was moan and stutter a "yes," then Katie took her pointer finger and teasingly pushed it up along his shaft and said, "or do you want me to touch you here?" Jake became speechless realizing these were rhetorical questions. Katie took her thumb and forefinger and teased his cock head, "Or here?"

Jake was arching his back and Katie could see his cock get even stiffer. His abs were flexed as he pulled on the restraints, his breathing becoming more ragged. Katie asked again with a little more dominance in her tone, "So, is that where you want me to touch you, Jake?"

Jake began to beg, "Yes Katie, please, please.. Please!"

Katie ran her hands firmly over his aching balls and up his shaft and gripped his rigid cock and squeezed. Jake arched his back again, begging, "Please, oh please Katie."

Katie giggled and took two fingers and more clinically held his cock so it pointed straight up. She was in awe of his size and thickness, damn he was perfect. As she held his cock upright she took the other hand and teased his balls with her nails. Jake started to pant more. Katie could see a bead of precum on the tip of his cock and she took her thumb and smeared it all over the head. Katie forgot how slick cum is on skin and how sensual it felt. Katie started to stroke him slowly and Jake lifted his head as much as he could and kept repeating softly "oh yes, oh yes."

His cock was so thick and rigid it was unlike anything Katie had experienced. Se kept her strokes slow and gentle, never quite enough. Katie was starting to really enjoy teasing him and used her hand in a manipulative way to make him want more but never providing quite enough force or pace. His head continued ooze precum and Katie took her pointer finger and smeared precum all over the head and along the sensitive underside, then she wrapped her fingers around the base of his head and stroked just up and over the head of his cock. His precum provided the perfect lubricant and she could feel Jakes cock stiffen and his breathing get heavier, "Don't you cum," Katie said in a flirty little tone.

Katie then ran her hand up onto his chest and across his stomach and shoulder. Wow, his body is so muscular and lean she thought. She stood up off the bed and Jake felt her weight lift from the mattress and his heart sank, was it over? Katie said, "I think I am over dressed" and began to undo her dress along the waist and it fell open quite easily. Katie slipped it off her shoulders and held it in her right hand. The silk dress on its own doesn't amount to much and it collapsed into a light, long. flowing piece of silk. Katie stood in her sexy bra and panties comfortably knowing Jake could not see her. Katie took the dress and held it between his legs and dragged it up towards his head so the silk dress would drag over his thighs, balls and raging hard cock. Katie let the hem of the dress as it hung all gathered teasingly pass over his aching balls.

"Did you like my dress tonight? I bet your liking it even better right now, aren't you?" she said with a soft chuckle.

Jakes cock was now twitching, going rigid and raising off his stomach with even the smallest touch. Katie dragged the dress up over his chest and face and back down again. "Don't you cum now. Jake!" Katie said in a little bit firmer tone.

"Should I take my bra off too? I think so, I might as well get comfortable."

Katie could see the expression on Jakes face was pure torment. She knew he wanted to see her breasts. She noticed all the times he had been checking her tits out over the past two days. Katie couldn't help but secretly slide her hand inside her panties to feel her pussy and she was surprised just how wet she was. She had to consciously pull her hand away otherwise she would not want to stop until she came. Katie sat back down and pulled her silk bra over his cock teasing Jake.

"Do you want to feel my tits, Jake?"

Jake quickly replied "Oh please yes, please."

Katie purred "Maybe..."

Jake feeling more desperate asked Katie in an almost forgiving tone, "Can I feel your mouth on me, please?"

Katie was taken back a bit and wondered, is he asking me to suck his cock? Or does he want me to kiss his body? The image of his cock in her mouth was stuck in her head but she was not going to make it easy.

"Oh, you want to feel my mouth on you, do you?"

Katie proceeded to lean over and kiss his hip bone, then up his side on his stomach. Katie could feel his body tremble as her lips pressed against his firm body and the smell of his musk scent filled her nose. She kissed up his chest and began to lick and kiss his right nipple and Jake pulled hard on the restraints clearly enjoying the feeling. As Katie leaned over to tease his chest with her mouth she was conscious that her right breast was pressing against his side, so Katie twisted her body to lean across to kiss his far nipple and let her breasts just barely drag across his body, letting her hard nipples touch his smooth young skin. She lifted her mouth off his chest and focused on letting her breasts lightly brush over his stomach and chest pulling them higher towards his face, her hair hanging in his face, she wanted to kiss him so badly but resisted. Not letting the full weight of her breasts press down on him she pulled them higher close to his chin and he lifted his head as far as he could with an open mouth desperate to let his tongue taste them, but she lifted them away just centimeters from his mouth, barely letting one nipple graze his lower lips.

