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Young Bride Satisfies Brother in Law

Young Bride Satisfies Brother in Law

My family, my wife of one year, Katy and myself are planning a trip to see my brother Doug, stationed at the Air Force at Oklahoma City. Doug is two years older than me and a good size bigger than myself. He has always been considered the ladies man of the family. He has a fiancé now, but she is in Des Moines, and will be until the wedding next spring. To save money on the trip we're just going to spend the three nights there sleeping at Doug's apartment.

A week before our scheduled departure, Katy and I are in bed together when we start to fool around. We're both horny as hell, not having had sex in over two weeks due to her period the first week and school projects the second. One thing leads to another, as could be expected, and we end up in the throws of passion. I climb on top of her twenty-three year old naked body, spreading her legs with my own. My cock finds its mark and I slowly ease into her slippery cocoon. Her vaginal walls grip my cock as I push in to the hilt. She lets out a slow, quiet moan of approval. I swing my left leg over her right leg for deeper penetration and begin my slow, deep gyrations into her body. One of my hands has the small of her back, pulling her upward so she'll lift her hips and I can penetrate her even deeper. The other hand massages her firm 36C breasts, concentrating on the hard, eraser sized nipples. She moans again and I can tell her orgasm is imminent.

I whisper to her, "You know, I'm not going to be able to go the whole time in Oklahoma without this."

She opens her clinched eyes and replies, "Well I'm not doing it if we're in the same room as your parents." She pauses for a moment to enjoy the feel of my cock inside her. "Or your sister," she states.

"Fair enough," I reply.

After she doesn't continue, or mention anything about my brother, I ask "Well what about Doug?"

She hesitates, then replies sheepishly, "Well... that's up to you."

Now this turns me on like no other. I've always got off fucking Kat in public where there's a good chance people are watching - like at public beaches or at the park. I've even fantasized about Katy fucking someone close to me while I watch. "Really? You'd have sex with Doug in the room?"

The pace of her hips quickens as she grabs my ass and squeezes hard. "I guess," she replies

"But you never know, what if he saw these," I say as I squeeze her tits in my hands as they shake back and forth from my relentless pounding.

Katy doesn't reply verbally, she answers by exploding in an orgasm, bucking her hips wildly. Breasts heaving, teeth clenched as she squeezes my ass, pulling me into her as hard as she can. I hold out as long as possible, then explode in her womb, cumming until I'm dry. Both spent, we collapse in a naked heap.

The next night we find ourselves in the same situation. We're passionately embraced, kissing and groping, when again the same topic arises. As she removes her white panties she whispers teasingly, "I'm not sure if we should do this, I'd almost rather wait for next week so I can cum even harder with Doug in the room." She hardly ever talks dirty, and never unless we're well into a good round, so this of course riles me into a frenzy. I withstand the urge to dive right in and instead lay next to her, partially on her body as my right hand slides down her skin before reaching her vagina.

"You know," I say as I lightly roll her pussy lips between my fingers before slipping two fingers inside of her, moving them in a tight circular motion, "Doug has always asked me about those pictures I took on Bourbon Street when we all went to New Orleans. I've already got them scanned in to my computer..."

Without a word Katy pushes me off and leaves the bed, headed for the computer. "Where are they?" she asks.

"Here, let me sit, I'll find 'em."

I sit in front of the computer and open the pictures, one at a time. I open up my email and attach the files. Before I can send them Katy stops me. "Wait," she says. I'm disappointed as I figure she's changed her mind. She shocks me when she pushes my chair back away from the computer and, facing toward the monitor, proceeds to sit on my lap, making sure my erect cock is buried deep within her. In another surprising act she begins to type a message. "Doug- Sorry I forgot to show you these. I figured since you can't have sex for a while you'd need some fresh material to use. What do you think? -Brian" As she types she moves her hips back and forth and in small circles. Her pace quickens and I hear her shiver as she clicks send. I can feel her juices run down my inner thighs.

After sending the pics she leans back against me, reaching down for my hands and placing them on her large breasts. She then slides her own hands down her smooth stomach to her moist patch of hair, moving her hips up and down as I try to keep from cumming. She stops upon hearing the computer make a noise. I've got one new message. It appears as if Doug is online now, too.

Immediately Katy opens it to read what he's said. The message reads: "Holy shit dude. I don't know what to say except WOW! I always was pissed I had to take Denise back to the hotel and didn't get to see this. What a gorgeous fucking rack! To be honest, since this obviously is okay to talk about now, I've always fantasized about what they would look like, especially whenever she wears those tight shirts or a bikini or whatever - especially the camisoles. And they're exactly as I'd imagined - round, big, just fuckin' perfect. Man you got a lucky dick -- literally. And thanks, this will definitely cum in handy in the coming months. Don't be afraid to send any more!" With that Katy again begins to buck. She pants, "Do you think he's jerking off to my pictures right now?" "I'm sure of it," I reply. "So what's in your mind right now? What are you imagining? Who's cock is inside of you right now? Come on, whose, baby?"

"Oh Doug," she moans, "Your cock is so thick Doug. Oh, uuhhhh." She lets out a shiver and a moan as she grinds her hips into my lap, forcing my cock deep within her walls. I, too, cannot fight the unbelievable urge and grunt through my teeth as I soak the insides of her tunnel.

Friday, the day of departure, finally arrives. We take the family mini van on the five-hour drive down to Oklahoma City. My dad drives and Katy and I sleep. We get down there about dinnertime. My brother comes out and greets us warmly. We enter his apartment to put our stuff down and get cleaned up to go out to dinner. As we are waiting for the women to get ready, Doug shows me around his apartment. On the second and third levels, from the living room and Doug's absent roommates room, huge picture windows face the pool.

"Hey nice view. Do you ever see anything... exciting?" I ask.

"Yeah, quite often actually," Doug replies.

Just then the ladies come down the stairs. Katy wears a knee-high jean skirt and a white button down shirt with a small jean Brianet. As we walk through the parking lot to the car, I notice her breasts swaying carelessly beneath her shirt. I'm astonished as this only happens when she doesn't wear a bra, which is very rare. In the car I sit to her left in the back seat. When I look down at her I notice instantly that she has the shirt unbuttoned three buttons, a quarter way down her tits. But as she sits the shirt kind of bubbles out, giving me a wonderful view of most of her right breast, god does it look amazing. I can see the slope at the top and the curve of the inside, almost down to her nipple. I'm instantly hard. She grins wickedly and puts her hand on my leg and gently caresses back and forth, up and down.

I lean over and whisper in her ear, "No bra?"

She leans into me and whispers back, "I forgot to pack any underwear... oops. Are you mad?"

At this point my jaw is hanging down in disbelief as I almost cum in my pants right there.

"You didn't bring any? " I ask in disbelief.

She just shrugs her shoulders. The sight of her naked breast coupled with the thought of her wearing a skirt with no panties makes me shake with excitement.

