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My Husband's Wish

My Husband's Wish

I knew the bastard was up to something as soon as he walked through the door! He had that silly smirk on his face which I know so well. He is so predictable I can read him like a book. Tonight is Friday night and we have this arrangement whereby I allow him to go to his club where he has a couple of drinks with his friends and in return he has to come home and fuck me silly! We don't have anywhere near as much sex as we used and this regular weekly effort is great, although we do sometimes make love during the week! He doesn't drink very much at all - he is almost a non-drinker but he loves to be with his friends and they discuss all sorts of things which tend to get him so excited that when he gets home, I am always ready for him and he fucks me silly!

Marvin is a 33 year old lawyer and he is in partnership with several other lawyers and they have a very successful business. I am 29 and we have been married for 6 years but we haven't thought about children yet so we are both free and easy with ourselves. My name is Melanie and I am a strawberry blond with a reasonable figure although I am certainly not very attractive because I am very shy with other people and it is only since I met and married Marvin that I have come out of my shell at all.

I was a virgin until I met Marvin and he is the only man I have had in my life and I love him very much. We met at a football club party and he danced with me and eventually took me home although I was terribly nervous that he might want to kiss me or something else. He didn't even try to kiss me at the gate but he did ask me if I would go to the pictures with him next Saturday and I accepted on the spot. Anyway we went out on quite a few dates before we started to fool around and when he found I was a virgin, he wanted to fuck me straight away but I kept saying no. I don't know how many virgins he had had before me but he was certainly anxious to bust me!

I eventually let him fuck me about a month before we were engaged and then it was a regular thing until we got married. We made love a lot for a while after we married but it certainly tapered off after the first 3 years. Now we have this silly ritual where he goes out with the boys and they tell him all sorts of things they have done or have heard about and it gets him so roused up he just rushes home and fucks me. It is very silly because I know exactly what time he will be home and so I strip naked and am always waiting for him in bed - just lying on the bed with nothing over me. He comes in the front door, goes to the bathroom and removes his clothes and then rushes through the bedroom door and jumps on me and fucks me! Oh, boy, I get at real thrill when he does that - it is certainly the best fucking we have!

I know he has told the boys at the club that that is what he does and they all get him excited so that he is almost uncontrollable when he reaches home. I certainly look forward to Friday nights.

This particular Friday night the look on his face was a picture. He had something really exciting to tell me but he wouldn't say a word about what it was until he had jumped on me and fucked me. It is always the same routine - after we have cooled down and rested, he will tell me what happened at the club and what the boys told him and then we make love - really passionate love - and this is the very best part of all.

Some of the things they tell him are outrageous and we can't do some of these things. He was told the best position to make love is for the man to stand on his head in a corner and then for his naked wife to back into him so that his cock enters her cunt and then she fucks him in this position. I knew this one wouldn't work but he wanted to try it and the resultant disaster when he collapsed in a heap was that he needed physiotherapy for over a week before he could walk properly. Not to mention the trouble I had trying to back my cunt over his cock which was wavering around like leaves in a wind storm! He falls for anything like that and I generally go along with him because I love him and it is what he wants!

This night he fucked me really well and we both enjoyed the experience and for the first time in week we came at the same time - so many times I get left and miss out on my orgasm. I always cum when we make love for the second time on the Friday nights but I am greedy and like to cum twice! I knew he was busting to tell me what he had heard at the club so I listened intently to his ramblings.

He started off his conversation by saying, "The boys at the club were talking about the most wonderful experience any man can have and I want to do it too! Will you go along with me on this idea?" Of course I had no idea what he was talking about but as usual I said, "Darling, of course I will go along with you on this - I love you so much I will always do what ever you want me to do!" Marvin was so excited I thought he was going to cum before we made love! He then dropped his bombshell, "Darling, the boys have all told me how wonderful it is to watch their very own wives being fucked by another man and I want it do it too! Isn't it wonderful, I have never even thought about it before but they tell me it is such a turn-on that they now do it often!"

God, I was gob-smacked! I just didn't know what to say that would make sense. Now he has this idea in his head that they all let their wives get fucked by another man in front of them and he thinks it is real! I guess it would be possible that one or so of the men would do something like that but certainly not all of them as he is telling the story. I tried to reason with him but he just wouldn't listen and told me he was going to arrange a man for me next week! I was almost too upset to make love with him but I did try to participate but my thoughts were well away from him at the moment!

How could he possibly want another man to fuck me while he watched? Who on earth would he get to do the job? Did he expect me to just lie there and let a strange man fuck me? How could I get out of this? Then other thoughts started to run around in my mind. What if I liked being fucked by another man? What if I wanted to do it again afterwards? What if Marvin wanted me to fuck other men regularly?

All these questions were buzzing around in my mind as we were supposed to be making love! He was so excited he came well before I was ready and he pulled out of me and started discussing details of who and when we could get this wonderful idea operating! I was deflated to say the least and, whilst he was rambling on, I was playing with my clit and managed to eventually bring myself off by thinking of another man lying on me and fucking me!

He talked about it on Saturday morning but I didn't hear anything more about this silly idea until the next Wednesday when he brought up the subject again. This time I could see he was serious. He told me he had decided who he wanted to fuck me and he was going to ask him tonight! I was quite upset because I really didn't want to have another man fuck me but I didn't know how to stop him. He absolutely amazed me when he told me he was going to ask his younger brother to fuck me! Now I loved his brother a lot and if the truth be known, I had watched his brother lots of times when we were at the beach or at a pool when he was wearing his very small trunks and I could see this huge bulge which was always present! Would his brother have a bigger cock than Marvin and would I be able to take it all inside me?

I kept protesting and told him it was a silly idea but he rang his brother and told him he wanted to discuss something which was very important and could they meet tonight. He went out to meet his brother and left me at home worrying what would happen now. When he returned home quite late I was hoping he would tell me it was all off but that wasn't the case - no, his brother would be delighted to fuck me! It was all arranged and Dennis would be around at the same time as Marvin arrived home from the club and he would fuck me while Marvin took the photographs to show his friends! This last little bit really upset me - the idiot had fallen for the idea of photographing his wife being fucked by another man and then he would take the photos and show his mates! What an idiot! It was bad enough him thinking it was O.K. to have me fuck another man but to take photographs - NO WAY!

Marvin kept discussing the procedure for Friday night over and over again. He was to take the afternoon off from work and he would come home and help me dress up for his brother to fuck me! He wanted everything to be right for his brother. I finally persuaded him that taking photographs would be upsetting for Dennis because the flash would disturb him. He agreed that I might be right and he told me the camera was not on - he didn't want anything to go wrong.

Friday morning he started again with the procedure. He would come home after lunch and I wasn't to have a shower until he got home. He would help me get ready and everything would be right for the night. I took the precaution of hiding our camera in a place he would never find it and that made me feel a little better but now much. Marvin came home after lunch and told me he would get a bath ready for me. He would then shave my legs and my underarm and then powder and perfume me so that I was perfect for Dennis! I really had little say in this, he was so determined to carry this out.

When my bath was ready he called me into the bathroom and carefully removed all of my clothes. He then eased me into the lovely warm water into which he had poured some sweet-smelling crystals and although I tried to relax, I just couldn't. He never shaved my legs but this time he was determined to do the job. He had me lie down in the bath and lift my leg up so that he could apply the shaving cream and he rubbed this in from my toes to my thighs! He intended shaving right up my legs which I never did - just to my knees was all I ever did. He started with my lower leg and shaved me clean and then started above my knees. It was more difficult for him here because I was partly in the water. He gave up on that leg and started on the other. Again he shaved my lower leg and then made me stand up in the bath while he shaved my upper legs right up to my crotch! I had a little hair growing down between my legs and he shaved that off very carefully until he was satisfied. Then he started on my underarms and soon they were free from any hair! I wondered if he was going to shave my pubic hair but he didn't and I was very grateful.

Once he had dried me he inspected me and told me I looked wonderful and his brother would be very pleased with me. He then sprayed body perfume all over my body taking particular care of the area between my legs and my bush. He applied deodorant under my arms and in my groin area and then applied powder all over me. He also helped me with my makeup and watched carefully as I applied my lipstick. He took the lipstick from me when I had finished and carefully painted my nipples with the lipstick. I don't have very big breasts and almost no nipples so coating them with the lipstick made them stand out a little more. He wanted to paint my clit and labia with the lipstick too but I told him definitely no and he accepted that. He then gave me my very transparent dressing gown to wear and told me I was ready for his brother. I tried again to stop him but his mind was made up.

At five o'clock he left for the club to meet his friends leaving me alone to worry about what was going to happen to me. Promptly at 8pm I heard his car in the drive and knew it was about to start - whether I liked it or not!

He came in and greeted me and told me to take off my flimsy gown and to lie naked on the bed as I always did for him. He then did something which I thought was crazy - he climbed up on the bed and changed the bulb in the light fitting with a much stronger wattage! When he turned the light on it was much brighter but he explained he wanted to see every detail as his brother fucked me!

At exactly 8.15pm his brother knocked at the door and Marvin brought him into the bedroom where I was lying naked and spread on the bed ready for him! Oh, hell, what was I doing this for? Why didn't I just jump up and tell them both to get lost?

Marvin had arranged me on the bed for Dennis's arrival. He had my legs spread apart and my hands behind my head in what Marvin called total submission. This was the first time Dennis had seen me naked although he had seen me in my bikini before but that certainly covered my vital parts. Dennis had a grin on his face which showed he thought this was a great idea and was eagerly looking forward to partaking of my body.

Dennis greeted me with his "Hi Sis" which is the normal way he greets me and told me he hoped I was agreeable to all of this. I started to tell him I wasn't happy at all but Marvin told him to undress and that was the end of my protest. Dennis slipped his clothes off and I got my first look at his cock. It was certainly larger than Marvin's cock both in length and in thickness and it wasn't fully erect yet. He still had his silly grin on his face as if he thought Marvin would stop him at any moment.

As Dennis started to climb onto the bed alongside me I started to realize fully just what this meant to me. I was about to be fucked by another man and my own husband was the one making me do this. I didn't want this to happen but knew in my own mind that I wouldn't be able to stop it. If I was honest there was just a little bit of me wanting to go ahead with this but I knew I was fooling myself.

Dennis reached over and began caressing my rather flat breasts and he tried to rouse my nipples but they just don't make much of a show. He also began kissing me and after a number of passionate kisses he moved his hand down my belly until he reached my bush. He rubbed my hair with his fingers before he slowly moved down to my pussy where he stroked my lips and clit making me very aroused. I had to admit I was very aroused both because of what Dennis was doing to me and because I was lying there naked and being made ready to fuck another man.

Dennis took my hand and placed it on his cock. It was much larger now than when I looked at it and I was very surprised at its size comparing it with Marvin's cock! I stroked his cock as he kissed me and he was stroking my pussy lips and pushing his fingers inside me making a path for his cock. I almost came with the ministrations I was receiving and then he moved over on top of me, his knees between my spread legs and his cock now, still in my hand, but positioned just outside my cunt lips. I pulled him towards my hole and I felt him nudge my lips. I knew in my own mind I was now ready to be fucked and lined his cock up with my hole and pulled him to me. He entered me about an inch and then stopped. Just then I could hear a sort of whirring noise and looked past Dennis's shoulder to see my stupid idiot of a husband holding a video camera to his eye and the red light indicated he was filming me being fucked! The bastard - he told me he wouldn't take any photographs and now he was actually filming with the video camera he had hired instead of still pictures.

By this time Dennis had pushed his cock further inside me and at last he was fully in me! His larger cock filled me much more than Marvin's cock and I loved the full feeling. As he started to pump his cock into me I could feel my orgasm starting to build up straight away. I had promised myself I wouldn't cum with Dennis in me but my body gave me away. Suddenly I came and shuddered as the wonderful feeling spread all over my body. Dennis could feel it and kissed me hard and whispered there were more orgasms to come yet. He continued to fuck me and I had several more orgasms before I felt his cock start to change stroke and if anything his cock seemed to get bigger as he pumped his cum right up into my cunt! I had just been fucked by another man - my husband's brother!

Although I hadn't seen it happen (I was much too busy with Dennis) Marvin had taken all of his clothes off and while he was filming me he was playing with his cock and he must have been very close to cumming. Dennis had to get off my body - he was just too heavy and I felt disappointment when his cock plopped out of me! I had really enjoyed being fucked by Dennis.

Marvin stopped filming me after he had taken a couple of close-ups of my cunt leaking cum from Dennis's deposit and handed the camera to Dennis. Dennis started filming as Marvin climbed between my legs and he fucked me. He didn't seem to mind he was pushing his cock into my cunt which was still full of cum from Dennis.

When they had finished I was exhausted having cum quite a few times with both of them. Neither made any attempt to dress and Marvin insisted I remain on the bed. Their cum was now running out of me and making a mess on the bed but I knew there was more to come. Dennis again moved onto the bed and there was a repeat of the first episode. He had me playing with his now sticky cock until I managed to get him inside me and then he fucked me completely again. Once he was finished (with Marvin again filming the action) he pulled out and Marvin took his place. I was one very fucked lady when they had finished with me. I tried to hold the cum inside me as I got off the bed and made a run for the bathroom but some escaped my fingers and I made a trail of cum drips to the bathroom. I hoped Marvin was now satisfied with what he had subjected me to. My only satisfaction (apart from the obvious joy I received from Dennis) was that his cock being larger, I had hardly felt Marvin's cock when he fucked me! I now realized I enjoyed the larger cock a lot more than I had thought.

Dennis climbed into our shower and cleaned himself but Marvin made me wait, still very messy from the cum, until Dennis had left out house before he allowed me to shower. When I came back into the bedroom, Marvin was watching all the action on the video screen and there I was in all my glory being fucked by his brother! I hope Marvin was satisfied. I could imagine my stupid husband taking the video camera to show his mates what it looked like when I was fucked by another man. Privately, I had enjoyed being fucked by Dennis and if the truth be known I would like to do it again some time!