Jake started to pant harder, "Oh please, katie please."

Katie just reached down to let her long, manicured nails tickle his tight scrotum, spreading her fingers around the outside of his aching balls and pulling them together to a single point on the center of his scrotum. She could feel his cock twitch.

"Don't cum, Jake" Katie whispered confidently.

She resumed her position back down seated on the edge of the bed by his waist and held his cock very softly without wrapping her hand around it and caressed the underside with her thumb and leaned down and put her mouth over his balls and breathed with an open mouth. Jake raised his hips wanting more but Katie was ready and pulled her head back so her mouth didn't touch him.

"Don't move Jake. If you move I stop."

Jake, breathless replied, "Yes ma'am."

Katie put her mouth back over his engorged scrotum and flicked her tongue softly across it and Jake whimpered.

"Katie, please."

Katie just repeated, "Don't move Jake."

Katie slowly lowered her mouth little by little over his balls until she was licking and sucking on them. His scent filled her nose and Katie felt her pussy begin to gush with wetness. She couldn't ever remember being this wet before. Katie licked her way up his shaft teasing it, starting to taste his cock now, smelling his precum that was smeared over the head. She held his cock upright in its full glory and put her mouth around the head softly but didn't suck. She could feel the power she had over him. His body trembled and the head of his cock swelled into a large mushroom shape, fully engorged.

"Don't you cum, Jake" Katie said firmly and she lowered her mouth around his cock and began to slowly suck his cock.

He felt so good in her mouth. He tasted amazing, like pure sex. She could feel his cock ooze a steady stream of precum and she loved the taste. Katie knew he could not last much longer, she had never felt a cock so hard, he must be over 8 inches. Katie began to give in and stopped her teasing and got lost in the moment of sucking the beautiful cock of this sweet hunk of a boy. Katie felt her pussy throbbing and beginning to twitch and slid a hand inside her panties and started to rub her pussy. She felt her orgasm only moments away, she was so wet she could not believe it. Jake pushed his hips up and gave the sign he was going to cum and Katie pulled off and stroked him as she fingered her pussy. She stroked his cock from base to tip and felt it about to cum.

"Katie, I'm going to cum, oh my god, I'm going to cum" and with that Jakes cock erupted and shot a huge stream of cum straight up and down on his chest and stomach. Katie felt her pussy twitch hard and she started to cum but kept stroking Jake as he let four more huge streams of cum shooting in the air. He was a geyser, Katie had never seen so much cum before. It just kept spurting out covering his chest, stomach, her hands, it was everywhere.

Katie let out a deep moan as her orgasm hit in full force, it was long and powerful. Katie was dizzy, trying to keep both of her hands working, like patting your head and rubbing your stomach. Wanting more, Katie got on all fours between his legs and put her mouth around his cock and suck him as deep as she could take him. She held herself up with one hand and continued to rub her pussy and she started to cum again. She could taste Jake's cum still twitching out of him. Katie lost her coordination and stopped sucking his cock and just let it stay deep in her mouth as she rubbed her pussy as she came again, moaning over his cock. Katie pulled off Jake, breathless and spent, kneeling between his legs, taking in the sight of this beautiful boy. Katie leaned over Jake and gave him a deep long kiss. She crawled off the bed and grabbed the tab of the velcro around his wrist and undid it, knowing it would free up his one had and he could do the rest. She walked into her master bath and closed the door and gathered herself and ran the shower. She sat on the toilet and thought about what had just happened. Katie stalled as long as she could after taking a shower and when she came out Jake was gone, she closed her bedroom door and went to bed...


Katie slept in the next morning to about 7am. She slept very soundly and as she rolled back in bed it all came back to her and she opened her eyes and started to panic. What did I do last night? how can I possibly face Jake today?

She covered her face with her hands and took a deep breath. But as she replayed last night through her head again she realized that it was a once in a lifetime experience. Who would ever believe her?