When we get to the restaurant I have to un-tuck my shirt to hide my erection. The restaurant is a quaint little Italian joint. Nice atmosphere, dimly lit, Italian music playing. We are seated at a booth against the back wall. I slide in first, then Katy, then Doug. My parents and sister sit on the other side. A few minutes of conversation go by when I notice Katy's posture. As she does, she is slouched over, probably because she's cold. But I can see that her shirt is bubbled open again, this time much more than in the van. Again I am instantly hard, my erection straining against my jeans. I can't see much from my side, but from his angle Doug can see right down her shirt to the swell of her beautiful breast, probably including the nipple this time. In fact, with my dad being 6'4" and leaning on the table to hear, like he does, he is probably getting a pretty good show himself, I notice he has no problem occasionally glancing at her chest. Katy seems oblivious to this, although I'm sure in her devious little mind she knows exactly what she is doing.

Wanting to call her bluff, I strike up a conversation with Doug. As we talk, both he and Katy look at me. Katy turns her head away from him to look, but doesn't move her body at all, aside from arching her back slightly. Before I can finish the first sentence I notice Doug's eyes wandering. To be as nonchalant as possible, he looks at something on the table first, then down at her chest, then back to me. This game of hers continues through the ordering process, much to the server's delight; I notice he can't stop glancing either. But when the food comes she ends it, straightening up throughout the remainder of dinner.

On the ride home I sit in the backseat to Katy's right, Doug sits to her left like in the restaurant. The van is dark but with every passing streetlight the interior is slightly illuminated. About halfway back to the apartment we go through a construction site; the road is completely torn up. I look over and see Doug blatantly staring at Katy's chest. I follow his eyes down and see her shirt open quite a bit. Evidently it had to have been in the parking lot after dinner, Katy undid another button, so her shirt now rested open down to her navel. I can see half of her breast from my side; I can only imagine what the other side looks like. Her breasts are bouncing up and down slightly with every bump, and swaying back and forth as my dad turns to avoid debris and holes in the road. All the while Katy stares straight ahead. I look up at Doug and he looks up at me before snapping his head forward in embarrassment. The rest of the ride back I glance at Katy's exposed flesh whenever I get the chance, as I'm sure Doug does too.

At ten o'clock in the evening the parents and sister head for bed in the roommates bedroom. Katy says that as the weather is still warm she wants to go for a dip in the pool. "I'm game," I say, "How 'bout you?" I ask Doug.

"Nah, that's alright, I'm just going to watch some TV."

"Suit yourself," Katy says.

I quickly change and head down to the pool to wait for Katy. About twenty minutes later I see her appear from the dark stairwell into the well-lit courtyard. She is a vision in her light blue bikini; breasts resting gently within the elastic fabric, nipples making their presence known.

"Damn your hot stuff," I proclaim as she hops in the four-foot deep pool. "But what took you so long."

"I was just talking with Doug for a little bit."

My cock swells as I realized that all that was between Doug's eyes and Katy's body while they'd talked was a thin layer of elastic fabric that was clinging tightly to her every curve -- her tits fully visible, as is the small mound from her vagina, just hidden behind this acutely thin layer of blue. Not to mention the fact that he's actually already seen what's hidden under the bikini from the pictures she sent.

"What'd you talk about?"

"Nothing really. I just asked him if it was hard not having had sex in over a year. He said it definitely was. I might of accidentally flashed him the bottom of my tit a little bit as I adjusted my swimsuit top as we talked." I know different of course -- there are no accidents. "I told him that at least he can still jerk off, then asked him if he ever got the pictures I sent. He nervously asked what pictures. It was cute. I told him that it was me that sent the pictures of New Orleans, that I just felt bad that he didn't get to have sex for so long and thought he deserved a treat. And I might have mentioned that I was a bit disappointed he didn't get to see the real thing in New Orleans. I said that when I touch myself, I imagine he was there in New Orleans and that he was up close, watching as I showed my tits to everyone, that he did get to see me topless like all the other guys that were out in New Orleans that night."

With that she grins and dives below the water to swim a couple of laps before coming over to me. She stands and wraps her arms around me for a warm hug. We stand their holding each other in the water. Slowly a tingling arises within me as I am suddenly aware of every inch of this sexy, wet woman rubbing against my body. I lean my head down and meet her lips with mine. We interlace tongues as she slides her hands up and down my back. She steps back and leans down to removes the bikini bottoms, leaving her completely nude except for the top. She tosses the small panties about twenty feet behind her and onto the cement patio.

My erection is almost painful as she glides through the water and takes the elastic of my swim-trunks in her hands and lowers them down to my knees where I willingly step out of them. She rubs my hard cock in her hand a couple of times. I glance up at the window to see if anyone is watching from Doug's apartment.

She tells me, "Don't worry, no one will see you. I think we can conceal you pretty well within me." She grabs onto my shoulders and lifts herself up in the water, wrapping her legs around my waist before sliding back down and onto my awaiting shaft. I hold her in the water and gently thrust my hips as she gyrates her vagina around my steel. She releases her grip on my neck and lays herself back in the water, floating there, breasts just above the surface, arms spread to the sides sweeping gently through the water for balance. I help hold her up with my hands on her back. I slide my hands to the clasp at the back of the bikini top. She lies still and inhales deeply with excitement as I undo the latch at slowly lift the top from her body before throwing it over on the deck - so far, even, that she's going to have to get out of the water to retrieve it. She now lies completely exposed to the world, body shimmering from the lamp above us as I thrust gently in and out of her. Out of the corner of my eye I notice movement in Doug's apartment, a figure in the window. I don't mention it to Katy and continue the wet dance of erotic love.

I carry her over to the edge of the pool. We are adjacent to the apartment now as she puts her elbows up in the pool gutter and lifts herself slightly out of the water. She throws her head back as I watch her breasts bounce up and down just above the surface with every one of my thrusts. Her nipples are hard from being exposed to the cool night air. She rests on her left elbow as her right hand creeps up her stomach before coming to a rest on her breast. She massages her chest as she turns her head to stare at the window to Doug's living room. I see her face turn flush with excitement.

"He told me he wishes so bad he could've been there in New Orleans," she tells me, "and that he uses the pictures almost daily. After a little digging I found out that it only takes him a few seconds to cum when he uses them. How long do you think it will take him now with the real thing before his eyes?"

She barely gets the last word out before losing her breath and writhing in my arms. She continues with her head facing the apartment as she closes her eyes and grimaces, biting her lower lip and panting in gasping breaths. With the orgasm her vagina tightens around my cock, milking it as I cum deep inside her.

She slips off of me and does a few more underwater laps in the pool before hopping out to get her towel and bikini. She stands naked to the world as she dries off her young curves. As I put my trunks back on and hop out of the pool, she wraps the towel around her body and grabs her bikini. She walks back up to the apartment with bikini in hand. I follow closely behind.

As she walks in front of me up the dark outside stairwell I run my hand up the inside of her thigh and under the towel. She is still soaking wet and I cannot resist sliding two fingers into her vagina. She stops immediately where she is and I begin to finger fuck her. I use my left hand to gently caress her leg and ass. She gets excited. Katy goes up the last few steps to the patio of Doug's apartment. She turns toward me when she gets to the door. Under the porch light she removes the towel and leans her naked body back against the door to the apartment. I walk toward her, pushing my shorts to my knees as I walk.

She lifts her right leg to the small table next to her as I grab hold of her sweet body and impale myself on her once again. I lean back and she pushes her pelvis out, creating a gap between us so I can see her beautiful body as we fuck. I grope her tits as she again begins to cum. I pound against her soft body, causing a "Bam, bam, bam" against the door. "It should be unlocked," I hear Doug call from inside. Katy and I laugh at the comment as I release another torrent of cum in her. I put my trunks back on and she picks up her suit and wraps the towel around her.