Marvin climbed into bed with me and made me watch some more of the video. He told me his friends would really enjoy seeing this. I realized what a weak sort of prick he really was. Next morning at breakfast he again talked about last night and how much he had enjoyed it. He told me he knew I enjoyed it so there would be more sessions like that! I smiled thinking how nice it would be to have Dennis's larger cock in me again. Talk of the fateful evening died out and nothing more was said until the next Friday morning. Marvin told me he would be home after lunch to get me ready for another session tonight - this time with one of his friends! Oh Shit! Now I was in trouble - I was going to be the nominated slut for the district.

After lunch on the Friday he came home and prepared me as he had the previous time and I was all primped and prepared when the knock came at 8.15pm sharp. In came a short little man - no more than 5'3" and he was quite fat - and Marvin introduced him as Benny. Marvin knew exactly what to do this time and soon I was lying naked on the bed and Benny was attempting to mount me. Benny had the shortest dick imaginable - it couldn't have been more than 5" long and rather skinny. Well, he eventually got his cock inside me and started pumping it into me with very jerky motions. He had hold of my small tits and was squeezing them hard as he fucked me. It certainly didn't take him long before he was shuddering and he shot his load (it turned out to be a very tiny load) into me and then he hopped off and dressed without showering. Marvin had been filming all of this and he put the video camera down and mounted me. I must admit I was pleased his ordinary cock was in me because it felt positively huge after Benny!

So much for Benny! The following Friday was a repeat again and this time his friend Cliff fucked me and he was no more satisfying than Benny had been but Marvin was certainly getting his rocks off watching these other men fucking me.

On the Tuesday morning after Cliff, I answered a knock at the front door and I was surprised to see Dennis standing there with a huge grin on his face. I asked him inside and I made us some coffee. Dennis was quite ill at ease and didn't seem to know where to start our conversation. Eventually he apologized for not contacting me after his Friday night but he was afraid I would be upset with him. I assured him I was anything but upset with him and told him he would be welcome to come to me any time he wanted. He relaxed and began to tell me how much he had enjoyed fucking me. He had watched me with envy when I had married Marvin and had always wanted to fuck me. He told me he was so glad when Marvin asked him to fuck me, but was a little scared while he was fucking me and couldn't relax properly. He enjoyed the experience but would have preferred it if Marvin hadn't been there watching him.

I saw an opportunity and took it! I told Dennis Marvin wouldn't be home for at least 5 hours and that would give him plenty of time to really enjoy fucking me! There, I had made the first move! Dennis came over to sit next to me and began kissing me hard. I became very aroused and when his hand covered my breast I felt the beginning of an orgasm. I quickly slipped my blouse off and as I didn't wear a bra with my small tits, I was naked to the waist. He seemed to love my tits - they looked like two fried eggs in a frying pan when I laid on my back - but he still seemed to love them. He eventually tried to suck my nipples but as I have said, they are almost non-existent. I can get a bit of shape into my nipples by squeezing my tits and then they will protrude a bit. He swooped on my nipples as soon as they appeared and sucked them hard - I love having my tiny nipples sucked hard.

I had my hand in his crotch and soon found his cock which I pulled out into the open as I undid his fly. Soon we were naked and I sat next to him and held both of his hands and spoke sincerely to him. I said, "Dennis, you are the very first man to fuck me apart from Marvin and your cock is so much larger than Marvin's cock that I found it terribly exciting. I want you to fuck me again but this time I want you to make love to me taking as long as is necessary for us both to achieve total pleasure. I am not the sort of woman who would ordinarily play around but Marvin is so keen on other men fucking me that he is really no longer my husband - now he is almost my pimp! Please take me into the bedroom and make love to me, Dennis!"

Once we were in the bedroom Dennis helped me onto the bed and started to caress me and arouse me while I played with his cock. I sucked his cock while he sucked my clit and cunt. We aroused each other to an extreme height. Dennis then said to me, "Darling, would you mind terribly if I just fucked you very hard now and then when we have relaxed a bit, I will make passionate love to you for as long as you wish - please let me fuck you now!" I wanted nothing more than to be fucked hard right now and begged him to fuck me hard! And that is exactly what he did to me - he really fucked me for quite a while before he shot his load of cum right up into my depths as we both reached our orgasms together. This was fucking at it's best!

Dennis was quite rough with me and his huge cock really pounded me but I loved the pain of this rough sex and told him so. When we had finished we rolled over on our sides and continued to caress each other. He cock was softer but not limp and I was able to play with it as it stiffened to its normal size. He asked me if he could suck my cunt again and, of course, I agreed instantly. I took his cock which was covered with his cum and my juices into my mouth and sucked him hard. I told Dennis I was full of cum but he told me he often played with himself, because he wasn't married, and when he came he swallowed his own cum and liked the taste of it. This was alright with me and so I sucked his cock while he sucked his own cum out of my cunt. After a while we rested again and then we made love to each other. This was really wonderful love making. He fucked me slowly and with all the attention possible and we both reached wonderful orgasms together. We lay together for 4 hours gently playing with each other and occasionally making love until I told him it was time for him to leave before Marvin came home. By now we were making declarations of love to each other and we both knew we meant it.

That was the beginning of a long relationship with Dennis. Marvin, the prick, kept bringing his friends home on the Friday nights to fuck me and he still got his jollies watching me being fucked but my love for him slowly lessened until it was getting near hatred and I didn't want to get that low. Dennis was coming around at least 4 times each week and we were fucking and making love as many times as possible. I managed with some careful planning to avoid making love to Marvin almost completely - occasionally he would get to fuck me but there wasn't any feeling for him - and I also finally managed to stop the Friday night fucking with his friends. Now I could concentrate on Dennis and enjoy his lovely cock as often as I could.

We both knew it would be near impossible for us to marry because the family had very strict ideas and the thought of me leaving one brother for the other was out of the question. We continued our illicit liaisons for almost a year before Marvin asked me one morning if I was fucking his brother. I couldn't see any reason to lie about it because I obviously didn't love Marvin so I told him the truth. I made sure he understood it was he who had made me into a slut because of his desire to watch me fucked by other men and now he had to bear the consequences. He wasn't surprised about Dennis - in fact, he sort of accepted it without much of a whimper. I told him I didn't love him but out of respect for his family I was prepared to continue to live with him provided he allowed Dennis to come over and make love to me as often as we both wanted it. Surprisingly he gave in and told me it was alright for Dennis and I to make love whenever we wanted. He also told me he didn't even want to watch us making love - he was very depressed and I could see he was miserable but I really didn't care.

After that, for the next 8 months, Dennis practically lived at our house. He would come over in the mornings and stay all day and we would be making love as often as we could physically do so. Marvin never interfered and gave us no trouble. A few nights, Dennis would sleep over with me and this was wonderful. Marvin, by this time, was sleeping in the spare room anyway and so we had the bed to ourselves.

After this, Dennis moved into our home to live. He told the rest of the family that we were able to provide cheap accommodation for him and he took us up on the offer. Fatefully, Marvin seemed to be slipping into deeper depression. His work was suffering and he had lost his friends. Dennis and I were not really surprised when we had a knock at our front door late one night to be confronted by two police officers. They told us Marvin had driven his car onto a railway crossing and an express train had smashed into the car killing him. We knew he had committed suicide and not stalled his car as the police thought. We were very upset because after all he was my husband and he was also Dennis's brother but the feelings soon abated and Dennis and I continued to live like husband and wife thereafter. I never tired of Dennis's large cock and we seemed to be an ideal couple and made for each other. We married three years later when it was probably respectable to do so.

I think, on occasions, that things could have been very different if Marvin had been stronger and acted normally and hadn't wanted me to fuck other men. But I also thought that it would have been a lot different if he had chosen one of his friends to fuck me first - they all seemed to have small cocks - then the outcome would have probably been very, very different. I truly love Dennis!

Desperate For Money

Desperate For Money

My husband had died a couple of years ago leaving my son Brian and me to survive on our own. My husband had left behind a small nest egg that had run out a couple of months ago. Brian and I had been looking for work ever since. It was not easy to find a job though because the economy was in a slump and we didn't have experience in what jobs were available.

One evening I sat Brian down at the kitchen table after getting in a fight with the apartment manager over not paying the rent. "Brian, I don't know what to do. The apartment manager is threatening to kick us out the beginning of next month." I felt a lump forming in the back of my throat and I couldn't hold back the tears.

"It's going to be ok mom. We will figure something out."

"I feel like I have failed as a mother. Look at me I can't even take care of you."

"Don't say that mom. You've done fine. I'll do any job and live anywhere as long as we are together."

"That is so sweet Brian."

A week had went by and I still didn't have a job. The end of the month was coming up fast and I needed rent money bad. Right now I would do anything for money, I mean anything. I decided to try the internet to look to see if there was any type of work I could from home. I turned on the computer and waited for the monitor to come to life. "What if I can't get a job?" The monitor finally displayed the internet login prompt. After logging in I typed "home based work" into the search criteria box. After a couple of seconds some info popped up. I read through the titles looking for something that I could do. One caught my eye "Set up your own web cam." "Hmmm.... What could that be." I click on the link and it brought me to a page filled with a bunch of text and an email link at the bottom. As I read through the text I felt a cold tingle to down my spine. In big bold letters it said "We pay big money for mother/son kissing photos, $1000 a set." I leaned back in my chair feeling completely helpless. Am I really that desperate? I browsed the rest of the links related to working from home. There was nothing else that even remotely matched my abilities. "How could I even ask Brian to do such a thing. How would I even approach him to ask?"

Well my question was answered that evening after dinner. "Hey mom, any luck looking on the internet today?"

"Well there was only one that was even remote possibility but I don't know if we should do it."

"We? You mean I could work too?"

"Well it is something we can do at home, but I don't think it is something that you would be interested in."

"How do you know? Besides a week ago you said we were desperate for money, I don't think we should be too picky right now."

"Ok but don't tell me I didn't warn you and don't hate me for what I am going to say."

"Mom come on I won't hate you no matter what you say. Now I am really curious what it is."

"The add says they will pay a thousand dollars for pictures of mother and son kissing." Brian's mouth hung open and his skin turned pale as though he had seen a ghost. "You ok Brian? Maybe you should sit down hon." He just stood there motionless. BRIAN, I said are you ok?

"Um yeah I'm ok. So you ok with that?"

"Well I figure it's just photos of us kissing. And they'll pay a thousand dollars Brian. I am so desperate for money!"

"I know mom but they aren't looking for just a peck on the cheek you know."

"I know. I was scared to ask you Brian but I am running out of options. With you just out of high school and me not having degree I can't find shit. Sorry about the language but I am stressed beyond belief."

"Mom, I'll do anything to help. I just wasn't sure if you knew what they wanted. There is probably one thing you should know though, I have never kissed a girl before so I probably won't be that good."

I started laughing. Both the stress and Brian being concerned about not performing well pushed me over the edge. I kept laughing until tears came out of my eyes.

"MOM I can't believe you're laughing at me. It's not something I am proud of and I wouldn't have told you if I knew you were going to laugh at me!"

"Honey, I am not laughing because you have never kissed a girl. I am laughing because you look embarrassed about not having kissed a girl. There is no need to be embarrassed, I am honored to be the first girl you kiss. Why don't you go set up the computer and the camera."

"You want to do it now? Uh, ok."

"It's going to be ok Brian. Just go set it up and I will be in there in a minute." I was feeling nervous myself. What would it be like to kiss my son romantically. Would I actually like it? That thought scared me. "It's for the money! " I kept repeating this to myself as I finished cleaning up the dishes. After I was done I headed to the bedroom where the computer was. Brian had just finished setting up the digital camera with the computer. "You ready Brian?"

"Yeah I guess so." His face was pale and looked scared.

"You sure you can do this honey?"

"Yeah, I want to do it mom. I am just a little nervous."

"That's ok, so am I" I said with a reassuring smile.


"Yeah, it's not everyday that you make out with your son you know. I feel nervous like a teenage girl going on her first date."

"Glad I am not the only one" he said with a smile on his face.

"Ok lets aim the camera the bed so we can get comfortable. Do you want to practice a little bit before we start recording?"

He turned the camera towards the bed and zoomed it in so that I was the full size of the window in the software. "Yeah we probably should. I have no idea what to do."

I patted the spot next to me on the bed "come sit down and I will give you lessons in kissing 101."

He walked over slowly as if the six feet to the bed had been a mile. He sat down on the bed next to me. I could hear his breathing quicken and I could see the anxiety in his eyes. I put my hands on his shoulders, his body instantly tensed up. "Relax Brian, it's going to be ok. Let's just peck each other on the lips a couple of times to get used to the feeling of our lips touching, ok?"


With that I leaned forward and gave him a quick peck on the lips. His body shuddered. "How was that?"

"That was nice mom. You smell great and the warmth from your lips sent a tingle down my spine."

"That would explain you shuddering" I said with smirk. "Ok you ready for another one?"

"Ok, you can do it a little longer this time."

I giggled. "Well, looks like my son is starting to show a little enthusiasm." I leaned forward and placed my lips on his. His body tensed up instantly and then relaxed. I lingered there for a couple of seconds and then pulled away. "Ok how was that one."

"Oh man my head feels light and a little dizzy."

"I'm flattered that I have that kind of effect on my own son."

"I want to do it again mom."

"Whoa slow down there stud" I said laughing. "Do you want to try a little tongue next now that you are feeling a little more comfortable?"

"Oh man this is crazy. Ok lets do it. What do I do?"

"Just kiss me like before." I leaned forward and touched my lips to his. This time I inhaled his scent and let my emotions go. I touched his lips with my tongue and then slowly inserted my tongue between his lips. His body started to tense up again. I put my arms around his body pulling him into me. I moved my head around to his ear and whispered "I love you Brian." His body relaxed again. I returned to his lips and licked between his lips. His lips started to open slightly. I could feel his hot breath on my tongue. My tongue darted into his mouth connecting with his. His body started to spasm. I released my arms from around his body and backed up. "You ok Brian?"