Katie couldn't get Jake's body out of her mind, his beautiful cock and the feeling of him in her mouth. That unmistakable tingle was back. Katie listen to her door trying to hear if he was still there, she had no idea of his schedule.

Katie was on an evening flight. Katie brushed her teeth and put on her PJ outfit which she did not wear to bed. It was a pair of thin white cotton PJ pants and a tight baby doll nighty. She put her hair up into a pony tail and cautiously walked out to the kitchen, but Jake was not around. She peeked into his bedroom and his stuff was there but he wasn't. After drinking some juice and rubbing her eyes to wake up she walked back towards her room and in walked Jake from the patio. He was in his swim suit and toweling off from a swim in the ocean.

Jake had a big smile on his face, "Good morning Katie."

Katie felt uncomfortable but she didn't sense that he was. They exchange good mornings and the site of his body gave her tingles. Katie did her best to play it off and pretend last night never happened. She did her best to keep the conversation moving with no awkward pauses. Katie had her arms crossed realizing she was not wearing a bra. Jake made his way past Katie to the kitchen and as he did he leaned in towards her and gave her a quick peck on the cheek and whispered, "Thank you for last night."

Katie blushed and was mortified, speechless. As Jake walked away Katie felt she needed to make a statement.

"Listen, Jake about last night. That shouldn't have happened. Nobody can know. It was a mistake. I don't know what I was thinking."

Jake turned around and stood behind Katie's right shoulder as she stood in her place with her arms crossed.

"Nobody will ever know, but you were amazing. Really, thank you."

Katie was turning beet red, again speechless. She turned her head to look at Jake and he was looking right at her. All she could think was, oh those eyes and she had to look away.

Jake whispered, "Its OK, Katie continue what you began last night, complete it with me, please. Now I beg you to follow me"

"Please, don't, Jake! Leave me alone, I'll leave now."

"Please, Katie, I'll die if you don't follow me right now." She felt sorry for him like a mother to her son and nodded okay.

Jake turned and walked towards the kitchen and Katie reluctantly followed. Jake headed straight into his room and Katie paused at the door, not sure if she should come in but Jake turned and urges her inside.

"Katie, relax, I just want you to teach me about love and sex. I'm a virgin and you're the first woman in my life. I love you and will not lose my male virginity to any woman but you. It's OK. Please" and he kneel before her and kissed hr feet like she's his goddess. He continued, "Please remove your bra for me, babe. Show me your beautiful tits even when they're clad in your shirt."

Katie felt very excited about his talk about virginity and his kneeling and worshipping her. She hesitated but, looking to his pleading eyes, she reluctantly removed her bra but her tits were hidden still under her shirt.

Katie took a deep breath, trying to fight what she was feeling. She could smell his scent.

"How does it feel?"

"It feels different." is all Katie could come up with.

"Exactly, now please take off my bathing suit, my Goddess."

Katie slipped his bathing suit off and threw it on the bed.

"You just removed my swim suit. Now how does that feel?"

Katie started to breath heavier and slumped her shoulders a bit, a sign she was weakening. "Jake I don't know how I feel. I'm married, please understand."

"Katie, please take off your pj pants."

Katie sighed and barely audible, "Yes."

She grabbed for the little tie that held the waist of her cotton pj pants and pulled on the tie and undid the simple bow tie knot and the string came undone and the waste of her pants loosened and fell to the ground. Katie was wearing a sheer white g-string and for a second she was feeling ashamed because he knew her panties were see through and her tight little patch of pubic hair was visible. Jake bent down and helped Katie step out of her pants and as he did he placed her one foot a bit wider so her legs were spread open a bit.

As Jake stood he ran his hands on the inside of her legs to about her mid thigh. He could feel Katie tense from the unexpected touch and she tried to get away from him. He said, "Please, Katie, please let me touch you". She sighed and let him. He walked around Katie and let two fingers trace around her waist and the tops of her ass cheeks just looking at Katie in her new more vulnerable role. Jake took extra time to admire Katie's beautiful tits snuggly fit in her tight bed shirt. He could tell that she was all natural, the shape of her breasts had that unmistakable teardrop shape, with a touch of sag from her 36 years of life but plenty of firmness still left in her well endowed rack.