We walk into the apartment. Doug is on the couch watching TV. Katy is leading the way, and leads it right over to the couch next to Doug. I follow and sit next to her. She lays her hands neatly in her lap, along with the swimsuit -- obviously a well-devised ploy to get Doug to notice she's naked beneath his towel. Sopranos is on TV and we decide to watch for a bit. Kat gets more comfortable and puts her legs up on the couch and leans against me. I notice Doug looking down out of the corner of his eye. It's apparent to me that Doug can most likely see Kat's young pussy beneath the towel. It's a good thing she's laying on me because otherwise my raging hardon would be visible to everyone. After about an hour I open my eyes, realizing I've fallen asleep. Katy is asleep with her head on my lap. Doug has gone to bed. But I notice Katy's towel is scrunched up around her waist, her vagina is in plain view with her legs akimbo. Could Doug see this? When did he go to bed? Did he cause this? Did he move my wife's towel to uncover her pussy? If so, did she know about it? All questions that bring back the raging hard on I had earlier. I wake Katy up by sliding my hand down and over her pussy lips. As she stirs, she humps toward my hand and I find it easy to slip a finger inside. She slides her own hands down her stomach and over my hand. She follows my arm as if to check and see whose hand is on her. She grinds her pussy against my hand as I finger fucked her right there on the couch. She even lets me open the towel and massage her tits with my other hand. Within minutes she's shivering and blushing her way to a powerful orgasm. I let her catch her breath before cleaning up her cum with the towel she's wearing. When we get up to bed Doug's on the Internet chatting with his fiance. Katy uses his bathroom to change into her pajamas, leaving the now heavily scented towel on the counter for Doug to find/use later.

Doug says we can take his futon and he'll sleep on the floor. We accept his offer graciously. I hope to make love to Katy after Doug falls asleep, but Katy herself passes out as soon as her head hits the pillow. The next morning, though, he wakes up with a terrible backache and cramped neck. Katy suggests he go ahead and sleep in the futon with us that night, "There's more than enough room for the three of us," she says.

As he rubs his sore neck Doug replies, "Maybe that'd be a good idea."

We all spend the day seeing the few sights Oklahoma City has to offer. That evening Doug, Katy and I decided we'll go hit the bars. O.K.C. has one particular district packed with bars and we can get a cab, so we don't have to worry about driving home drunk.

We get changed to go out. I wear khaki pants and a nice button up short-sleeved shirt with some fancy embroidery on it. Katy has on an outfit that I bought her from J. Crew. It's a jean skirt that hangs down just past her knees that wraps/folds in the front. The shirt is a tight fitting long sleeved pink sweater, topped with a small jean Brianet. The sweater is half cashmere and half silk, leaving it semi-transparent. When I bought it for her, it was under the condition that she would always wear it sans undershirt or bra. She agreed initially, but after getting it home she realized that it was too transparent, so every time she wore it she would always wear a camisole underneath. But this time I realize that she didn't pack a bra. I think perhaps she still might be wearing a camisole, but upon closer inspection I discover that she is not. I follow her into Doug's bathroom and shut the door behind us. I turn her toward me and spread her Brianet apart. Sure enough, I can somewhat see the shadows that surround underneath her breasts, and I can clearly see her areolas and nipples.

"What?" she asks.

"I can't fucking believe your wearing this like this." I reply.

"Don't you like it? I can change if you don't like it."

"Of course I like it. I love it! You've just never worn this shirt without anything underneath," I say as I slide my hand under the shirt to her easily accessible large breasts. I can see the outlines of my hands as I massage her firm breasts, sensually kneading them like Dough.

"Well I would only do this on a special occasion, and I'd say a vacation is definitely special. Wouldn't you agree? And besides, it's nothing Doug hasn't seen before. I.E. the New Orleans pictures. I.E. the other night at dinner, I.E. our little display last night in the pool...."

Just then Doug calls from downstairs, prompting us to hurry up. Katy slides her Brianet back on and buttons it up, concealing her chest.

By the time we get to a bar everyone seems to be out, the club is packed. We order our drinks and find a booth just off the dance floor. The crowd seems to be mostly younger, with an equal ratio of girls to guys. Doug and I sip our Citron and Sprites while Katy drinks her White Russian. Before I'm even half done with my drink Katy is headed to the bar for her second. She returns. The three of us sit there and talk, drink, and watch the people on the dance floor. A half an hour passes and Katy tells me she wants to dance.

"You know I don't dance until I'm drunk, otherwise I just feel like an idiot. Let me have a few more and then we'll go dance."

Swaying to the music, as the alcohol is starting to take its affect, Katy rebuts, "But I want to dance now."

"I'll dance with you until he's ready," Doug announces.

"Go for it," I say.

I sit and drink and watch them dance just feet from me. Katy is incredibly sexy as she bounces back and forth, running her hands up her body and through her hair. The two rub against each other periodically. She turns to face away from him, he grabs her hips as she leans forward. He grinds his pelvis into her ass.

The song fades into a familiar hit from last year. The song that goes "It's getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes."

Katy glances over to me as she bounces with the music. Slowly she reaches up and on the next chorus she unbuttons her Brianet before removing it altogether. She tosses it over to me, then leads Doug out into the middle of the dance floor where I can't see them. This arouses me like no other as my mind wanders, imagining Doug discovering her shirt's transparency.

I chug my drink and decide to join them on the dance floor. I wrap Katy's Brianet around my waist so it doesn't get stolen. I find them facing each other, hips pressed against one another, his hands on the small of her back pressing her into him, her hands around his neck. As they move to the beat he's leaning back and staring down at her, throwing his gaze back and forth from her eyes to her fully visible d-cup. I sneak up behind her and reach around. Doug looks up at me as I slowly shake my head as if to say, "No no," while I grab her tits in my hands. I press my hard cock into her ass. She leans her head back to look at me, then takes her right arm off of Doug to grab my head and pull it to hers. She reaches her tongue into my mouth without missing a beat, continuing her gyrations sandwiched between Doug and I.

The next song starts. Katy reaches down and grabs hold of Doug's wrists, holding his hands in place as she turns 180 degrees toward me. Now his hands are on her stomach and my dick is against her crotch. We continue this through the song, bumping to the beat. The alcohol has taken its full affect on all of us as we begin to sweat on the hot dance floor. I look down just in time to notice Doug's hands boldly slide up Katy's stomach on top of her shirt, up the swell of her breasts to her chest, then back down to her globes. He holds them and massages them through the soft, thin material as we dance. This gets Katy riled as she pushes her pelvis hard against mine, feeling my dick press against her vagina. Katy, eyes closed, reaches up and takes Doug's hands and places them back at her stomach, a move that surprises me and I'm sure disappoints Doug. But she doesn't disappoint tonight -- she grabs her shirt above his hands and pulls upward until his hands are resting on her bare stomach. She pulls the shirt back down over his hands. I stay close to her as to block the view of what's going on. His hands slide back up her stomach and to her bare breasts, confining them in his grip, keeping them from bouncing around as she dances. Doug soon finds her hard nipples and slowly begins to massage them and roll them with his palms. Katy opens her mouth and clenches her teeth; I see her shiver through an intense orgasm. When she is finished Katy excuses herself to the restroom, Doug and I find a table to sit at.