"Uh I need to go to the bathroom."

"Why what's wrong with you. Why are you shaking so bad."

"MOM, I need to go to the bathroom. Please don't ask what happened or I'll die."

"Oh! Wow I did that just by kissing you? I didn't realize you were getting so excited. I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry mom. That was the most incredible experience I have ever had. With what has been going on the last couple of months it felt like a huge release of stress."

"Well I am glad I could be of assistance. Now go get cleaned up and let's take some pictures." After he left I thought to myself "he was not the only one who had gotten worked up." I could feel the moisture between my legs. This was so wrong, but we needed the money. "We need the money" I kept repeating to myself.

He returned and sat on the bed next to me. "Ok you ready to shoot some pictures" I said, trying to push the earlier thoughts out of my head.

"Yep." He hopped up and grabbed the remote control for the camera and sat back down and pressed rec. on the remote. "Ok I'm ready!"

With that I leaned forward and pressed my lips against his. I played with his top lip between my teeth. I placed my hands on his back; his breathing was quickening and becoming horse. I ran my tongue over his lips and then backed up to look at him. "How you doin hon?"

"I'm doing great mom. This is pretty wild. I never thought that I would be making out with mom some day."

I put my arms around him and forced my tongue into his mouth. His eyes opened wide from the sudden assault. I felt the passion building inside me. I searched every inch of his mouth and his tongue wrestled with mine. I pushed him back on the bed and crawled on top of him. I started rubbing my breasts against his chest; the electricity surged through my nipples. His body started to jerk again and his pelvis pushed into mine. I stopped kissing and held him tightly until his convulsions stopped. "Well let's send those pictures so we can pay some rent." I hopped off of him and went to the computer.

I looked back at Brian. His face was red and he looked meek from embarrassment. "I'm going to go to the restroom and clean up. I'll be back in a minute."

"Hey Brian."


"You know, there is nothing to be embarrassed about. I got pretty worked up too. Another couple of minutes I probably would have been shaking too."

"Are you serious?"

"Yep. Now go get cleaned up and I'll send these pictures."

I logged onto the internet and sent the pictures to the email address that I copied off of the advertisement.

The next day I logged back onto the internet and there was an email message waiting for me. I opened up the email and read the message "Your $1000 check is in the mail. Would you be interested in sending us more? This time we would like fondling besides the kissing. We will give you $2000 for the set." I couldn't move. I closed the message and turned off the computer.

In the next couple of days the check arrived as promised. I showed Brian the check and we danced around the apartment. I signed the back of the check and ran it over to the apartment manager. "Here is for last month, this month and next month" I said with a grin.

"Look I don't like to be mean. I have to pay bills just like you do ok."

"I know I am just happy that I got the money."

Now I just had to worry about food and the next couple months. Two thousand, that could pay for five months rent and some food but could I deal with the consequences? When I walked into the apartment Brian could tell something was on my mind.

"What's wrong mom?"

"Nothing, I'm ok." I must not have been able to hide my concern because Brian continued to bug me.

"Come on mom what is wrong?"

"Oh I was just thinking what I am going to do about food and the month after next. But you don't worry Brian we'll be ok."

"Mom don't hid things from me. What's going on?"

"Ok Brian. We don't have enough food to last another week and we are only paid up until next week on rent. I received a message back after sending the pictures that said he was interested in more pictures."

"Then what is wrong? Let's do it."

"Well it is not that simple Brian. They are interested in something more this time. They want kissing and fondling." I choked up. I couldn't believe I was talking this way to my son.

He was quiet for a couple of minutes and then said "I'm ok with it if you are. After what we did yesterday I have different sort of feelings for you. I was scared to say anything thinking that you would get mad at me but right now I don't care."

I was shocked at what he had said; everything was getting complicated. Had I messed up my own son's life? "Brian do you know that this isn't right? Mothers and sons just don't do this sort of thing."

"Maybe because they don't want to or they are too scared to act on their feelings. All I know is what I feel for you and I don't care what is right and wrong according to other people."

His words were soothing. They were bringing up emotions inside me that I no longer could control. I walked over to him and encased him in my arms. I backed my head away and looked him deep in the eyes "I love you so much Brian." I ran my tongue over his lips while looking him in the eyes. "Let's go take some pictures. You better grab a box of Kleenex on your way to the bedroom" I said with a smile on my face.

I went into the bedroom, switched on the computer and made sure the camera was still focussed on the bed and zoomed it out a bit. Brian came in and set the box of Kleenex on the dresser.

"I'm a little nervous mom. It's freaking me out a little to tell you the truth."

"It's freaking me out too Brian. You want to practice a bit before we start recording like we did last time so you are a little more comfortable?"

"Yeah I think that is a good idea."

I sat on the bed and he sat down beside me in the usual position. "Ok how do we start" Brain asked in a trembling voice?

"Well don't touch too rough and don't go too fast. Just enjoy the moment." I leaned forward and kissed him softly on the lips. "Why don't you start by touching my breasts." I took his hands in mine and placed them on my stomach moving them up my tee shirt until they were on top of my breasts. I let out a soft moan into his mouth. I slipped my tongue between his lips and played with his teeth. His hands began to make soft circling motions on my breasts. I brought my head back a little "press record on the camera, I think you are comfortable enough" and then put my lips back on his. His hands felt like fire through the fabric of my tee shirt. I yearned for him to touch my bare flesh. I slipped my tongue in his mouth and played with his tongue. My breathing was becoming heavier and I could feel my juices flowing. His fingers were playing with my nipples through my tee shirt. I pushed him on his back and ground my pelvis against his. "Oh yeah baby you're making me so hot. Rub my crotch with your hand." He moved his hand down to my crotch and started rubbing me through my jeans. "No baby inside my pants." I kept kissing him as he unbuttoned my jeans. He pushed his hand into my jeans until they were touching my pussy outside my panties. "Oh yeah that's it. Now run your finger up and down the slit."

"Your so wet mom!"

"Now you know what you are doing to me."

His body started jerking so I put my hand on his groin and started rubbing. "Oh mom I'm cumming."

"I know hon. Give it all to me baby." I kept rubbing until his body stopped. "Well that should satisfy them." I gave him a big sloppy wet kiss.

"Wow that was incredible mom."

"I know, you really got me hot. Ok get cleaned up honey and I'll send in the pictures." I went over to the computer logged onto the internet and sent the pictures. While I sat at the computer I thought about what had just happened. I was looking forward to the next photo shoot. The person receiving the pictures must have been on the internet because I received an email immediately. "Excellent photos, I am sending you $3000. I am willing to pay you $5000 for photos of intercourse between you and your son if you are interested. There are also other people I can link you up with that would be interested as well."

When Brian came back in the room I told him about the $3000 and the next offer. "You told me not to hide anything so I hope you are not upset."

"You kidding, after what just happened. When do we get started?"

I smiled at him "how about right now I'm so worked up I need to get some relief. Press record on the camera." I pulled off my shirt and unfastened my bra. By the look on his face I thought he was going to cum in his pants again. "Hang on there big guy. You need to get me off first before you cum again." I pulled down my pants and looked at my panties. They were soaked from our earlier playing. "Time for you to give mommy a little bit of pleasure. Come here big boy."

I laid back on the bed and spread my legs. "Kiss my pussy like you do my mouth."

He crawled on the bed between my legs. He kissed my pussy through my silk panties. Feeling his breath on my pussy sent shivers through by body. My pelvis instinctively pushed up towards his mouth. "Oh Brian." He ran his tongue over my panties down the slit of my pussy. I grabbed his head and pushed my pelvis into his tongue. "Oh god Brian pull down my panties. I can't stand it anymore."

He pulled down my panties while kissing my thighs and pubic mound. I kept thrusting my pelvis trying to get his mouth on my clitoris. "Oh fuck lick me Brian, lick my pussy." He ran his tongue up and down my slit. I could feel the juice seeping out of my clit. I grabbed his head and pushed it hard against my pussy. "Suck on top Brian, I am going to cum." He started sucking on my clit and my body shook all over. I lost all control and started flopping all over the bed like a fish out of water. "OH SHIT THAT FEELS SO GOOD!" He played until I stopped shaking and then he slid up my body and gave me a kiss.

"So how was it?" he asked with a big grin.

I kissed him back "not even your father was that good. Turn off the camera and let's get something to eat. We'll continue later. By the way you can sleep in my bed from now on."

Chapter 2:

I went to the kitchen and started some rice. I was feeling at odds about what had been transpiring between my son and I. And at the same time I couldn't help but wonder what it would be like to have him inside me. I could feel a tingle between my legs and then my body shuddered as the tingle moved up my spine. I went to the fridge to grab some eggs. Sadness overwhelmed me as I peered inside at the dwindling food supply. I hope we can make it till we get paid again.

Brian's perky voice came from around the corner "Hey mom. You need a hand?"

"Sure, go ahead and set the table." I put some rice in the rice cooker and pressed the button.


"Yeah baby."

"I just want to let you know I am really having fun making the pictures."

"Yeah me too honey." I walked over to him and gave him an open mouthed kiss.

After dinner I cleaned up the dishes while Brian took a shower. Hearing him in the shower made me think of his young naked body, running my tongue over the tip of his cock. My body shook as the waves of pleasure flowed through my body. I just finished placing the last dish in the strainer as I heard the shower water stop.

"Done mom, the shower is all yours." He yelled from the bathroom.

"Ok I'll be there in a second."

I headed for the bathroom as I saw Brian going into the bedroom to set up the computer. I took a quick shower, toweled off, and put Tiffany body powder all over to drive my little boy crazy. I put on a cute teddy and headed for the bedroom. When I entered the bedroom everything was ready and Brian was laying on the bed in his house robe. "My don't you look handsome."

"How about you mom! You look hot!"

"Well thank you. Are you ready?"


"Remember take your time because I want it to last a while." I climbed on the bed and kissed him on the lips. "Ok press record, I don't think I can wait any longer." He pressed record and sat the remote on the floor next to the bed. I traced the outline of his lips with my tongue, his body immediately tensed up. I whispered in his ear "Relax little man! I am going to take care of you real good." I returned to his lips and licked over the top of them lightly. I put my hand underneath his robe and followed his thigh up to his crotch until I felt his cock; it was rock hard. While thrusting my tongue in and out of his mouth I hissed "My, my what have we got here my little boy?"

"Ugh... oh god." Was all he could mutter.

"Mmmm... is that for me? Let me take a look." I opened his robe and his cock sprang out. It was shiny and red from being so stiff. I put a little saliva on my finger and lightly rubbed the tip. "Ooohh it looks so juicy." I put some more saliva on my fingers to make it more smooth.

"Oh god mom it hurts. Why does it hurt so much?"

"We just need to relieve a little bit of pressure" as I massaged his scrotum.

I leaned down and kissed the tip of his cock and dribble a little bit of saliva. "Mmmm... you want mommy to take care of the pain little man?"

"Oh god, please mom, I can't stand the pain."

I leaned down again and flicked the tip of his cock with my tongue. It twitched each time my tongue came in contact. "I don't think you are going to last too much longer and I don't want to waist any of that precious juice. Lay down on your back and we'll get rid of that pain." He laid down and I straddled him on my knees. I held his cock with one hand as I lowered myself slowly until I could feel the tip of his cock touching the out lips of my pussy. "Ok now, hold your breath and try to think of something else. Ok Brian?"

"Uh huh."

I rubbed the tip of his cock against the lips of my pussy mixing our fluids. I had to control myself from pushing it all the way inside. I eased it in a little bit further watching his face to make sure he was not going to let loose too early. "You ok honey?"

"Uh huh."

I eased down a little bit further; it was in about two inches now. He looked like he was in a daze, his body was completely stiff. Poor little man, this was too much for him. Not only was this his first time making love, but he was making love to his own mother. I decided to ease down the rest of the way watching his expression as I did. Oh god, it felt so good to have him inside me. I leaned down and put one hand on each side of his head and kissed his lips softly. I moved my hair so the camera could see me as I probed his mouth with my tongue. I raised my head a little so I could look him in the eyes "Oh god Brian you are so deep. Mmmm your cock feels so good, give it all to me you little mother fucker." Those words pushed him over the edge and his body quaked with spasms. "Oh yeah Brian fill me up." I leaned down again and forced my tongue between his lips sucking his tongue like a juicy lolly-pop.

We laid there and hugged for a couple of more minutes until his body relaxed. "Ok hon let's get cleaned up." I picked up the remote and stopped the camera. Since the computer was already on I logged onto the internet and sent the pictures and logged back out.

I barely had enough time to clean myself before I heard the phone rang. I picked up the phone "Hello?"

"Linda how are you doing?" my sister said coyly on the other side of the line.

"Fine, how are you. Sorry for not sending you an email for the last couple of days but I have been rather busy." She would call me once a month and in-between we would send emails. She had moved to New York graduating high school to pursue her dream of becoming a model. After that I had not heard from her until my husband died. I think she new I needed the support and I appreciated it greatly.

"So what have you been up to?"

"That is what I was going to ask you."

"Oh you know just keeping busy."

"You know I received some pictures for my web site that I think you would find really interesting."

"Why would I find them interesting?"

"Well my last dot com business hasn't done well for the last six months so I decided to try something a little different."

"What do you mean by different. You are not doing advertising for models anymore?"

"Well you might say I am doing a different type of modeling advertising now. I decided to try pornography, since that is where all the money is."

My throat was becoming very dry. "Really that is interesting."

"Not as interesting as the pictures I got."

My heart was racing and I felt like throwing up. I couldn't think of anything to say because I could tell where the conversation was going and I didn't like it

"Linda I am the one who you have been sending those photos to."

At that point I wished I could die. I felt betrayed and dirty. I barely mustered up enough courage to ask "That was you who was asking for photos? After you received the first set how could you request another one that included intercourse?"