He could see her nipples starting to press against her shirt, at the perfect point on her silhouette, her nipples forming the apex of her form. Jake was letting Katie endure the silence as he squatted in front of her so he could get a closer look at her cute trimmed little pussy peaking through her naughty sheer panties. He took the back of his hand and ran up the inside of her thigh again and then reached around between her legs to caress her ass. God, her ass was so smooth and round and firm. He ran his finger right up the inside of her thigh and through the crease where her thighs meet her hip, that sensitive spot just outside her panties. He looked up and could see Katie breathing deeply by her beautiful tits rising and falling as she bit her lower lip trying to quell the sensation.

Jake leaned forward and placed a kiss on the top of her thigh and began to nibble his way up and closer to her panties, then he repeated this on the other thigh as he reached around and caressed her ass. Jake could see a little wet spot forming on the sheer fabric of her panties. Jake stood up and leaned in close to Katie and whispered, "Kiss me, baby" as he leaned in and tried to press his lips to hers.

Jake opened his mouth to engage in a deep french kiss but just as he was about to press in Katie pulled her face away from him and Jake just broke into a big smile and muttered, "Oh, you teasing vixen." And she laughed and slowly returned to face him, darting out her tongue to tease him and he saw in her eyes an explicit call for him to give her the kiss. He quickly and eagerly press his lips to hers like an eager child take his wish from his mother, and she opened her mouth and the two tongues intertwined in deep loving and exciting french kiss.

Jake after a long time pulled back and put his hands on the bottom of her shirt and said, "Katie, lift your shirt, please. I want to see what I missed last night," and she lifted her shirt so it was above her tits.

Jake melted and said, "Oh Katie, how lovely you are," and he leaned in and gave Katie a firm kiss. She gasped, wishing she could keep his mouth on hers. She wanted to devour him so badly. Her pussy was pulsating and she was so wet that she could barely keep her focus. He pleaded," May I show love to my Goddess's boobs?"

Katie nodded and let him.

Jake leaned in and kissed her tits softly all around her nipples, making sure not to touch her aching erect nipples. Jake loved the sight of her nipples getting so hard and her areola becoming tight and wrinkled from the skin trying to contract from the arousal. Jake stuck his tongue out and gently licked one nipple and Katie flinched and the smile left her face. She became very serious. That look someone has on their face when they are like, 'I need this now.'

Jake could not get enough of Katie's tits. Oh my God, no, but correctly Oh my Goddess Katie, they were so perfect, full and round, perky but natural, nipples so hard they beg to be sucked. "Can I touch your Holy Pussy, my Goddess Katie?" Katie tried to get up and escape from him, saying "No, noooooooo that's wrong. Please let me go, Jake. Don't make me do that." Jake, unable to completely hold himself back, kissed her feet again and again and agian and kept saying "Please, my Lordess Goddess, please, please, let me, please, let me, please, let meeeeeeeee" and she said, "Okay, I give you permission." Jake slid his hand inside Katie's panties and took one of her nipples in his mouth letting his hot mouth and tongue suck in Katie's incredible tit as he ran two fingers over her soaking wet pussy. Katie's knees buckled for a second and let out a throaty moan and her resistance collapsed at once. Jake's cock was rock hard now and he wanted to fuck Katie good but he knew he needed to take it slow, to repay Katie the favor.

He grabbed Katie by the shoulders and spun her and helped place her so she had her back to the wall about 18 inches away and leaned her back so her shoulder blades were against the wall and then he took his hand from behind her ass and pushed it forward forcing her pelvis out. Jake dropped to his knees and efficiently pulled her panties. Her position was more than prone, it was absolutely vulnerable.

Her throbbing pussy out and exposed for the taking. Jake parted her legs a bit more and savored the chance to eat her wonderful pussy. Jake did not tease, he dove right in, licking around her lips and finally taking a flat soft tongue and licking over her aching swollen pussy. Katie could not hold it back.

"Jake, oh please, please lick my pussy, oh my god, please I am so wet."

"Your humble servant at your own sweet will, my Great Goddess."