"That'll give me something to jerk off to until the wedding," he tells me unabashedly.

"I'd fuckin' hope so. So you liked?" I reply.

"Those were the most amazing tits I've ever felt. They were a good handful but still firm. And I noticed last night how well they bounce." So he did see us in the pool.

"Dude, do you realize you just made her cum?" I ask.

"Yeah, I know," he says nonchalantly.

Katy soon reappears and claims that she's exhausted and wants to go home. I add that that would probably be a good idea as we pay the tab and find a cab out front. The ride home is quiet, nothing is said more than polite conversation about the town and the weather.

We get back to the apartment. Katy and I fix something to eat as Doug goes up and gets ready for bed.

"Well I wasn't expecting that," I mention to Katy.

"Shit, neither was I!"

"But you did enjoy it."

"Uh, yeah," she retorts sarcastically, "I've still got juices running down my leg."

"Well you've done your good deed for the day."

"Did you enjoy it?" she asks.

"Well, considering I've been hard since we were on the dance floor, I'd say yes."

"I'll have to remedy that at some point for you," Katy tells me as she rubs my cock through my slacks.

"The sooner the better," I tell her as I stand up from the table to go get cleaned up for bed. Without a word, Katy unzips my pants and releases my cock from its tight confines before enveloping me in her mouth. I moan in relief as I grab the back of her head. She bobs up and down, swirling her tongue around the head. My breathing quickens just before I come. She pulls off. I whimper in protest. She tucks me back into my pants and says, "Later, now go get ready for bed. I'll be up in a bit, I want to drink some more water."

I go upstairs and take a shower, change into fresh boxers and brush my teeth. Doug is already in bed watching TV. On my way out of the bathroom I pass Katy as she's coming in. We stop briefly for a sensuous tongue kiss before continuing on. I shut the door behind me. After she gets in the shower I enter the bathroom to pee again. When I exit, though, I leave the door cracked just slightly. Through the crack, from bed, Doug and I have a slim view through the glass shower door. Because of the steam things are hard to see, but we can definitely make out movement and colors. Katy's arm slips around the curtain and grabs her razor sitting on the counter. We can see as she soaps up her mound before shaving away the wild edges. She's careful as she shaves around her sensitive lips. She sets the razor down and continues to soap the rest of her wet, young body. I'm surprised when I see her grab the removable shower head to rinse off, only to keep it spraying at her crotch for a few minutes while her other hand runs back and forth from her clit to her breasts. Ten minutes later she shuts off the water and we see a flash of her wet, naked body as she gets out of the shower. We lose sight of her from there.

Five minutes later Katy comes out of the bathroom, her hair still dripping wet, wrapped in a towel that shows a few inches of cleavage and rests about eight inches above her knees. Doug and I lie on his futon in our boxers, watching late night TV. Katy doesn't even look at us as she walks to her black overnight bag and pulls out her pajamas. She reveals, to my amazement (as well as Doug's I'm sure), her white nighty; it's a small, lacy white dress with spaghetti straps, it fits snuggly around her breasts and hangs loose below her chest, it's just long enough to cover her intimate parts.

She stands up and, turning her back to us, slips it on over her towel. Doug and I watch, speechless. Katy carefully pulls the towel out from under the thin white material. She drops the towel by the bathroom and reaches back into her bag and pulls out some lotion. With her back still to us she squirts the lotion in her hand and drops the bottle. She applies the lotion to her arms and shoulders and, judging by her arm movements, under her nighty on her breasts. She bends at the waist, grabbing the lotion from the floor. Doug and I both stare in awe as the nighty pulls up slightly, exposing the bottom of her bare ass. She doesn't stand back up right away; instead she squirts more lotion into her hands and slowly begins to moisturize her legs, all the way up her calves to her thighs. After a few moments of rubbing her upper thighs she stands and makes a couple of swift but deliberate swipes with the lotion over her pussy before she turns around, walking toward the bed. She appears to have a mission in mind as the lace fabric actually hides nothing. We can see her tits and freshly trimmed pussy with ease.

"Scoot over," she commands sweetly of me.

I immediately oblige. Doug scoots against the wall, I scoot to the middle, and Katy gets in and scoots against me. She quickly gets under the covers and lets out a shiver from the chill in the air. She turns to me, giving me a quick peck on the lips telling me goodnight. Katy curls herself up a little bit and closes her eyes. Doug and I resume watching the last bit of Conan, but when it's over he shuts it off. He turns toward the wall and I toward Katy. Closing my eyes to await my dreams.

A few minutes pass. I'm on the verge of sleep when I suddenly feel Katy's tongue slowly licking the length of my lips. My eyes flash open in astonishment. Katy is staring into my eyes, wanting me. I give a raised eyebrow of concern and a gesture toward Doug. She replies with a "eh" look on her face. Unable to contain my ever-present urge, I submit. I try to return the kiss but she pulls away and shakes her head in disapproval. Knowing that she is in control tonight, I lay still as she again begins to lick my lips. Her hand snakes down my belly, onto my awaiting shaft. She slides my penis out of the hole at the front of my boxers to keep the rustling to a minimum. After a few sensual strokes up and down my shaft Katy scoots her hips closer to me. I don't move as she scoots her body up and lifts her hips, aligning herself with my cock. She pauses when my head penetrates her lips. I can tell right away that she is dripping wet. She slowly scoots herself down, down, down, until she has completely enveloped me. Katy lets out a shiver, but it's not from the cool air this time.

Doug clears his throat. Katy and I freeze. For at least three or four minutes I remain motionless and hard within her soft, tight walls. She then begins slow, small gyrations, twirling me around inside her. Within seconds her body shakes as she begins her first orgasm. She lets out quick breaths and grits her teeth, shaking her hips as she cums. After the orgasm subsides Katy grabs my right hand and brings it to her breast. I slowly massage her right breast through the nighty before reaching up and lowering the thin strap off her shoulder. She bends her arm in an effort to take the strap completely off, exposing her breast. She continues her gyrations as I now begin to ever so slightly and slowly thrust myself into her. Her eyes roll back in her head as I massage the bare breast before me -- no longer covered by the sheet that now rests at her waist, barely concealing our conjoined parts - rubbing my hand in small circles on her nipple. Her breast is still slippery from the lotion she recently applied. She begins to shake again and I can tell another orgasm is imminent. Suddenly she stops and gets a frustrated look in her eyes. Evidently she lost impending climax.

Katy lets out a questioning breath as she looks around. She is pondering something but I don't know what. Before I can even react Katy reaches around and grabs hold of my back. She rolls herself on top of me and sits up. Her left breast is exposed to the world and still shiny from the lotion; her right is covered but the thin material does little to hide her erect nipple. The nighty lies against my stomach covering her pussy.