"Linda please don't get mad. After I received the first set I was shocked but then I realized I was also getting turned on by seeing you and Brian kissing. So I wanted to see more."

Oh god this was crazy. I was too confused to be angry with her. After all I was the one who made the decision to do the photos, not her. Now that all the cats were out of the bag I tried to calm down "Why did you tell me?"

"Well I am going to be heading out your direction tomorrow and I wanted to stop by. But knowing what I do I would go crazy if I couldn't talk about it with you. By the way could you pick me up at the airport tomorrow?" she said with a chuckle in her voice.

"You realize this is fucking crazy. I'll be ashamed to show my face in front of you."

"I know it's crazy, but it already happened. Please pick me up at the airport tomorrow! I'll be there at 8:00AM in the morning."

Click bzzzzz. She hung up. I guess that was her way of not giving me a chance to argue. I looked at the clock it was 9:00PM; I was drained from all the anxiety. "I'm going to go to bed."

Chapter 3:

As I walked to my bedroom I poked my head in Brian's room. "I'm going to bed honey. I have to pick up Aunt Laura tomorrow at eight-o-clock in the morning."

"Ok mom."

I took a quick shower hoping to relieve the tension in my body, all the while contemplating whether I should pick up my sister at the airport. How could I look her in the face after what has happened? If I didn't pick her up though, she would never forgive me. I turned off the shower and toweled myself off. Although I only weighed a hundred and ten pounds, my body felt as though it weighed a ton from all the shit going through my mind. I plopped down on the edge of my bed and looked at the alarm clock trying to make up my mind. "She would never forgive me!" I repeated as I set the alarm clock for 7:00AM and turned off the light.

I awoke to the high pitch scream of the alarm. I turned it off and felt a body stir in the bed next to me. I had completely forgotten that I had told Brian he could sleep in my bed for now on. His arm wrapped around me and gave me a little squeeze. "Why you getting up so early mom?"

"I have to go pick up Aunt Laura at the airport, remember."

"Oh yeah." His hand moved up to my breast and played over my nipple.

"Hmmm... don't get me started I have to get moving."

"Ahh mom, but I am hard and it hurts."

"Ok I have about fifteen minutes so let me take care of your little problem. Turn on your back sweetie." He rolled over on his back and I tied my hair up in a bun. I grabbed his boxers by the waistband and pulled them off. "Ooh my, your friend sure did wake up early." I dribbled some saliva on the tip of his dick and rubbed it around with my finger.

"Oh god mom that feels so good!"

"Oh yeah." I dribbled some more saliva on his dick and worked it around with my finger. His dick was getting extremely hard and shiny. I leaned down and flicked my tongue over the tip of his dick. The musky smell of his dick penetrated my nostrils and sent electricity throughout my body. "Hmmm... you smell so good." I licked around the crown and played under the tip. He was going crazy, his hips thrusted upward in a rhythmic motion. I took his entire length in my mouth, swirling my tongue around as I moved it in and out of my mouth. "Hmmm... it tastes so good and it feels so warm." I took it out of my mouth and looked at it. It was red and pulsating from being so excited. I teased it with the tip of my tongue while looking at him.

"Oh god mom it looks so nasty."

"Yeah, you like it when mom plays with your cock?" I slowly licked it from the base up to the tip.

"I love it!"

"Ok time for you to give me your juice." I stuck his cock back in my mouth and started gently massaging his scrotum as I moved his cock in and out of my mouth. I swirled my tongue around his shaft as I quickened the pace.

"Oh god mom, I can't stand it anymore. I'm going to cum." I could feel him start to pull away so I grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled his entire length into my mouth. His cock pulsated as it pumped the warm gooey liquid into my mouth. I kept sucking and rubbing his balls like a hungry calf sucking his mother tit, milking every drop of sperm I could. My body was aching for his touch but I knew I couldn't, I would never make it to the airport if I succumbed to my primal urges.

"I got to go sweetie. I'll be back in a couple of hours."

"Ok mom" he said in a quivering voice.

I got to the airport in about a half an hour, fifteen minutes early. My body was still heated up from this morning. I fidgeted in the waiting area thinking about licking my son's hard glistening cock, rubbing it up and down the slit of my cunt. My panties were becoming soaked. "Flight 515 is now arriving at gate 10A." came over the PA speaker. "She's early!" My heart began to beat harder as I thought about what she was going to say. I saw the airplane taxi up to the gate, my heartbeat quickened. As people started to exit the gate my heart was almost beating out of my chest. I looked around for a corner to hide.

"Linda is that you?" I heard Laura's voice say from behind me. Shit, too late! I turned around "hi sis, it's good to see you." She gave me a big hug and a peck on the cheek." She looked similar to me except she had dirty blond hair, whereas I had brunet hair. I was also a little thinner because she had been going to the gym ever since she was in high school.

"Where's Brian?"

"Oh, he's home sleeping in."

"Well that's good it gives us a little time to talk alone."

"Do you have any luggage to pick up?" I said hoping to change the subject.

"No just this carry-on."

"Ok let's get going then."

As I pulled out of the parking garage the tension between us hit its peek.

"So tell me, is it good?"

"What?" I said pretending not to understand the question.

"You know, sex with Brian."

"Yeah I guess. What I love most about him is he is so tender and sweet." Bringing up the topic started to make my body feel warm and tingly again.

"Did you make love to him this morning before you picked me up?"

"Laura can we talk about something else?"

"Come on I've been dying to know. There is no need to feel embarrassed anymore."

"We didn't have sex I just sucked him off."

"Really! Oh god that is so exciting?" She said as she fidgeted in her seat. "Did he cum in your mouth?"


She kept quiet for the rest of the drive. I pulled up to the apartment complex and parked in my stall. When we got to my apartment door I saw a note from Brian "Went to the mall be back at 10:00 AM. Love, Brian." Hmmm... that was about one more hour.

"Well that just gives us a little more time to talk a little more." She said looking over my shoulder at the note.

I opened the door and put her bag in my room. When I came back out to the living room she was sitting on the couch patting the cushion next to her. "Come, tell me more about sucking Brian's beautiful cock."

"Uh isn't there anything else you would like to talk about?"

"No! I have sitting in the airplane for three hours, sis, thinking about you and your son fucking each other. Now I want to hear the details."

Realizing she would not give up "ok, I love the scent of his balls and the feeling of his cock in my mouth when it pulsates." Laura moved closer to me so her leg touched mine. She moved her arm behind my head so that her left breast touched my arm. "Tell me more" she hissed. I could feel the hotness of her breath on my face and smell her fragrance radiating from her body.

"Before your plane arrived I was sitting in the terminal dreaming about making his cock slippery with my saliva and then rubbing it up and down my pussy, teasing my clit as I rubbed it."

She leaned into me and kissed my cheek. I was feeling nauseous. I never ever had sexual thoughts about a woman, especially my sister. "Um what are you doing sis?"

"Don't stop, keep telling me about you and Brian."

I hated myself because I did not have enough guts to stop what was happening. I obeyed her and kept describing my fantasy "After I rub his cock on my slit I position my ass above his head and make him lick me while I suck his cock." She took my hand in hers and placed it on the zipper of her pants.

"Feel how wet you are making me Linda."

My hand shook as I fumbled with her zipper. She kissed behind my ear; the warmth of her breath made my body tremble. She noticed the hesitation after I managed to unzip her pants; she took my hand again and put it inside the waistband of her thong. My fingers were just touching the outer limits of her pubic hair. Her breathing was becoming more erratic as she licked behind my ear. I felt like throwing up and I wanted her to stop. "No Linda." She pushed my hand deeper into her thong until I could feel the dampness in her pubic hair.

"Kiss me." She panted.

"No, I, I can't. This is so wrong! I've never been with another woman before."

She didn't give me a chance to pull away forcing her tongue between my lips. I almost gagged; I tried to push her tongue out with mine but it just slithered around my mouth like a snake. My mind went numb; her hand fumbled with the buttons on my jeans, popping one at a time. Her hand slipped inside the elastic of my panties and played with my pubic hair. My hips thrusted up in anticipation.

The feeling of her tongue moving in my mouth and the taste of her saliva was intoxicating. Her hand moved lower inside my panties until her finger was touching my clit. I bucked my hips trying to impale her finger.

"Hmmm... someone is enjoying herself." She got up and pulled my jeans down my legs along with my panties. I was so confused by what was going on; how could I be getting excited by my sister touching me. She knelt down between my legs and kissed my pubic mound. Her tongue licked up and down my outer lips. "Oh shit that feels so good!" I grabbed her head and pushed it into my mound. Her tongue jabbed in and out of my pussy.

"CLICK!" Oh shit the door lock!

"Mom... Aunt Laura? What's going on?"

We both sat up instantly. "Brian, you're home already!"

Brian just stared at us in a trance.

"Brian it's not what it looks like."

"Really what does it look like" Laura sneered. "Why don't you come over here and join us Brian; we need a real stiff cock."

"What? What the hell are you doing!" I screamed.

"Come on Brian don't tell me you haven't ever dreamt about being with two women" Laura said as she stood up and pulled down her pants revealing her thong.

Brian was still in a daze.

"Laura this is so crazy" I said.

"Is it? What makes it more crazy than you and Brian being together?"

Brian finally spoke "She knows mom?"

"She is the one who has been paying us for the pictures" I said.

She walked over to Brian and gave him and opened mouthed kiss. "Come on Brian why don't you finish eating out your mom."

Brian walked over to me and knelt between my legs putting his hands on my thighs. His deep blue eyes peered into mine "I love you mom."

"I love you too Brian. Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Are you kidding. She is right this is beyond my wildest fantasies."

"Ok then eat your mommy's pussy."

He leaned forward and parted my pussy lips with his fingers. He licked all around the opening and then drove his tongue all the way into my hole. I grabbed his head and pulled it into me trying to get as much of his tongue inside me. "Oh Brian, fuck me with that tongue."

Laura pulled off her thong and climbed up on the couch. She put one leg on each side of me so that she was facing the wall. "Eat me sista!"

I looked up and saw her cunt right above my head. She lowered herself till she was inches from my nose and then spread her pussy with her fingers. The aroma from her pussy filled my nostrils. I felt nauseous; I had never been so close to another woman's pussy before. "Eat her mom" Brian said as he stood up between my legs. He put the tip of his dick at the entrance to my pussy and rubbed it up and down my sopping slit. I bucked my hips trying to push it in.

"Oh fuck Brian just put it in" I said. "I need you inside of me."

"Let me see you lick your sister first mom."

I stuck out my tongue and closed my eyes. I felt my tongue touch her moist warm flesh. I ran my tongue up and down her slit tasting the sour nectar that poured out of it. "Oh fuck Linda!" Laura hissed as ground her bush into my face. I felt Brian's cock enter my pussy; his finger massaged my clit as he moved in and out of me. I sucked on Laura's clit making her breathing become heavy and erratic. Laura pulled away from my mouth. "Let me feel Brian inside of me." She got off of me and climbed off the couch. "Lay down Brian" she told him in a husky voice.

Brian laid on the floor on his back and I squatted above his head until my pussy was an inch away from his nose. He started licking frantically at my pussy, making slurping sounds. My sister squatted in front of me above his dick. She lowered herself onto his cock until is disappeared into her hole. I leaned forward and kissed Laura while she slowly bounced up and down on Brian's dick. Brain's tongue was moving up and down the crack of my ass, stopping once in a while to play with my anus. I leaned forward and traced my sister's lips with my tongue. I shoved my tongue in my sister's mouth while I rubbed my ass back and forth over my son's face. I felt Brian's body start to shudder. My sister's eyes rolled back in her head as she ground her cunt into his groin. "Oh yeah Brian fill your Aunt's pussy with your cum."

Laura and I kept kissing until Brian's body stopped shaking.

Laura stood up with Brian's sperm dripping out of her cunt "well let's go get that on camera now!"

The Bug That Got Me Mom

The Bug That Got Me Mom

First I would like to thank everyone for taking an interest in my work. I very much appreciate it.

I was working on the Second chapters to all of my previous stories, but I'm finding it very hard to writing anything sexy and enjoyable at the moment. I ask that you please bare with me for a little while as I take some time to grieve.

I had to make the unbearable decision to have my beloved Golden Retriever (Ginger) put to sleep. She suffered from kidney failure and I was forced to watch the life drain out of her. By Saturday she couldn't even stand on her own. I wish this hardship on no one.

So I had this story just finished being reviewed by Chasp and would like to thank him for taking the time to edit it. I'll be sure to complete the Second chapters as soon I find myself feeling up to it.

All characters are fictional and 18 years or older.


Greg Wilson walked to the bottom of the staircase and yelled for his son, Billy.

"Billy, could you come here for a minute?"

There was no reply, so again he yelled, this time a little louder.

"Billy!" Still silence.

What the hell was that boy doing? Greg wondered and made his way up the staircase in search of his son.

Billy wasn't able to hear his dad yell, for he was preoccupied listening to music with his headphones on, while he jerked off to a magazine.

Sprawled out on his bed with his hands down his pants, Billy noticed how much the centerfold of the magazine looked like his mother.

Damn! Would my mom look that hot without her clothes on? Billy wondered, as his bedroom door opened and his dad walked in.

Billy tried to conceal what he was doing and tucked the magazine under his pillow. He removed his ear buds and with a red face looked at his dad.

"Yeah, dad, what's up?" Billy said.

Greg just smirked at his son.

"You know, son, if you're gonna do that, you should lock your door. If your mother had caught you, she would've fainted."

"Umm, sorry, dad. I'll make sure I do that in the future."

Greg just chuckled.

"Oh, I almost forgot what I came up here for. I talked to your mother last night and we've decided to go on another camping trip this year. So I need you to help pack the gear up for when we leave tonight."

"Is sis going also?" Billy asked, hoping she wasn't, since like typical siblings they fought all the time and figured the trip would be more enjoyable without her.

"Well, what kind of a question is that? Of course she's going. You two have to learn to get along."