Jake licked and sucked Katie's pussy and she moaned. When Jake looked up he could not get enough of the view of seeing Katie tits with her nipples rock hard the way she was leaning back. After teasing her pussy for a while and realizing her posture was probably making her tired he sat her on the bed. Jake rubbed his cock teasingly over her tits, circling her nipples, Katie arched her back, pushing her hands back into the bed. The feeling of Jake's beautiful cock sliding over her breasts was killing her. Jake then took his cock and rubbed the underside of the head across Katie's lips. Katie pulled her mouth away of him and away of his cock but Jake said, "Please face me again and let me love your Holy Mouth with my humble cock, my Goddess Katie", she refused his repeated pleadings for a while and then she smiled and did as he requested.

After teasing his cock over her luscious lips Katie spoke to him with a more dominant and controlling tone, "Jake do you want me to suck my cock"?

Jake spoke humbly, "Yes, please, pleasure me, my Goddess Katie. Open your mouth, Katie." and she did.

Jake fed Katie the head of his cock and Katie immediately closed her lips around the fat, soft head and started to suck and lick.

He was impressed with her eagerness, he thought she might play more coy. Then Katie pulled it out and Jake sort of gasped, not ready for it to be taken away. Katie, wanting to push him further asked "do you want me to suck my cock some more"?

Jake, in a more willing and needy tone said, "yes, please!"

"Then ask me." she replied.

"Katie please."

"Please what?"

"Please, may you suck my cock?"

"Good boy, yes I may," and Jake fed Katie his cock.

This time he made her work her way around, sucking his balls, licking the shaft, helping her to take as much of his cock as she could until she started to gag. Jake talked to Katie the whole time, "Oh my Goddess Katie, you suck cock so well. I wish you could see yourself from my view. My cock looks so good in your mouth, that's it lick my balls. Oh, your mouth is so hot Katie babe. Take it deeper, that's it. Yes my Holy Teacher, you like this young hard cock in your mouth don't you."

Katie was lost in the moment, loving surrendering to this young stud with a big cock, a cliché she thought, but there is something about a young guy with a big dick that makes a women weak.

Katie peered her eyes up to look at Jake. He looked down with his beautiful blue eyes and smiled. Jake begged her to lean back on the bed. Jake put his hands underneath her knees and rested his cock on her pussy, "are you ready, Goddess Katie?"

As he positioned the head so it was just barely pressing into her wet swollen pussy lips, Katie put her hands behind her head to help hold her head up to look down and she was still breathless from sucking his cock and so badly wanted to feel his thickness push inside her. She tossed her head side to side unable to apply any resistance to his desires and then looked back down to his cock and said, "oh please, Jake fuck me please."

Jake smiled, "yes baby, you want to feel my cock in you?"

Katie just nodded. Jake pushed his rock hard cock into her painfully slow, first the head pushed pasted her wet lips and then the shaft slowly disappeared into her pussy. Katie was so wet it was effortless to push his cock in her. Once Jake got half way in Katie let out a moan of ecstasy. She couldn't believe how tight he made her feel and he was going deeper than anyone before, she felt her pussy pulsate. Jake pushed all the way in and Katie was delirious. Jake started to slowly pump her pussy, watching her tits shake with the motion. Soon her he was fucking her deep and hard.

"I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum, Jake!" Katie whined.

Jake fucked her right through her first orgasm and didn't stop. He grabbed her left arm and rolled her over so he could fuck her from behind. He fucked her hard, holding her hips and driving his cock deep inside her. Katie was collapsed on her elbows, moaning, about to cum a second time. 

"Yes my Holy Teacher."

Katie sensed his orgasm was nearing and Jake asked, "you ready Katie?" Katie just nodded while she got fucked.

"Here I cum Katie, oh yes baby here I cum."

Jake started to cum in Katie's pussy. Katie had not fuck a guy and let him cum in her pussy else than her husband since she was in college and she was nervous but she wanted it. Katie felt his cock get rigid and a huge, hot stream of cum sprayed deep into her love tunnel. She let her pussy swallowed cum as much as it could because she knew much more was to come, but she couldn't keep up and as he shot many powerful streams of cum into her pussy it started to escape out the sides of her cum-filled pussy.

She pulled him out and stroked him letting some of his cum fall down her stomach and he shot another full heavy steam of cum across her belly and down on her tits. She could feel she was covered in his wonderful cum. Jake gave a few last spurts on her tits. Katie gathered herself for a second and looked up at Jake, "How did I do?"

Jake still reeling from his orgasm looked down at Katie into her beautiful eyes, "Katie you are an amazing woman, you are my Goddess and I will never worship or adore anyone but You."