Awoken by the movement Doug rolls to his back and looks in amazement at Katy, then down at her exposed, quivering breast, then up to me, then back to Katy. Her mouth open slightly as she locks eyes with him and, continuing to move in small circles with me resting inside of her, I reach up and pull down the other side of her nighty, exposing her other beautiful, full breast. Katy closes her eyes and places her hands on my chest, squeezing her breasts together. Larger and larger the circles of her hips get. Katy lets out a slow moan, then another, slightly louder this time. I reach up and softly grope her amazing breasts. She quickens her pace. She is using her legs to move herself, so her left leg is now rubbing against Doug's thigh. Doug reaches down to his cock, which is no longer covered by any blankets thanks to Katy's upright position; he takes it in his right hand and rubs it up and down, staring at Katy's marvelous tits as they sway back and forth, imagining it was himself inside her. Kat watches lustfully as Doug strokes his cock. The excitement is too much for me; just as Katy starts her orgasm I explode inside of her. I'm limp before she is even halfway done with her climax. She slouches down on me in disappointment, looking at me with a mixture of rage and lust in her eyes.

I mouth the word "Sorry" to her. She looks over to Doug when she hears that he is still masturbating furiously. She snaps a glance back to me and cocks her head inquisitively. I nod in approval. She slides off of me and throws her left leg over Doug, straddling him. With her vagina resting a few inches above his penis, Katy takes Doug's hand from his shaft and places it at his side on her leg. His shaft bobs up and down with nervous anticipation, briefly grazing her vagina. He shoots a glance over to me as if to say, "Seriously?" I give him an approving nod as I look down to see my cum leaking out of Katy's pussy and onto his cock. Like a pro, Katy lowers herself onto the broad side of his shaft and, with the lips of her pussy, rubs my cum all over Doug's cock as it leaks out of her. She continues this for about a minute with a little smile on her face, trading glances between Doug and I. Then she locks eyes with him and lowers her torso down toward Doug's body.

"But what about, like, a condom?" he asks out of obligation, I know full well that if I were not right there he wouldn't think twice about divin in bareback.

"Don't worry, dude, she's on the pill," I reply as Katy glances over to me and shoots me a naughty little grin.

"Yeah baby," she says to Doug, "just cum as deep as you want. I want you to plant your seed deep inside."

She balances herself with her arms on either side of Doug's head as she places her left breast at his mouth. "You've wanted to suck on these since we got here, haven't you?"

"I've wanted to suck on these since I met you," he replies. He flicks his tongue over her nipple and reaches up to rub her soft, smooth hips. He breaks from sucking on her tit long enough to add, "Every tit I've sucked or felt since I met you, I've imagined were yours. Even when you guys started dating when you were 15. I've always loved your tits" With this she reaches down with her left hand and aims Doug's eight straight inches at her slit.

She replies, "I'd be lying if I said I'd never imagined how this would feel," and in one fluid motion Katy glides down onto his shaft. I can see his shaft split her lips as he penetrates and disappears within her. Together they let out a moan of satisfaction. She sits up, letting her full weight rest on his lap, his penis pushing past where mine has ever gone. She bites her bottom lip and grimaces as if trying to painfully adjust to the new depths being reached. He can feel her warmth envelope his hard cock. Their pubic hair is pressed together as he has disappeared inside of her completely. She leans back, resting her hands just above Doug's knees. This pushes her breasts out toward us and his cock against her g-spot. She knows this is my favorite position and is sure to know that this is driving me crazy right now. By now she has gotten visibly hot as beads of sweat form on her bare chest; her large, pert breasts glisten even more now in the light streaming through the blinds. Doug takes his hands and runs them up Katy's bent knees, up to her stomach, doing half a sit-up to reach her breasts, which he massages tenderly but eagerly in his hands. His stomach is tight as he leans up, encouraging Katy to gyrate forward, massaging her clit against him.

I go over to his desk and retrieve Katy's digital camera. She's so lost in the moment I'm not even sure if she notices me get back on the bed and photograph her in the throws of passion. "Click," her succulent breasts and face. "Click," zoomed in on her vagina with another man's cock lodged within. "Click," zoomed out, her full body with Doug's hands squeezing her breasts. I switch the camera to movie mode, push play, and hand the camera to Doug. He takes about 30 seconds of video of my wife riding his cock.

By now I'm hard as a rock again, I set the camera down and begin rubbing my meat, hoping I don't cum too soon. Katy moves her hips forward and back, forward and back. As Doug lies back down he lets his left hand rest on her knee and uses his right to massage her mound. This sends Katy over the edge. She lets go of his legs and slouches over him. Her back hunched over, her face rubbing against his, her breasts lightly grazing his chest as they sway. She moves her whole body to swirl Doug's shaft around within her, hitting all the sensitive areas in her vagina. Doug responds with slow, methodic thrusts upward, watching her face and her body contort as she cums. Katy is no longer able to contain herself as she bounces her body rapidly on his cock. Small ripples move along her ass as she pounds Doug's cock. She tilts her head back and releases a loud, lasting moan as her heated walls tighten around Doug's cock. She finishes her climax and collapses onto Doug, her breasts are beautiful as they're smashed against another man's chest, spilling out to the sides.

Katy lifts her head up to look at Doug as she says, "Your turn now, I'm done." She then kisses him fully on the mouth, smashing her tongue into his. This lasts a good thirty seconds while he gropes her sides and ass, before she finally breaks away.

I scoot away to give them some room as Doug rolls her onto her back, still buried deep inside of her. He sits up on his knees and grabs her hips to pull her against his body, burying himself to the hilt again before sliding a pillow under her ass to keep her elevated. He then bends her knees, pushing her legs up toward her head. She bends her legs accordingly and lifts her ass up slightly to receive him fully. As he pushes his cock into my wife's cunt as deep as it'll go, Katy grimaces with pain as she has never been touched so deeply before. With that he pulls himself almost completely out of her vagina, then ever so slowly slides it back in. He continues this for about a minute before Katy grabs his ass, prompting him to fuck faster. I sit up and face Katy. I bend down and take her bouncing breast in my mouth. While my right hand is busy jerking myself off, my left ventures down to her mound. While Doug pumps her body, audibly forcing the air from her lungs, I rub circles just above her pussy, stimulating her clit.

"Hand me that camera," Doug tells me.

I sit up and get the camera for him. Doug switches the camera to movie mode and as he slowly shafts her pussy Doug he hits record. He pans from her face down, holding momentarily at her quivering chest before moving south to her stuffed vagina. He holds the camera there for a minute as he slowly pumps in and out of her pussy. He hands me the camera and tells me to keep recording as he lays down on top of her, beginning slow, methodic gyrations deep within her walls. "Now this will give me something to jerk off about until the wedding. Shit, even after the wedding," Doug adds.

I record a few more minutes of him riding her, sucking her tits and pulling her hair before putting it down and tending to my own self. Another five minutes pass before Katy has the strength built up for yet another mind-blowing orgasm. She closes her eyes and grits her teeth as the walls of her pussy contract around Doug's meat. She humps herself against each of his thrusts.

He can't hang on any longer. Doug tenses up. "Oh fuck Katwoman," he grunts - this is a nickname he gave to her years ago. Katy, realizing that he's about to cum she wraps her legs around his ass and pulls him hard against her. Doug squeezes her right tit with one hand as he sticks the tip of his finger in her asshole. He sucks hard on her left nipple as he tenses up and shoots his seed deep within her youthful womb. Realizing what's happening I, too, cum all over Katy's face as she writhes in ecstasy. Doug and I both collapse on the bed. Katy gets up to go take a quick shower to clean off. When she returns she does not dress. She lies between us naked. I roll to my left; Katy spoons me from behind, and Doug spoons her from behind. We all fall asleep almost immediately.