Billy's sister Steff was 18, and just out of high school. She and their mother Dawn, were two very attractive females. They could pass for twins in appearance, if it weren't for the 20 year age difference. They both had long black hair and blue eyes and each had a wonderful set of bubbly tits. Not too big and not too small. They were about the same height, 5 foot 6 inch, with very slim waistlines.

Billy was a typical 19 year old with a buff build from all the athletic sports he played.

Greg Wilson was 10 years older than his wife Dawn, and showing his 49 years. He was partially balding in the back with a touch of grey everywhere else. He spent so much time just sitting around doing paperwork at the bank that his body was sagging everywhere.

"Well, I'm off to try and get your sister on the phone and tell her the news. I'll try and give you a hand at packing later." Greg turned and shook his head. "Youth."

Billy sprang from the bed and headed out to the garage to pack their gear into the van. As he struggled with his parents' large canvas tent, he paused for a moment and remembered back to when they all would sleep in there together. He tossed the tent into the van, and then proceeded to get the rest of the equipment out.

Dawn had been in the kitchen and just finished up her chores. She wondered if her son might need help packing, so she headed over to garage to see. As she trotted over to the garage, she saw he was just about finished with the packing.

As she approached her son, her eyes wandered over his sweat stained tee shirt and noticed how it clung to his muscular chest. Dawn felt her body tingle and it took her by surprise. Clearing her head she continued to walked over to him and lightly tapped him on his shoulder.

"Hey, you want me to get you a cold glass of lemonade?"

Bill was startled by his mother's touch, and as he turned around to face her. He couldn't help but ogle her attire.

Dawn wore a red and white striped short sleeved shirt. It was tied in the middle and exposed her tight abs and navel, and her cleavage was popping out of the top and showing off her succulent breast areolas through the fabric. Her shorts were made out of a cut-up pair of old jeans and the cut was pretty high, exposing her silky thighs and the underside of her panties.

Billy's mind went back to the magazine he had stroked off to just a few hours ago. The other woman's figure became intertwined with his mother's and he could picture her posing seductively for the mag instead of the model.

"Billy!" his mother exclaimed.

"Huh?" Billy said, snapping out of his trance.

"Umm, sorry, mom. I was trying to think if I got everything we need."

With a puzzled expression on her face, Dawn asked him again if he wanted something cold to drink.

"No thanks, mom, I want to finish this up so I can at least get a quick game in before we go."

"Ok honey. Just don't get hurt before we leave. I wouldn't want to hear your father complain if we couldn't make this trip on time."

"I won't, mom." Billy yelled, as his mother made her way back to the house.

Billy cautiously shifted his eyes as his mother walked away. He couldn't help but admire the way her ass wiggled from side to side with each step. Billy could feel his dick swell in size, as he eyed his sexy mother leaving.

You're a sick shit, he thought to himself. As he turned to the van he shook his head and tried to clear the images that kept popping in there. He put his mind back on packing, and finished the job at hand.

Dawn, almost to the house, recollected the way her son had looked at her.

Was my own son checking me out? She wondered, as she continued on her way.

After a pizza dinner, Dawn, Steff and Billy grabbed the last of their things, and headed to the van. Greg did a once over to make sure all appliances were turned off and the doors were locked. He got in the driver seat and looked back at his two wonderful kids.

"Everyone ready?" he asked, with a big smile on his face.

They all nodded in agreement. Greg put the car in drive and made his way toward the interstate.

After an hour or so of some small bickering with his sister in the back seat of the car, Billy turned and admired the last sight of the sun before it set behind the mountains. As Billy enjoyed the view, he felt a need to piss coming on.

Maybe I shouldn't have had all that water after the game with the guys, Billy thought to himself.

Billy felt the pressure build in his abdomen as the van bumped down the highway. He knew he wasn't going to be able to hold it much longer, so he hesitantly spoke up.

"Hey, dad. How far to the next rest stop?"

"I think another 70 miles or so. Why?"

"Dad, I hate to say this, but I think I'm going to need you to pull over. I don't think I can hold out that long."

Greg was a little annoyed with his son's request, but he slowed down and pulled the van off to the side of the road.

"Make it quick," Greg exclaimed in a sharp tone.

Billy wasted no time. He opened the vehicle door and ran over to the end of pavement, glancing back just realizing just how dark it had gotten. He needed to get off the road more so that as cars passed they couldn't pick him up in their headlights. Billy made his way through the high grass, and finding a good spot unzipped his pants. Pulling out his dick he quickly began to piss. With his urine discharging out of his body he said

"God, this feels good.".

Glancing around, he noticed strange flying insects. They lit up the sky, but they didn't appear to be fireflies. They had a similar look and the same ability to light up their bodies, yet he had never seen this insect before. He couldn't help but enjoy how wonderful they looked as they flashed their lights in the night sky like twinkling stars.

As he's watched the bugs, he heard the horn beep from the van. Quickly putting his penis back into his pants, he zipped up and rushed to get back to the vehicle. Jumping in, he apologized to his father for taking so long.

Greg rolled his eyes at his son and sped away down the highway, trying to make up for lost time.

Of course Steff realized the trouble her brother had gotten himself into and had to put her two cents in.

"So, Billy, did you have a hard time finding it in the dark?"

"Shut up! Dog breath!" Billy yelled.

"No more name calling," Dawn warned.

"It's going to be a long week if you two don't get along."

Billy looked at his mother and smiled.

"Ok, mom, I'll stop."

Billy turned towards his sister.

"I'm sorry, sis."

Steff looked surprised by what her brother said, but still stuck her tongue out at him.

They both started to laugh at one another.

Right at that moment, Billy felt something crawling around in his pants. He started to fumble with his jeans trying to see if he could get to it without drawing to much attention to himself.

But it crawled up the shaft of his dick; Billy could feel tiny legs as it moved up his cock. All of a sudden, a searing pain shot through his entire body.

"Ahh!" Billy screamed. He quickly unbuttoned his pants and slid them down, along with his underwear. Again, he felt another sharp pain, this time more painful than the first.

Billy looked down and spied one of those strange looking bugs that glowed.

The bug sprang from Billy's cock and flew out the window.

Billy looked up and saw both his mother and sister staring at him with looks of total shock on their faces.

"Mom, that bug bit me." Billy whimpered, as he pulled his pants back up.

But the pain was still throbbing through his body.

Greg looked back in the review mirror and saw how distraught his son seemed.

"Are you ok, son?"

Billy, felt embarrassed and was in severe pain, so he replied," I don't know, dad. It hurts pretty bad."

"Where did he get you?" Greg asked.

But before Billy could reply, his mother spoke up.

"Greg, you'd better pull over and let me take a look at Billy."

"Mom, that's ok, I think the pain is subsiding."

The pain mixed with the location of the bite was doing something strange to Billy. He felt that his dick had gotten stiff. But for some reason, there was something different about it now. It wasn't just hard -- it had grown in length and girth, also. He felt his dick pulsate to his own heart beat.

Billy began to sweat heavily. As he covered his wounded crotch with both his hands, he couldn't believe what was happening to him.

Billy heard a voice and realized his mother was still talking to him.

"What was that, mom? What did you say?"

"I said I think I'd better have a look at you. If your bite has swollen, I could get some ice from the cooler. That would bring the swelling down."

"Mom! No! I'll be okay. Just let me close my eyes and rest for a bit." Billy knew he couldn't have his mother see the condition he was really in. The truth of the matter was that the pain had eased up or his dick had become numb. Either way it wasn't hurting as bad.

"Well, ok for now, but I'm going to have your father stop at the next rest area so I can make sure anyway."

"Just let him be, honey. If he says it's ok then we have to believe him."

Greg wanted the fuss to stop because check in time at the camp was 9.00am and he didn't want to be slowed down. Not that he wanted his wife to think that he didn't care about their son, but honestly, time was moving on and he wanted to just keep going.

But Dawn knew her husband all too well.

"Greg! Your son's health comes before making sure we arrive at the campground on time."

Greg sighed. "You're right, honey. I'm sorry."

Billy relished that he was feeling no more pain, but his dick still seemed to be doing its own thing. He also felt very drowsy, so he rested his head on the side of the van and slipped off to sleep.

As Billy slumbered, a strange dream started playing in his mind. He found himself in a dark unfamiliar room with his back on a bed. He was naked and there were no sheets on the bed. But he also wasn't alone. He felt something wet sliding up and down his hardened penis.

Billy looked down and took a gander at a girl that was sucking feverishly on his stiff dick. Her head was down so he couldn't see who this strange girl was. Billy closed his eyes and relished at how experienced this girl was at giving him head. It was a blowjob like no other.

As Billy moved his hands to the top of the mystery girl's head forcing her mouth to go deeper onto his raging cock, he felt the back of her throat with his dick and let out a soft moan.

God, whoever she is, she's fantastic.

Looking down at his anonymous lover, the girl tipped her head up at Billy. A ripple of shock raced through Billy's body.

Oh my God! It's my mother!

Then he cried out aloud, "Mom!". "Hey! Wake up, dipshit," his sister said. Billy opened his eyes and tried to get his wits about him.

"You have a bad dream, honey?" his mother asked.

"Umm, yeah, mom."

The car was now stopped in a rest area.

"Well, come on, let's have a look at that bite."

"No, mom, we should keep going, it's fine now."

Billy was aware that not only was his cock still rock hard but that it felt larger than before. He didn't want his mother to see him like this, but also found himself thinking back to the dream and toying with the thought of what might happen if she actually did see his cock.

Where are these thoughts coming from? he wondered. Am I sick?

"Well, since I'm still your mother it's my job to make sure you're okay. I'm not taking NO for an answer."

Billy felt his dick jump in his pants from hearing his mother's comment. He realized he had no choice but to agree. Billy and Dawn got out of the car and walked to the restrooms.

"Mom? How are we going to do this? I can't go into the women's room, and you can't go into the men's room."

"You go into the men's room and see if anybody's in there. If there isn't, we'll go into a stall and I'll take a look at it in there."

As Billy walked into the restroom and looked around, he saw that there was one person in there but he looked like he was getting ready to leave. Billy paced himself by walking up to the lavatory sink and washing his hands, slowly, giving the gentleman time to leave. Billy followed him out of the restroom and approached his mom.

"Okay, mom, he was the only person in there."

Dawn and her son quickly walked into the men's restroom and entered a stall. Billy turned to face his mother as she told him to drop his pants. Hearing his mother say those words, Billy's dick jumped again and, as if it was even possible, it got even harder. Hesitantly, Billy dropped his pants and underwear down to his ankles, and saw that he was right-- his cock had actually grown quite larger.

Dawn was overwhelmed by what she saw.

"My God! Billy, where did you get that thing? And why are you hard?"

"I don't know, mom. It got that way after I was bitten."

"It got hard after you were bitten?"

"Yeah. But also its size, mom. It.. err, it wasn't that large yesterday."

"I see," Dawn replied. But she couldn't help herself from staring at it. Like it was hypnotizing her.

Dawn tried to pull herself together, she said, "Okay. Show me where you were bitten."

Slowly Billy reached down and pulled his hard dick to the left side.

"There, mom, right there."

Billy's mom got down on her knees so she could get a better look at the bite. But with Billy's massive hard-on only inches from her face it was difficult for her to concentrate on what she was supposed to be doing.

Billy looked down at the sight before him. Seeing his mother on her knees gawking at his enormous cock brought back the dream that he had only minutes before. A rush of blood shot through Billy's body, and, as if someone else was controlling him, his hands reached out to his mom's head and grasped her hair. Slowly he pulled her closer to his throbbing cock, physically aching to feel her warm moist lips wrap around his awaiting dick.

Dawn leaped to her feet.

"Billy! What do you think you're doing?"

Billy thought quickly and said, "I was trying to stop myself from falling, mom. I felt dizzy."

"Well, pull your pants up and let's get going. Maybe your body is trying to fight off whatever was in that bug bite. When we get back to the car, I'll get you some ice to put on it. Maybe that will take the swelling down."

"But, mom, I couldn't place ice on my crotch in the back seat with Steff there."

Dawn thought about that for a moment. "Well, I'll switch seats with her and say I have to watch over you. to make sure you'll be okay."

They returned to the van and Dawn explained the new seating arrangement to her husband and daughter. Grabbing some ice from the cooler and wrapping it in a towel, she entered the back of the van and handed it to Billy.

"Okay. Here you go. Now get in on your side of the van and lay your head down. See if you can get some sleep for the rest of the trip."

Greg wasn't happy about how long they took to sort out the problem, but at least the bite wasn't serious enough to cancel the trip, so back on the road they went.

While Billy rested in the back seat, his mind wandered back to the sight he had seen of his mother on her knees, just inches from his throbbing penis, Billy fumbled with ideas of how he could get her into another situation like that, but again felt himself slipping away and he dozed off.

Dawn looked over at her son, and also reminisced about the restroom experience.

My God, what a huge dick my son has. The thought frightened her and she wondered why she was having such thoughts about her own son. As Dawn watched her son sleep, she wondered whether he would notice if she touched him. Slowly she inched her fingers over to her son's groin and lightly placed her hand over his hard bulge.

Billy was awakened by the presence of his mother's touch on his penis which was still quite stiff. He could feel her light touch on the shaft of his hard cock and expelled a very soft groan. Billy carefully reached out and took his mother's hand, pushing it down harder on his dick.

Dawn tried to pull her hand away, but Billy forcefully kept her hand there. Forcing her hand up and down his shaft through his pants, Billy thrust his hips up to meet her hand every time it slid up his shaft.

Billy sensed the load building deep in his balls as it traveled up his dick.

Dawn was shocked by what was happening, but also felt herself becoming moist.

I have to stop this, Dawn thought to herself, as she looked over at her husband sitting innocently in front of her.

He'd kill us if he caught on to what we're doing.

Just then Steff spoke up and asked if Billy was okay. Quickly Billy stopped what he was doing and his mother whipped her hand away from Billy's groin.