I wake up the following morning in the same position as I fell asleep, with Katy spooning me from behind, but now the bed is shaking. Katy's right arm reaches down as her hand grasps my cock. I turn my head to see Doug spooning her, fucking her from behind. She's pulls herself tight against me. I can feel her breasts smashed against my back. The hand job she's giving me feels incredible, but she soon loses concentration and grasps without stroking. I remove her hand, placing it on my chest. I place my own hand on my cock and begin to rub vigorously. Katy grasps at my chest and bites my lower neck as she moans through her first orgasm of the day. When it subsides she lifts her head up and whispers into my ear with a shaky voice, "My birth control is with my underwear."

At first I'm confused. What the fuck was she telling me this for, so her pills were... oh. Oh! Her birth control is back in Columbia! She hasn't been on it in over four days then. I almost cum at the thought.

"Don't worry," she tells me, "my period isn't for another four days."

Four days! That means she's ovulating. Fuck me!

I continue to rub myself but can't manage well because I'm curled up and being scooted off the bed. I reluctantly get up and move to Doug's computer chair. I swivel toward the bed and continue to rub my shaft. There before me is my beautiful wife curled up on her side, getting ravaged from behind by my brother.

Doug's hands have found their way around her -- one rubbing her groin and the other kneading her breasts. She opens her eyes and looks at me. She mouths the words "I love you." I mouth back "I love you too."

She then shuts her eyes to concentrate on the sex at hand. As her left leg lays pressed against the bed, she pulls her right knee upward, resting the bent leg on the bed. Now I can see Doug's cock sliding in and out of her, shiny from her juices. His meat slides back and forth as her hips hump back to try and meet his advances.

"Time to get up!" my mom yells from just outside the room.

"'kay!" I yell back, hoping she doesn't open the door to find Doug pounding my wife from behind and me watching with my dick in my hand.

"Hurry up, we want to go grab some breakfast!" she continues.

"We're cumming!" Doug yells as he grips Kat's chest.

Katy turns her head around to face him, staring into his eyes with her face contorted in agonizing ecstasy as she whimpers audibly, "Yeah, we're definitely cumming!" before pressing her mouth into his. She humps her pelvis back hard with her own juices mixing with Doug's as he cums deep in her fertile body. Seeing this before me I can't help blow my load all over my chest and stomach. Katy's the first to get up. As she walks to the bathroom gripping her vagina to prevent leakage, she passes by me and gives me a sweet, loving kiss on the mouth.

That day Katy wears a tight green t-shirt and khaki skirt that rests just above her knees -- her nipples apparent 90% of the time. We visit the Air Force base Doug works on. He's telling us about a simulator they use to play war games. He can show us how it works, but must do it one at a time. He shows my parents, then my sister, then Katy and finally me. When Katy comes out I notice her face is flushed and she's holding her legs together fairly tight. She excuses herself to the restroom.

When I get in there the room reeks of sex. I ask him, "Did you guys go at it again? You were only in here for five minutes."

"How do you expect me not to? She's the best fuck I've ever had! Those perfect tits and that tight, warm pussy. I can't keep my hands and mouth off 'em"

"This room is tiny, how'd you manage it in here?"

"Well, it happened like this. When we got in here I bent over the console to start the simulator. About a minute later she grabs my hand and turns me around. She's lifted up her shirt and it rests above her tits. She takes my hand and places it on her breast. I massage it passionately as we begin to kiss. She unzips my flight suit down as far as it would go and reaches in the hole of my boxers and pulls out my cock. I turn her around and push her against the console. She hikes her skirt up and hopps up on it. Does that girl ever where panties?"

"Not on this trip," I answer, "She told me she left them all back in Columbia."

"That's fuckin' awesome. Well anyway, that's how it happened. She was sitting on the console hunched over with her tits out and holding her legs back as I leaned over and licked up her pussy for a minute to get her good and wet - letting my tongue barely split the folds of the lips, ya know? By the way, she tastes amazing - I wouldn't mind having that for dinner every night. She kept her legs apart and used her hands to smash my head into her crotch. It was fucking awesome. I couldn't stand it anymore and stood up. I slid right into her. It only took a minute or two for us both to cum once I was inside her."

"Your ass is getting laid more than me! And by my own fucking wife no less!"

He shrugs. I shrug too. We leave and all go have lunch.

After lunch my mom and sister want to go do some shopping. My dad wants to take a nap. Feeling like a kid staying up late to watch Cinemax my heart begins to flutter with anticipation of what's surely to come. We get back to the apartment, my mom and sister leave and my dad goes in for his nap. Doug's talking on the phone to his fiancé while Katy and I head up to his bedroom.

I go into the bathroom to pee, and when I come out Katy is laying on Doug's bed stark naked, legs akimbo.

"And whom might you be waiting for?" I ask.

"A cock," she replies, "Whoever is first inside me wins."

"Well it's a good thing my dad didn't walk in."

"Ooo that could be fun!" she laughs.

She watches me as I strip down and practically dive on top of her. When I reach down and feel her cunt she is dripping wet. I waste no time and slide my cock in her. She moans to the penetration. I've had so much sexual tension building that I just start pounding her -- hard. Her tits are bouncing up and down as I shaft her. She squeezes my ass and bites my shoulder and neck.

Doug walks in, I don't even look at him. I whisper to Katy, "Look him in the eyes while I fuck you." I then throw my left leg over Katy's thigh and slide myself partially off her so her body is exposed as I fuck her. I run my tongue all around her breast, while she looks lustfully over at Doug, who is now naked and touching himself in his computer chair.

"I wanna move," Katy tells me.

Without a word I get off of her and give her some space so she can move to whatever position she wants. She gets on all fours and faces Doug.

"Okay, I'm ready," she says.

I scoot behind her and point my piece toward her vagina. I slip in with no problem and again begin to pound her. I straighten my back and hold onto her ass as I stuff her from behind. Her tits sway beneath her while she looks Doug in the eyes, occasionally breaking glance to watch his hand on his cock.

Five minutes pass before Katy says, "Hold up," to me and stands up off the bed. She walks over to Doug and, brushing the hair from her face, kneels in front of him. She takes his hand off his cock and scoops up his rod with her tongue. I watch impatiently as she bobs up and down, using one hand to rub his stomach and chest and the other to finger herself as she controls his cock with her mouth. She licks greedily up the underside and around the head. Just when he starts to moan she takes her mouth off of him and pinches his dick so he can't cum.

She turns and looks at me as she raises her ass up in the air, offering herself to me. I get up and kneel behind her, placing my dick at her sopping entrance. I can feel the heat emanating from her pussy before I even come in contact with her. As I penetrate her she coos softly. I start to work in and out, forcing myself to keep it slow for her benefit.

As I continue my work, she returns her attention to Doug's cock. I hear a moan periodically leak out of her stuffed mouth. I lean over her enough to grab her swinging tits. She starts to shake her hips. As she starts to cum she sucks harder and deeper on Doug's cock. I watch his dick as it disappears almost entirely into her mouth. His face is stricken with ecstasy as he shoots his cum into Katy's mouth. Somehow I manage to refrain from also cumming but stop shafting her to let her rest.

She gives their orgasms a minute to subside before looking back at me and, with cum rolling out of the corner of her mouth, say "Okay, you did good. Go lay down now."

I follow her orders. She stands up and walks over to the bed, reaching up with her finger to scoop the cum off her chin and inserting it into and around her pussy. She crawls up and straddles me. She lowers herself onto my rigid pole until I'm all the way in. She sits up and starts to rock, back and forth, side to side. Katy reaches down, takes my hands, and places them on her breasts. Doug just watches as she works me around within her. I've been building up too long and can no longer take it. The physical pleasure mixed with the thought of my newly uninhibited sex kitten, willing to expose herself to someone other than me proves too powerful a combination. I explode inside of her. She gyrates until I go limp, at which point she lays on my chest and, to my surprise, falls asleep. I just reach over and pull the blanket over us. Doug cleans up and goes downstairs for something to eat. Kat and I rested for about a half hour before dressing and joining Doug downstairs. The family soon returned and we commenced with the daily activities.

The final night of our stay is upon us. I take a long hot shower to unwind from the day. When I walk out of the bathroom I see they've started without me. Katy is on top of Doug with his cock in her mouth and her pussy in his. I can hear slurping as both of them suck and kiss and lick each other. Doug is naked but Katy has on her black see-through teddy with hot pink trim, and no panties of course. The sheer material is bunched up above her ass.

My dick is instantly hard at the site. I get on the bed and watch my brothers tongue massage my young wife's cunt. I can see her glistening lips and I know she's primed for a heavy orgasm.

"You just concentrate on workin that clit," I whisper to Doug. I stand on my knees and scoot up behind her. Doug already has her legs and ass parted with his own hands, so I rest my hands upon her hips and slowly open her up with my cock. I work my tool in and out excruciatingly slow. Katy starts to wiggle her hips around as she begins to cum. I see her head moving up and down on Doug's cock with more fervor as she enters ecstasy. Apparently between her moaning and sucking, Doug's getting one hell of a blow because he starts to grunt as he cums down her throat. Katy falls silent. I can see she's abandoned Doug's spent cock and now bites her lip as she cums all over my cock and Doug's mouth. Her pussy squeezes my dick hard and I can't help but cum once again.

Katy again sleeps naked between us. I think at one point I wake in the middle of the night to them fucking again, but I'm so exhausted by this point, I'm not even sure if it's real or a dream, so I dismiss it and return to my slumber.

After breakfast the next morning we pack up to leave. I upload the pictures from the digital camera onto Doug's computer in a file simply named "Inside Katy."

Doug tells us all goodbye and wishes us a safe journey before we head out to the van. We all pile in when Katy exclaims, "Oh crap! I forgot my notebook."

"Do you remember where you left it?" I ask.

"No. It's somewhere in the apartment. I'll be right back." She jumps out of the van and runs back to the apartment. I watch her run and admire the way her loose, flowery skirt sways back and forth.

We all wait for what seems like forever. We pass the time watching tenants come and go. Children must be playing by the pool as we can here them screaming. About fifteen minutes pass. I get up to go check on her just as Katy returns. She has her notebook in hand as she hops in the back seat with me. I notice her face is flush and her hair is disheveled. She has that glow to her too, that after sex glow. My interest is piqued.

We lay down facing each other in the back seat for what I think is to be a nap. But in a successful attempt to tease me beyond recognition, Katy whispers what happened back at the apartment as we lie together in the backseat of the van.

"I went back in to grab the notebook off the dining room table, right where I told Doug I'd leave it. He was sitting at a chair at the table with his pants around his ankles and his stiff cock in his hand. I felt bittersweet at the sight -- knowing the satisfaction I was about to receive, but also that this was to be the last encounter like this. So I walked right up to him and straddled his legs. I lifted the skirt to my stomach with my right hand. Before I could sit he stopped me, admiring my exposed vagina. I let him look for a second, and even give me a kiss or two down there. I tell you, if you would let your brother give you some lessons on eating out, you'd get to a LOT more often. He does this thing with his tongue, just barely splitting my lips and grazing my clit, it drives me mad. Anyway, then I spread my by now dripping pussy with my left hand. I sat down slowly onto his rigid pole. I was so wet but still had to make circles with my hips to get him inside me; he's so thick. "

At this point in the story Katy grabs my hand and places it on her upper, inside thigh. I move my hand up her leg and before I even get to her pussy feel wetness on her skin. It's thick and sticky. I move on up to her hot hole. The excess of cum leaking out makes it easy to slid two fingers up her. She gasps, then continues her story as I very slowly finger fuck her.

"Knowing we didn't have much time I started riding him like crazy. I bucked back and forth. I was completely lost in the feeling of his thick cock. I didn't even notice him take my shirt off. So there I am, riding him as he sits there. I'm wearing my socks and shoes, and my skirt around my waist. He places his hands at the small of my back as I lean back. I arch my back and lean my head upside down, my stomach stretched and my tits facing the sky. I can't do much at this point but wiggle my hips, but it turns me on to know that he's seeing my naked body. Doug kisses my chest just below my breasts." She traces his path with her finger. "I lean back up slowly and his tongue stays glued to me. He leaves a wet trail as his tongue slides across my breast and up my neck before reaching my open mouth and awaiting tongue. We kiss deeply and passionately before I break it off to concentrate on moving my hips around. He uses the time wisely and feasts on my tits while his hands roam my naked, gyarating torso. I swear, all of the men in my life, especially you Bell men, seem to love my tits. I've caught every one of you staring at them at least ten times on this trip. Although your dad's probably looked more than both of you combined, but he hasn't seen them naked quite as many times, although I'm sure my dad probably has. Hell, he's probably seen them more than you have. Can't say I don't enjoy it though. No quicker way to get all wet in my panties than catching a guy staring at my tits. Anyway, back to the story. As he suckled the nipple on my right breast he bit it softly between his teeth. It hurt a little bit but at the same time sent fierce tingles through my body. I couldn't handle myself as I screamed out loud."

"That was you?" I asked in astonishment, "We all heard that, we thought it was some kids or something."

"Oops. Yeah, I guess that was me. So anyway, I continue this mind-blowing orgasm as my whole body tenses up. A feeling of naughtiness rips through my body as I bounce up and down on Doug's cock. My tits bounce in front of his face as I urge him, 'Fuck me, Doug! Fuck my swollen pussy before I go get back in the car with your brother. You like to fuck Katwoman don't you? Don't you? Oh. Oh fuck. That's right fuck me hard. Cum inside me. You like that I forgot my birth control don't you?'

"'You what?' he asked as he pulled back.

"I said, 'Oh yeah, I didn't mention that to you?' I stopped moving and relished in the feeling of him resting deep within me."

"'Shit Kat! We gotta stop. Let me get a condom on,' he said."

"'I don't like condoms. I can't feel your contours of your big cock when you wear a condom. And besides, it's a little late now, you must've pumped at least a quart of cum in me this weekend.'

To see that she gets her way Katy resumes her movement, rocking back and forth on Doug's lap, leaning forward to brush her chest against his.

"'Uhhhggg,' he groaned under me as I started to really try to grip his cock again.