"I'm feeling better, sis. Thanks for asking anyway."

To himself, he said, I would be feeling real good right about now if you hadn't butted in.

Bill now felt very frustrated. He needed to feel some relief, but that wasn't the only feeling he had. He had always thought his mom was a great looker, and he had at times fantasized about seeing her nude, but this was more than that - now he felt pure lust for her. Something deep down inside him was stirring, making him think and do things he would never have thought of doing before.

All he could think of now was having his mother. Every way he could. It was as if nothing else was more important.

He imagined what it would be like to feel her sweet lips savoring his stiff dick, as it slid all the way down her silky throat. His thoughts jumped to another vision, and he saw himself licking her sweet pussy, tasting the juices off her drenched snatch, flicking her hard clit with his tongue until she exploded in his mouth.

Billy's blood roared through his body. He had brought himself to the point where just a light touch would have made him cum in his pants.

Billy thought long and hard to try and connive a way of getting into his mother's pants.

"He wondered if she wanted him also. After all, she hadn't stopped him when he had forced her to masturbate him. He hadn't really taken a good look at her, before. He hadn't paid attention before to what she was wearing, but now he could see that although it was just a buttoned up white sun dress with yellow flowers on it, it looked really sexy.

Billy floated his eyes down to his mother's breasts. He couldn't miss them - the dress's buttons weren't done up all the way and while she was breathing, her chest pushed her tits upward and outward as if saying "Please come feel me. I need to be held. I need to have my nipples nursed upon, like you did when you were an infant."

He focused harder on them. The van was dark but the lights from passing cars shed enough light for Billy to notice that her nipples were hard.

Was my mother getting excited? He wondered. Or was she just chilly? I don't feel chilly.

Then he realized his mother wasn't wearing a bra. The material of the dress was thin enough for him to know she couldn't be wearing one.

He continued to gaze at his mother's body; his eyes dropped down to her waist and then to her thighs. Oh, her thighs! Billy could see the skin of his mother's thighs. The dress had floated above her knees and was resting on her lower thighs.

Dawn gave a little shiver. She crossed her arms and rubbed them as if she was trying to warm herself.

"Mom, do you feel chilly?"

Dawn turned her head towards Billy and then to her husband.

"Greg, it feels chilly in here. Do you have the air on?"

"Yeah, I do. I want it cold to help me stay awake while I drive."

"It's ok, Mom, we could just open one of the sleeping bags and use it as a blanket. They're packed right behind us. I could just reach back and grab one. "Billy spoke quickly and eagerly. He waited for her reply.

Steff spoke up.

"Hey, grab me one, too. I'm cold as well."

Billy patiently waited for an answer from his mom.

"Well, okay," she said. "But I don't think they are long enough for the both of us to share. You might have to get me a separate one."

"You could slide over and rest your head on my shoulder, mom."

Billy held his breath as he hoped she would do just that, knowing full well that this position would ensure that his father's view of his wife through the rear view mirror would be obscured.

Dawn replied to her son with a stern look on her face.

"No, you still have that ice and I don't want it touching me. Or anything else, for that matter."

Greg clued in on his wife's last comment.

"What are you talking about? What's the 'or anything else'?"

Dawn tried to cover up her comment. Not wanting to see her son get slapped around, she looked at her husband with a smile on her face.

"Oh, I just meant if Billy picked up one bug, there maybe more, and I don't want them crawling on me. That's all."

"Oh. Well didn't you check that before at the rest area when you were checking on his bite?"

"Yes, but it was kind of quick because I knew we had to hurry, so..."

Billy quickly spoke up.

"Mom, I think it's okay. I would have felt them crawling on me by now, and the ice has melted, anyway. I could put the towel on the floor."

"No. Give it to me. I don't want the floor wet."

Billy handed the towel to his mother. Dawn pulled a plastic bag from a rear compartment and placed the towel inside.

"So, two or three sleeping bags, Mom?"

Dawn looked at her son, as if weighing things up.

"Just get the two. I'll move closer if it's too small."

Billy was ecstatic. His plan had worked so far. He reached back for the sleeping bags. He knew that the smallest one was his sister's so he grabbed his bag first and handed it to Steff.

"Here you go, sis."

"Thanks," she replied and opened the bag up.

Billy turned around to get his sister's bag, the smaller one. He turned around in the seat and started to untie the bag and roll it out over himself and his mom.

"I guess you were right, Mom, it only halfway covers us both."

"I figured as much," Dawn replied drily, as she slid over on the seat towards Billy. She pulled her legs up and bent them at the knee, resting them on the seat behind her. She leaned forward and put her head on her son's shoulder.

Dawn glanced at her husband to see if he was watching. She leaned in to her son and whispered softly in his ear, "No funny stuff, mister. We're just keeping warm. Right?"

Billy nodded his head in agreement with her, placing his right hand on her lower thigh at the point where the dress had exposed her skin. He eased back in the seat and rested his head on the back so that it appeared he was just making himself comfortable.

Dawn placed her left hand over her son's and rested it on his knee. She snuggled in against him, her left cheek on his shoulder, and closed her eyes.

With the sleeping bag over them, Billy knew that even if his sister turned around, she wouldn't be able to see anything.

Billy eagerly waited for a sign that his mom had become secure with their closeness. He figured only then would he start to put his mischievous plan into action.

Billy figured it must have been an hour that he'd waited, and felt secure enough to put his plan into action. He could detect that his mother's breathe was heavy on his shoulder.

She had to be asleep. He thought to himself.

Lightly he squeezed his right hand on his mother's thigh a couple of times, just to see if she reacted at all to his presence. Billy felt no movement from her, so he moved his right hand up her thigh a little and then back down in a rubbing motion. Dawn continued to breathe heavily. Billy moved his hand slowly up her thigh higher, dragging the sun dress with him as he went. Still seeing no change from his mom, Billy felt more confident, as he continued moving higher and higher up his mother's thigh until he had reached her mid thigh now. But Billy encountered his first problem. He could feel his elbow hitting the seat. Without completely moving his body, he realized this was as far as he was going to be able to go. Disappointed momentarily, he lightly dragged his fingers back down his mother's thigh, back to her knee, and then back up her thigh again but this time he moved his finger to the inside of her thigh.

Although Dawn was in her deep slumber, her legs involuntarily parted a little, making room for the fingers that were softly stroking the inside of her thigh. Billy's ears keyed in on his mom's breathing, noting that it had become quicker.

Billy felt his own excitement building, as moving his hand to the middle of Dawn's inner thigh, he could feel her legs parting more to his probing touch. He heard the softest of moans coming from his mother. He rubbed his hand up as for as it would go on her left inner thigh, and then brushed his hand down her right inner thigh.

Suddenly he felt his mother stir! Billy froze. He kept his hand still and prayed his mother wouldn't open her eyes. Luck was on his side. Dawn's eyes remain closed, but she snapped her legs closed and shifted more onto her left side. Billy removed his right hand from his mother and turned his body very slowly toward her. His mother's head slowly slipped off his shoulder and rested now on the car's seat. Billy was now facing her with his right shoulder on the car's seat, his mother's hand still on his right leg, but now he had it trapped with his left leg. He placed his left hand on the top of his mother's left leg.

Billy listened to his mother's breathing. Had it changed? Was it still heavy? Or has it lightened? He tested her again by squeezing her lower thigh gently. He received no response so he slowly glided his fingertips up to the top of her thigh to where the hem of her dress rested. He trickled his fingers lightly back down her leg. He repeated this several times, always checking for a change of expression or of a sound from his mother. Like a falling feather he laid his hand flat on his mother's leg and moved it up to the top of her thigh. He pushed the palm of his hand down on her flesh, and scrunched the dress up as he moved his hand slowly, ever so slowly, back up her leg. Now he could feel the leg rim of his mother's panties. Billy paused there and he admired how far he had been able to go. After a minute or so, Billy twitched his fingers and grazed his mother's panties, and gave her thigh another squeeze of his hand.

Billy caught a change in his mother. Her closed mouth has parted a little. He gave her leg another light squeeze and her lips opened a little more. He was sure her breathing was lighter and faster now, too. He felt his excitement rise more as he realized that his mother must be feeling something.

This newfound excitement caused Billy to push the limit more, so he returned to lightly running his left fingertips over the top of his mother's thigh, but with his free hand he very slowly, very carefully, unbuttoned his pants and eased them down until he was able to free his massive cock.

That strange feeling he had experienced earlier had now taken over. He felt like a slave to it and yet he knew there was no way back. Wherever this feeling came from, he was going to enjoy his mother, whether she wanted him to or not.

Billy again stroked his mother's thighs, knee to panty line, both legs. Whether she was aware of what her son was doing or not, Dawn's legs parted as they had earlier. The more he stroked her, the further her legs parted, and the more her breathing quickened. Billy laid his open hand on her inner thigh and whispered it gently up her leg until his thumb brushed his mother's crotch. He could feel the heat of her pussy through the soft feel of her cotton panties. He wanted desperately to slide his thumb under the elastic but decided it was too early. Instead, he continued his game of running his fingers up one leg and down the next, so that his mom would subconsciously get used to the feeling. If he did this right, she wouldn't know what was going on until it was too late for her to stop him. He wanted her to enjoy this as much as he knew he was going to.

Billy slowly lifted his right hand and reached for his mother's hand that was trapped between his legs. He raised his left leg to free her hand and slowly moved it closer to his waiting, throbbing cock. Billy placed her hand on the shaft of his dick, and closed her fingers around it. He then began to move her hand slowly up and down his thick shaft. Using his left hand he pressed more firmly on her flesh and moved his hand up to her panties. This time he hooked his thumb under the elastic and brushed her pussy lips. He could feel the heat pouring out of her and a moistness that he hadn't noticed earlier.. His mother gave another soft moan. Billy was ecstatic. He thought to himself,

Yes, that's it. You like this, don't you, Mom. You need to cum. I know you do. I want to make you cum, Mom. You're going to cum for me before this trip was over .

As Bill rubbed his mother's hand up and down his dick he got a surprise - she had started doing it on her own now; his mother, in her sleep, was slowly jacking him off!

Billy made another bold move. He removed his right hand from his mother's wrist and let it creep to her chest. With his palm open, he started to rub in little circles around her succulent left breast. His mother indeed was braless. He could feel her nipple harden through the light material of the dress.

He heard another moan leave his mother's lips and she gripped his stiff shaft a little harder.

I've almost got her, he thought to himself.

Billy slid his hand to the center of her chest and tried to undo another button on her dress. After some fiddling, it became undone and he preceded downward, undoing the next button, then the next, until they were all unfastened. He now had complete access to his mother's breasts. Billy opened the dress more and slid his hand to manipulate her left circular breast, and lightly kneaded both her globes, one after the other. He then slowly worked his left hand under his mother's panties and rested it right on top of her wet pussy.

Billy started to rub up and down on his mother's mound while at the same time he kneaded her luscious breasts, switching from one tit to the other. Billy felt the increased speed of his mother's hand as she rubbed his cock up and down. He could hear her breath louder and quicker. His cum was building in his balls.

Billy leaned forward and put his lips to his mother's ear and whispered, "That's it, Mom. Make your son cum."

He heard his mother in her sleeping state mumble something but he couldn't make out what it was.

"You feel so hot, Mom. I bet you need to get off too, don't you, Mom. You need to cum also, don't you, Mom? I'm going to make you cum. I want you to cum for me. I want us to cum together, Mom."

She let out a moan at these words and Billy now worked his left hand until it parted his mother's moist pussy lips.

"You're so wet, Mom," He whispered in her ear as he rubbed two fingers up and down her swollen lips.

Dawn's hips started to twitch, slightly lifting up and back down to the rhythm of Billy's fingers. Billy felt her grip his dick harder and she moveed her hand to the same speed and pace he was moving against her pussy.

"That's it, Mom. Your hand feels fantastic."

"Oh, Billy", his mother said softly.

She said his name. My God! My mother said my name. Did she know? Had she been pretending to be asleep or was she dreaming about me? Billy was now so excited, he couldn't believe his mother was aware of what had taking place and had given her permission to him. He slid his hand up Dawn's hot mound to her protruding clit. With his fingers, he started lightly flicking it. His mother bucked harder against his intruding hand, and she was beating him off at a faster pace as she gripped his cock like it was a baseball bat. Light moans were coming more often from her now. Billy wanted to cover her mouth as he was afraid his father and sister would hear his mother's moans of delight. But he couldn't do this without waking his mother and he preferred to take his chances.

Billy increased the pressure on his mother's clit. He pushed his fingers inside her so that he could fuck her with them. With his thumb he rubbed her hard little clit. He wished his fingers were his cock. He wanted to fuck her hard with his shaft. He wanted her to want him like he wanted her. Her wetness had turned him on so much he didn't think he would last much longer.

His mother's legs started to quiver. Billy grasped her tits harder now, and he began to grunt in his mother's ear, keeping it soft, just between the two of them.

"Yes, Mom. That's it, cum for me. Let's cum together. Uhh Uhh. I'm so close, Mom."

Just then Dawn woke. She tried to grasp what was happening. She felt the tingling of her own ecstasy, her hips bucking to the probing fingers attacking her excited clit, and then she felt what her own hand was doing.

But it wasn't her husband that had worked her up to this point. It was her own son; he had stimulated her to total bliss, and she was jerking him off. She felt herself building to her needful climax, but somehow she felt she should stop this. It's so wrong, surely. How could this have happened? Her mind was telling her one thing, yet her body betrayed her. Her hand continued to jerk her son off and her hips still thrust up towards her son's skillful fingers fucking her, fucking her, fucking her. Her excitement was intense. God, this was so wrong!

"Billy," she whispered to him. "We can't do this. Please stop. It's so wrong."

"I can't, Mom. I need this and I think you need this, too. I want to make you cum, Mom. Please cum for me."

"Noo..." she moaned quietly.

"Yes, Mom. Cum for me." And Billy rubbed faster on her clit.