"'Besides, don't you find it naughty? You could make me pregnant right here. We could be making... oh fuck... a baby together right now.... Oh fuck! That's right.' He started to meet my gyrations with upward thrusts. 'Cum deep, baby, make me pregnant. I'm so fertile right now. My period is in just a couple of days and I got off the pill two weeks ago when I heard we were coming down to see you. I came down here with the plan to get as much of your hot cum in my pussy as possible. Don't you wanna be a daddy? Fuck me daddy. Come on Doug, fuck me! Put your hot seed in Katwoman's belly. It's been waiting for it. Cum deep. Give me a little baby in my belly. Ah your cock feels so strong and hard.'

"I don't know what came over me; I had gone crazy. But evidently he liked it because his hands gripped my back tightly and his face contorted. I knew he was about to cum so I sat completely down on him and just worked his cock all around within me. At that point I could actually feel his cum basting my womb."

Katy stops the story and shuts her eyes. She shudders. I feel her cum on my fingers as I slowly twist them inside of her. When her orgasm subsides I remove my fingers and she continues.

"We sat there reeling for a moment. I wrapped my arms around his neck and leaned back to look at him with his softening cock still in me. He took the opportunity to look down at my chest just like you do.

'Damn I'm going to miss this body,' he says.

"I told him, 'Well you will need a stripper at your bachelor party won't you?'

'Are you serious, you'd do that?' he asks me.

'Only if we get to have a private session after I'm done entertaining your friends.'

'But it's more than friends, you'd be stripping in front of dads and friends and everybody.'

'You don't think they'd like my body as much as you do?" I replied.

"Of course they would. But wouldn't you feel strange stripping in front of my dad and yours?"

"Na, your dad has seen pictures of me naked before. Brian accidentally left some he had taken of me on your dad's digital camera -- mostly of my tits, but a few of my pussy too. From after an anniversary dinner one night back when we were just dating - I wore a blue and black dress out to dinner with no panties or bra on. Afterward, at that house I lived at on campus I let Brian take some pictures of me. Well, when he returned the camera, even though he says he deleted all the pictures, somehow your dad happened upon them. I'm sure he probably enlarged them at the self service machine at Walgreens and jerks off to them constantly.

"And my dad sees me naked all the time. At my house we've always left the bathroom door open when we shower and change. All our lives I suppose. Sometimes we even still, when it's really hot, walk around the house topless in the summer, since we don't have air conditioning. And one morning when I was a senior in high school I was playing with myself on my bed with my door open I saw him through the crack of the doorway watching me. I've never cum so hard by myself as I did that day. I made sure to kick all the blankets off me and spread my legs apart wide as I fingered myself. Two fingers were in my cunt as my other hand was massaging my mound. It was absolutely amazing. And I've had dreams of Brian and I fucking with my dad watching through the window. I don't know the significance of that but I always cum so hard during those dreams."

"With that comment I could feel his soft dick growing in my body. He couldn't even reply. He held onto my ass and back and stood up. I wrapped my legs around him and held myself tight against his cock. We kissed passionately for a second before he laid me down on the dining room table and started to fuck me slowly. He watched as with each thrust my tits bounced toward my head.

"Okay, but under one condition," Doug said.

"What's that?"

"You can strip for me, but I don't want a private session."

"What? Why not?" I asked, a bit irate.

"Oh I still want a session, just not a private one."

"Oh I see, naughty boy. I'd better have a few drinks before I do anything that crazy."

"'What if I can't wait till then?' he asked me.

"With a burning in my cunt I replied, 'Oh I think we could work something out. This is all assuming anyway that I'm not showing by your bachelor party."

"He leaned down and sucked on my right nipple. It sent an electric shock through my body. I moaned and told him, 'You know, Columbia is on the way to Des Moines, maybe you could stop in on your way to see Liz.' He quickened his pace and started fucking me hard. Brian I tell you, I came all over his dining room table. I panted to him 'Oh fuck, Oh fuck. And on the way back from Des Moines too I guess.'

"He stood back up and continued the assault on my vagina. 'You guess?' he asked.

"Fuck.... Fuck... ' I panted. 'Okay, you should definitely come up... as soon as possible.... For a few days!' I told him how you worked and stayed in Kansas City most nights, so we could have the apartment to ourselves."

'That sounds like a plan. Uuuhhggg,' he spilled another load in me.

We remained there before he leaned down and kissed me deep in my mouth. Our tongues danced and our breath became one.

He broke away, 'You'd better get back,' he said as he pulled his soft dick out. A line of his cum came with it.

'Yup, ' I said as I hopped off the table, through my shirt on, gave him a peck on the cheek, grabbed my notebook and ran back out to the van."

I press my body tightly against hers as we lie there, and from the pressure alone I begin to cum in my pants. I leave it as it's concealed beneath the denim.

As soon as we get to our apartment that night we head straight to the computer to download the pictures from the weekend. As I open them one at a time the memories come flooding back for the both of us. I have her put on a pair of lacy panties, not telling her why, but having her sit on my lap as we scroll through the pictures and I massage her pussy. She cums twice in the panties before I finally take them off to impale her myself. In the throws of passion she asks me what was with the panties. I tell her that I intend to mail them to Doug tomorrow so that he can smell them, imagining her pussy as he jerks off to her pictures. She begins to buck as she cums at the thought. She cums at least three times before finally passing out in an exhausted, sticky heap. After four sessions of her moaning "Doug" and me replying with grunts of "Katwoman", Katy evidently tires -- at least temporarily -- of the thought of Doug.

I enter her for our final round of the night. My erect cock slides effortlessly into her stretched vagina. I lean down and lick up her body, from under her right breast, across the valley that divides the tits, up her neck and to her ear as I dig into her forcefully with my meat. "Ungh," she grunts, "Oh, Cal, I've been wanting this for so long."

"Cal?" I reply. She grits her teeth and nods emphatically with her eyes shut tight -- an image of Cal's naked body floods her mind like a film projector on a white screen..

"Well then. I think we can work with this," I proclaim as I roll us over so she ends up in the cowboy position on top of me. I push her shoulders lightly so she knows that's the position I want her to stay in. As she grinds down on my aching cock I reach over to the nightstand with my left hand and grab my cell-phone. I flip it open and turn on the camera. I get Katy in focus, from just below her breasts to the top of her head.

"Lock your fingers together and rest them above your head," I tell her. Without a word she complies -- she even lowers her head to her right, letting her lips part and a determined look wash across her face. I take a picture of this, getting her face, down past her tits to her stomach. Then another from above her breasts all the way down to my own stomach, my cock hidden deep within her curves, exposing her trimmed bush. I proceed to send one to Cal and John, not telling Katy which one I'm sending. "I just sent that to Cal, he should see it when he wakes up in a few hours." Katy holds her body still and begins to shake as her hips move in tight circles. "Oh and I wasn't sure, but just to cover all our bases I sent one to John too."

"Which one did you send?" she spits out as her cum runs down my balls.

"You may never know," I tease. "Although I suppose if you were feeling really tenacious you could just ask them. Why? Which one did you want me to send?"

She slows down from her climax, takes her right hand from the top of her head and places it just above her breast, proceeding to slide it down her body, making sure to go all the way under until she touched my penetration.

"What if I sent one to each?" I inquire.

"Who got my pussy?" she answers.

"I think the bigger question is, who will be getting your pussy?"