"We can't, Billy."

"We already are, Mom. I can feel we're both close, Mom."

Billy thrust himself harder against his mother's beating hand, as he felt his mother's body tighten up as her body quivered all over.

Drawn tried to conceal her orgasm by biting her lip as muffled whimpers started to escape from her mouth. Her free hand moved to her son's wrist grabbing it, pushing his hand harder into her hot pussy as her orgasm exploded, her drenched pussy tightened around her son's fingers as they kept feverishly fucking her excited cunt.

Billy felt and heard his mother reach her climax. His blood rushed to his head as his cum readied itself to explode out of his throbbing cock. Quickly he locked his lips on his mother's mouth, keeping her moans locked inside her. As he pumped his dick harder in her hand, he felt his cum explode out of his shivering body, spurting cum all over his mother's hand and the sleeping bag. It felt as if his heart was pumping the cum out of his being. He thrust his hips up and down in his mother's hand as the electric tingle pulsed though his entire body like nothing he'd ever felt before. Billy tried his best to silence his own grunting, pressing his mouth down harder on his mother's lips which were willingly kissing him back now.

After coming down from their sexual high. Billy removed his hand from his mother's quivering pussy. Billy looked at his mother in her blissful state and whispered,

"Thanks mom. I needed that. I love you mom."

Dawn's body jerked as she came down from her own satisfying climax, opened her eyes and whispered back, "I love you too, Billy."

She looked over to the front seats and noticed that no one had looked back. Steff's head was not in sight so she must have it resting on the door, and Greg was busily driving.

Billy eased himself over and started to pull up his cum covered pants. His sperm was everywhere. He needed to find something to clean himself up. Dawn also sat up and tried to find something to wipe her hand off with. She reached for the wet towel Billy used as an icepack used it. She then handed it to Billy and he tried to clean up a bit. They both jumped when Greg spoke to Dawn..

"Umm, honey, you awake?"

"Yes, dear."

"Umm, there's a rest stop 2 miles ahead and I need to relieve myself. I think that's a good place for someone to take over driving for a bit. I'm starting to get tired."

"I'll drive for awhile, honey. You could crash in the back seat with Billy."

Steff spoke up now. "Hey what about me. I'm cramped up here I want to get some sleep too."

"Okay, Billy and I will switch with you both at the rest stop."

"That's fine with me, mom." Billy said

Steff turned to her mother,

"That's great, mom. Thank you."


Greg turned off the exit ramp and searched for a parking spot. The rest area that he found was quite dark and there were not many cars. He pulled the van up to the closet spot he could find and parked.

Greg turned the engine off and gave a refreshing stretch, as the long drive had taken its toll on him and he couldn't wait to relieve that build up of piss he had been holding in for such a long time. Greg opened the door and hopped out. Lifting one leg and then the other, Greg tried to shake off the stiffness. He turned and glanced at the rear of the van and caught his wife and son watching him.

"I'll be right back," he said.

"I'll come with you, daddy" Steff said, in the middle of a stretch herself.

"We'll wait here until you two get back," Dawn exclaimed. "I need a private moment to talk to Billy about something."

Billy swallowed hard and thought to himself, I'm in deep shit now. I don't think Mom's too happy with me. I'd better come up with something quick.

Greg gave his wife a quick nod and made his way to the restrooms with his daughter.

Dawn watched as her husband and daughter disappeared. She tried to figure out how to talk to her son about what they did. And as she thought about it, she remembered the dream she'd had and what the dream was about.

Both of them were in the restroom they'd stopped at earlier as she checked out her son's bite. She was on her knees just inches away from his massive hard-on, but in her dream she felt herself getting excited over the sight of that monster dick so close to her. Her son's massive cock was jutting out and looked like it was just begging to be touched. Dawn found herself fighting with the morals of right and wrong, but felt she was losing the battle. Her tingling pussy moistened with the sexual tension that had built up within her. Dawn tried her best to overcome her sinful desires but watched as her right hand reached out slowly and touched her son's manhood. Her whole body shivered. Dawn grasped her son's throbbing love pole between her hands and slowly stroked him. She watched as she jerked his monster dick up and down and pre-cum started to ooze out of his piss hole. She wet her lips as she watched the cum dribble down his massive shaft. As her body leaned forward, Dawn told herself, "No! You shouldn't do this. He's your son!" But her body wouldn't listen to her, and she kept moving closer and closer. She watched as her mouth opened and slowly eased her son into her mouth. Knowing what she was doing was wrong made no difference to how much she was enjoying the way his massive cock felt as it filled up her entire mouth as she tried to take him down her throat.

Dawn bobbed her head up and down and heard her son moan her name, telling her how great she made him feel.

Dawn began to feel her own juices flow out of her excited pussy. She needed to get off, herself. She dropped her right hand down to her twat, and started playing with herself, bringing herself towards her own climax.

Dawn looked up at her son. He took both his hands and pulled her up to face him. Still stroking his pussy spreader, Billy said to her, "Let's cum together, Mom. I want to make you cum." He lowered his own right hand down to his mother's willing pussy, and began to rub her clit with two fingers, building her up to her orgasm. Dawn placed her head on his shoulders, and stroked his thick cock in sync with his own busy fingers.

Dawn moaned, "Oh Billy."

Dawn felt him rub her faster and harder on her now swollen clit. She could feel her excitement building, she knew in any second she'd orgasm, and that was when she awoke.

Dawn came back to the present and turned to face her son, and with a stern look on her face she began to speak, but before she could get a word out,

Billy said "Mom, I'm really sorry for what I did. I don't know what happened. It's like it was someone else controlling my body. It was making me do things I wouldn't normally have done, and I swear my penis was never this big until after I got bitten. I think that bite did something to me. It's made me do things. I think I might be changing into someone else."

"Well maybe there is some truth to what you're saying. But Billy, we can never do that again. Do you understand how wrong that was?"

Billy's eyes began to tear up.

"Yes Mom, I hope you will forgive me. This is the worst day of my life."

"Well maybe we should just cancel this trip and have a doctor take a look at you."

"Mom, please don't do that! Dad would never forgive me if this trip gets ruined on my account."

"There'll be more trips. Your wellbeing is my first concern."

"Just give me a day or two, Mom."

Then, with his head down, Billy said," If it helps at all, what you did to me before seemed to help."

"In what way?"

"Errr. It's hard to explain Mom, but that feeling of someone else controlling me disappeared."

"So you don't feel like that anymore?"

"Not right now I don't, Mom."

Dawn paused for a moment and thought about what her son had told her. She felt sympathy for him. She took his hand in hers and said, "Okay we'll keep this to ourselves. No sense in getting your father upset over this."

"Thanks Mom, and again please believe me how sorry I am. I love you Mom. "

"I love you too, Billy." Dawn slid over to her son and gave him a soft motherly kiss on his forehead.

She backed away and looked out the van's window.

"I wonder what's taking your father and Steff so long."

Greg did take awhile in the restroom. He hadn't realized how tired he really was from all the driving he had done. He threw some water on his face and began to make his way back to the van. Steff was standing outside the doorway to the ladies' restroom.

"I didn't want to walk back by myself so I waited for you, Daddy."

Greg smiled and opened the exit door for her.

"Ladies first."

Steff looked in her daddy's eyes. "Thank you, Daddy."

They both took a leisurely walk back to the van, neither one in a hurry to return to the cramped confines of the vehicle, though each for different reasons.

Dawn watched the two dark figures as they approached the vehicle. She knew it was them.

"Billy, it's our turn to go. Put that sleeping bag in the front seat, and put your sister's back here."

Billy quickly made the switch.

Greg opened the rear door and Dawn stepped out.

"You have your talk with Billy?"

"Yes everything is fine, but I'm still a little worried about that bite."

"He'll be fine, honey, it was only a bug that bit him, and we don't have anything that could kill a person around these parts. I'm sure by morning it will be all forgotten about."

"I hope so, dear."

Dawn walked to the back of the van and opened the rear door. She went through her clothes and found a pair of jeans, some clean panties, and a tee shirt. She then looked for a clean pair of underpants for her son. Quickly she rolled her panties, and her son's undershorts in her jeans, and headed to the restroom.

"I'm going to change also, honey. I don't want to drive in this dress. I think the cold will give me too much of a chill while I'm driving."

Greg had already settled into the backseat and glanced up to his wife.

"Okay, dear."

Dawn walked with her son. Once outside the restroom she unrolled her jeans and handed Billy his underwear.

"Here Billy, put these on, and give me the old ones back when we leave."

Billy took the underwear.

"Thanks Mom" and made his way to the restroom.

Dawn entered an empty stall and relieved herself.

Her mind rewound back to what had happened, and she felt herself getting excited all over again. She pinched herself for thinking dirty thoughts again about her son.

But try as she might, her mind kept picturing both of them as they pleased each other.

"I have to get it together, here" she thought to herself.

Dawn quickly wiped herself, and changed out of her dress and into her new clothes.

Billy was in the men's room staring at the mirror. So many thoughts were churning through his mind. What's happened to me? Am I really a sick pervert who just wants to fuck his own mother? Why is my dick getting bigger?

Billy calmed himself and changed into his clean underwear. He exited the rest room and handed Dawn his underwear.

"You okay, Billy?"

"Yeah Mom. Just wished things hadn't happened the way they did."

"I told you, it's okay. I forgive you. Let's get back before they worry about us."

Billy and his mother slid into the front seats.

Dawn looked back at her husband who did his best to only take up half the rear seat with his body, lying on his left side, his head resting on the window of the door.

"Everyone ready?"

Steff who was resting opposite in a mirrored pose of her father, said "Yeah, let's get going."

Dawn adjusted the stereo so only the front driver speaker was playing. She found a soothing station to listen to and tuned up the volume just enough for her to hear and not disturb anyone else. Happy with her choice of music she put the van in gear and made her way down the highway.

Dawn hoped that the music would help her concentrate on the road, and also get her mind off her incestuous sexual romp.

An hour had passed, and the van was very quiet. Everyone but Dawn seemed to be getting some sleep.

But Steff was still awake. She was unable to sleep. What Dawn and Billy didn't know was that they had been seen, caught in the middle of the act, so to speak.

While they'd tried their best to keep their climaxes to themselves, Steff had heard! Steff had eased herself up from her position in the front seat and glimpsed over the top. She had been shocked by what she had seen. There in the back seat, her mother and brother were having some kind of sexual contact, the expression on both their faces obvious as to what was taking place. Steff had become fixated on the movement that she was seeing. She watched as her Mom's and her brother's breathing increased in speed and intensity. She knew exactly what they were doing. They were rubbing each other off, the look on her mother's face told her that she was very close to climaxing.

Steff didn't know what to do. Should she speak up and say something? Should she tell her father what was happening in the back seat? As Steff continued to watch, her pussy tingled and began to moisten. Steff couldn't understand it, but she was getting turned on by this.

As Steff watched she became wetter and wetter, her excitement building as her mother and brother were close to reaching their own unthinkable climatic experience.

Steff squeezed her legs together and tried to ease the heat between her legs. Despite her attempts to control herself, her hand fumbled under her panties until it found her needing mound and began to stimulate her steamy pussy.

Steff looked over at her father but he was carefully watching the road and was unaware of all that was going on around him. Relieved, she let her fingers probe deeper inside her pussy. Faster and faster she massaged her hard clit, and fingered her tight little cunt as she watched the forbidden sexual foreplay of her mother and her brother. She watched intensely as her mother reached her sinful climax and pushed her mouth hard into her brothers.

As that happened, Steff felt her own climax explode and she pushed her fingers deep into her soaked little pussy to try and ease her body from quivering. Slowly she slipped herself back down in the seat, her fingers still jammed tightly in her juice covered twat, her breathing feeling harsh in her ears.

Now, several hours later, Steff could feel that her pussy was wet again from the memory of what had transpired. She looked over at her father who was silently sleeping.

Steff closed her eyes and again replayed the incestual encounter she had observed. Her hand slipped back down to her moist pussy and began again to stimulate herself.

Her legs parted more and more giving her hand more room for its invasive intrusion. She got hotter and wetter by the moment. She needed more room to move about, she needed more than her hand could provide.

Steff opened her eyes and glanced at her father again. The incestual thought had been wakened in her own mind; she wanted to know what it felt like for herself. The thought of having her father made her hotter than she ever felt before.

No! I can't! Not with Daddy; I have to stop thinking this nonsense.

But her mind thought otherwise, and her fingers dug deeper into her hot little snatch, building up her sexual urges.

She pictured her father's big stiff dick ramming into her tight pussy. A light moan escaped her lips. She had gotten so turned on at the thought of her and dad fucking, she couldn't take it anymore.

Steff looked in the front seat. She could see her mother still listening to her music, and thought her brother must be asleep by now as she couldn't see him. She turned her attention back to her father. She looked over at him and heard his deep breathing. He was fast asleep.

Steff quietly eased herself forward on the seat and gently tugged her father's legs down from their crushed up location and rested them behind her.

Greg stirred in his sleep and slid his whole left side down onto the van seat.

Steff waited to make sure her father didn't wake; she turned on her left side and spooned in against her father covering them with the sleeping bag.

Greg, still asleep, rested his right arm on top of his daughter's right shoulder. Unconsciously, he rubbed his hand lightly on his daughter's shoulder a couple of times.

Steff enjoyed the feeling of her dad's body as he rested behind her. She felt so secure as she felt his hand on her, but it was also bringing out more of her sexual urges.

I can't do this, she thought. Daddy won't understand, I have to control myself.

Steff's body had other intentions though, and she found herself easing back closer to her father. Her hot little body pushed back and her tight ass made contact with her father's crotch. The heat between their bodies grew as she tried to control her unthinkable tendencies, but again her body betrayed her and she felt her hips twitch lightly, causing her soft ass to brush against her father.

"Oh, God," Steff softly whimpered.

Her ass rubbed harder against her father and her pussy tingled with excitement. Steff's lust now controlled her. Her right arm slipped behind her and down across her father's sweat pants until it found his bulging cock. She rubbed him up and down and felt his cock grow with her gentle toying.

Still asleep, Greg's arm again rubbed his daughter's shoulder while he made little thrusts against the light touch of his daughter's hand.

Steff slid her hand up her father's sweat pants until she reached the waistband. She slipped her fingers inside and wiggled them around. Easing her hand down, she made her way under his underwear, working it down to her father's warm semi hard cock. As she reached the tip, she felt it jump, causing another tingle in her wet little pussy. She pushed over the head and encircled Greg's pole with her hand, gripping it lightly as she stroked up and down his stiffening shaft.

Greg made soft grunts in his sleep; his hand that had softly rubbed Steff's shoulder had wandered down to her chest and was cupping her right firm tit, giving it a gentle squeeze.

"Oh, Dawn, that feels great," Greg whispered sleepily.

Excited, Steff lowered her hand to his balls and toyed with them, while she rubbed her thumb up and down his now hard cock.

Greg began to stir, as he felt a hand manipulate his balls. He could feel himself push against the hand as it stimulated his excited dick. As Greg became more aware, he felt his own hand as it squeezed the fleshing tissue of a woman's breast, but this breast felt different from Dawn's. Greg opened his eyes and as they focused on his surroundings he became aware of where he was. His body tightened as he finally came to his senses and realized who this woman was. His own daughter was jerking him off and his hand was kneading her breast.

Greg was so confused. How could this be happening, what should he do? This was so wrong, but at the same time, it felt so good. His dick grew harder as his mind raced with the thought of what his daughter was doing to him. He had to stop this, but he couldn't find it in himself to do it. He had never felt this excited before in his life. It was such a wicked taboo.

As he squeezed Steff's perky tits again, he realized how much he liked the feel of them in his hand.

God this is so wrong. I have to stop this. Greg said to himself defiantly.

Greg eased his head forward and whispered in Steff's ear. "Baby we can't do this. It's so wrong."

Steff now knew her dad was now awake, but she didn't care; she just knew she had to have him. Steff thought about what her dad said, but realized that since he hadn't stopped feeling her breast, she figured he must not be fighting too hard with the same forbidden desire she had. She had to help him with his dilemma. She wanted him too badly now to stop on her own; she wanted to fuck her daddy, and that's what she was going to do.

Steff grabbed hold of her father's balls and pulled them down, stretching them as far as they would go; she turned her head towards him and whispered back,

"Just enjoy it daddy. No one but us will know."

Greg looked up at his wife and back to his daughter.

"We can't, baby. No matter how much we want to, we just can't."

Steff ignored his words and took hold of her father's hand that still rested on her breast. She slid it down to the top of her jeans and pushed his hand under her pants and whispered to him.

"Make me cum, Daddy."

Greg couldn't stop himself; he felt his hot sperm build from all the teasing on his nut sack. He ground himself against her playful fingers. He closed his eyes and let his hand slide inside her knickers. He wanted to feel her puffy mound. He wanted to feel her warmth, her softness, her wetness.

As his hand brushed over her little love box, Steff pushed herself harder against him, stroking his stiff cock faster. A soft moan escaped him.

"That's it, Daddy. Put your hand on my pussy. It's waiting for you. I'm so wet."

Greg's fingers inched their way towards her hot little slit, but her jeans were so tight it made it impossible to reach his goal. Steff realized this and with her left hand she unbuttoned her jeans and slowly slid them down, taking her panties with them. Steff spread her legs wide and pushed her lower body up to her father's waiting hand. Greg now had all the room he needed and dipped his hand down farther and parted his daughter's wet pussy lips, his fingers sliding up and down as they toyed with her hard clit.

He could feel how wet she was and flicked harder on the little bud. He heard his daughter's breath quicken as her hips pushed back against him.

"Put your fingers in me, Daddy. Please, I want to feel your fingers inside me."

Greg slipped his fingers to the entrance of her dripping pussy and then eased two fingers inside her. She was so tight, so wet; his cock hardened more as his fingers coated themselves in her juices. Steff let out another soft moan and her right hand slid up Greg's cock to the top of his sweat pants. She grabbed hold of the waistband and pulled them down as she pushed her tight ass against his swollen manhood. Reaching back with her hand she again started to play with his cum filled balls. Steff rolled them in her fingers like a couple of marbles. Greg knew he wasn't far from cumming now. His daughter sliding her soft firm ass against his sensitive shaft had gotten him very excited.

Steff worked her ass up and down until she felt her father's hot cock slide between her tight ass cheeks. Steff squeezed her ass together as she manipulated his rock hard cock against her; she felt her own climax building.

Greg was in heaven. He couldn't believe this was happening. The sexual tension had overtaken him. Greg pushed himself against his daughter's silk-like ass; he slipped a third finger inside her, fucking her little pussy steadily.

Steff moved to the rhythm of her father's fingers; she moved her body higher up his so that she could position her wet wanting cunt over the tip of his cock. She took her hands from his cock and pulling it forward till it rested against her soaked lips, she pushed back and forth making his cock slide up and down her slick little snatch. In time together, they increased the speed of their movements. Greg's excitement grew as his cock flirted with her welcoming pussy. Now Steff pushed back harder, so the head of her father's cock just entered her tight hole that was already filled by his fingers. Greg removed his hand from her sopping wet pussy, and whispered in her ear,

"That's too far, baby."

Greg took hold of his daughter and moved her away from his cock, but Steff didn't want it to end. Quickly she turned around and dove down to her father's penis. She sucked his entire thick dick down her throat.

Faster and faster Steff sucked. She knew he couldn't last much longer, but she needed her own relief and so she moved her body around until her needing pussy was at her dad's face.

Greg could smell his daughter's juices as it dripped out of her little snatch. As one part of his mind told him he was wrong to do this, another, more animalistic part, told him to give way to his pleasure. He rammed his tongue between her legs. He lapped at his daughter's love hole like a thirsty dog at the water bowl. Pushing more and more of her steamy pussy in his face, he buried his tongue deep into her tight little cunt; he felt her moaning on his dick as her mouth engulfed his steel-like pole.

Bucking and moaning loader now, they both lost all control. The animal part of them had taken over. Sucking and lapping was all they cared about.

As their climax built they didn't realize that they had woken Billy with their noise. He looked over the front seat and watched his sister and father eating each other like there was no tomorrow.

Shocked at first, Billy saw another opportunity arise. Billy thought to himself that there was no way his father could be upset with him over Mom, not after sucking on his own daughter. Deliberately making himself visible, Billy slid higher up the seat and admired the show before him.

Greg felt Steff 's hot pussy quiver on his tongue. She was cumming in buckets as he sucked the juices out of her. He himself was ready to shoot, and at that moment looked up.

Horror ran through him as he saw his son looking back, but there was nothing he could do. He was on the edge of an abyss. Steff was sucking wildly on his cock and he felt his dick explode. Greg thrust himself hard into her mouth, as he felt his hot sperm fire deep into his daughter's welcoming mouth. All the while this happened, he kept looking into his son's face.

Billy watched until his father had finished and then he simply turned around and slid back down out of sight. Shit Greg thought. I'm in deep shit now.

Expecting the worse, Greg felt his family slipping away. He could see Dawn throwing him out of the van in tears as she drove off with the kids.

Greg quickly rose and shooed Steff away. Pulling up his pants, he looked at Steff and whispered over to her, "We're in big trouble, baby."

"Why's that, daddy?"

"Billy saw us."

Steff just smiled and took her dad's hand.

"I don't think Billy is going to say anything to Mom."

Greg frowned as he watched Steff tidy herself up. What had she meant? Greg and Steff lay back in the positions they had been in at the beginning of this part of the journey.

Greg couldn't sleep, wondering with fear what was in store for him. If his son told his wife what he saw in the back seat, his life would be over.

As his father fretted, Billy looked over at his Mom, and smiled. He knew now he had the best chance ever of fucking his mother.

Soon, Mom, real soon I'll be the one between your thighs, and you'll be calling my name, begging me to fuck you deeper and deeper, Billy thought to himself before he closed his eyes and fell asleep.


As the sun rose in the distance, Dawn saw the sign up ahead to the campground.

"We're almost here" She announced in a loud voice, as she looked in the rearview.

Everyone started to stir. Billy's was the first to sit up and look around. As he took a deep stretch he asked. "You drove the whole way, Mom?"

"Yea, I was in the mood for a long drive"

Greg straightened up but didn't address himself right away. He was still scared of what Billy might say.

I'd better play it cool for awhile, he thought to himself.

Billy looked back at his dad.

"Morning, dad. Did you sleep alright back there? I know how little space there is."

"Umm yea I did son, I can't believe it myself."

"So where are we going to setup camp this year, dad?" Billy asked, as if he's really cared.

"I thought up by the lake, if everyone is up to the hike."

"That sounds great!" Steff spoke while she stretched.

"We'll be able to go swimming," Steff expressed with glee.

Dawn looked back in the rearview mirror at her husband. In a huffy voice replied,

"I wish I knew this back at the house. I would have packed my bikini."

Greg thought and came up with a plan. "Well when we get to the campground, Billy and I could stay there, while you and Steff head up the road to town and find a new bikini there."

"Clothes shopping. This trip is starting off fantastic already, " Steff replied excitedly.

"I guess we could do that. You two wouldn't mind waiting around for us at the campground?"

"No. I think I and dad will be able to find something to do while you to shop" Billy replied, knowing full well that his dad would want to try and talk his way out of what he did with sis.

"Okay then, I'll try and hurry to find a suit."

"Hey mom I think I need a new one also." Steff interjected.

"Steff ,we don't have time for you to try on every bikini in the store"

"Aw ,come on, mom. I'm not that bad, and besides, I would only be waiting around for you to find something."

"We'll see, but no promises"

Shortly after they had left, Billy felt a strange tingle through his body again, and his dick started to increase in size.

"Oh no, not again!" he thought to himself.

Billy's mind started to drift, and his vision went back to seeing his mother bent down on her knees in front of him. He imagined her opening her mouth and taking his dick in it and slowly sucking him off. Then his mind changed people, and now he saw his sister, and she was slamming her ass against their father's dick, screaming out loudly in ecstasy as he was pulling her into him with both hands on her waist, ramming his cock deep inside of her. Again, his mind wandered. He could still see his sister face, as she screamed in her climatic state, but now the man fucking her brains out wasn't her father anymore, it was he.

Billy could feel his cock at full hardness, almost poking out of the top of his jeans. Overnight it must have grown another 2 inches.

Lost in the enjoyment of the new thoughts traveling through his mind, Billy tried to overcome them and bring himself back to reality, shaking the incestual images that were haunting him.

Billy shamefully asked himself, "Why am I thinking these thoughts? Am I really a pervert?

But the urges that were running throughout his body were too much for him to control. The desire that had built up in him of wanting and needing his mother to suck him off, and now fuck his own sister, were almost more than he could stand.

"Okay then I'll just have to live with that fact that I'm a sick, twisted pervert who wants to fuck his own family. So I might as well be the best pervert I can be," Billy thought. And with that, the shame he felt started to dissipate.

Knowing that his dad would want to discuss what he seen last night, Billy was going crazy trying to cover every excuse his dad could use as to why he was lapping his own daughter to a climax.

Somehow he might be able to use it to his advantage, without his father knowing what his true intentions were.

Billy made his way to a grassy area, still trying to stretch the stiffness out of his body.

Looking over at his son, Greg signaled to Billy with his hand. "Billy, we need to talk."

"About what, dad?" He replied, with a faked puzzled look. Billy headed over to his dad.

"I think you know."

"Are you talking about what I saw you and sis doing in the back seat?"

"Umm yea. I need to explain." Billy cut him off before Greg could finish.

"If you're worried that I'm going to tell mom what I saw you can put your mind at easy. First off, I think sis somehow tricked you and secondly, I don't want to see you and mom split up over this.

"That's exactly what happened!" Greg said, breathing a sigh of relief.

"Well I figured as much, dad, but sis must be up to something, and I wouldn't put it past her to open her big mouth and tell mom what you two did. Now that they've gone shopping, she's got all the time in the world to tell mom her side of the story. I would bet it makes you out to be the person who made the advances. Mom isn't going to ever believe you now if you told her what happened. She would want to know why you didn't stop sis, or tell her first thing this morning what Steff tried to make you do."

Greg dropped his head down.

"I think your right, son. I think I'm still in deep shit."

"Not if we put our heads together dad, and somehow make it out that you're not the bad guy here, but the person that was being taken advantage of."

"What do you mean son?"

Seeing the intense interest in his father's eyes, Billy put his mischievous plan into action.

"Well, what would happen if I was able to seduce mom? Then she'd see how it could've happened to you."

Quickly standing tall and crossing his arms, Greg looked sternly at Billy and said,

"What are you saying Billy? I should condone to letting you fuck your mother?"

"No. No. I meant just a little seduction. Not screwing her, "Billy replied with a quick chuckle.

"I mean, god dad, she's mom. How sick would that be?"

Billy realized that is was just as sick as his father licking his own daughter.

"Errr, sorry dad; you know what I mean."

"Yeah I know what you're talking about."

Billy continued explaining his plan to his father.

"If I can get mom just interested in the idea, and not actually doing anything with her, then maybe she could see how it could happen, and that would give you a good opportunity to tell her what happened to you with sis."

Greg paused for a moment, looked up at the morning sky, and then back at his son.

"It sounds just crazy enough to work, but I don't see your mother getting sexually aroused by her own son."

"I could, when we get up at camp, maybe pay mom more attention. You know, compliment her on how pretty she looks, and help her with things around camp."

Greg laughed.

"That might make her happy, but I don't think that's going to get her interested in having sex with you."

"I'll figure it out, dad. I have the whole week to try and make something work. I mean, I would rather take a chance at this working than see you two getting a divorce."

Pausing for a moment, Greg hesitantly spoke to Billy.

"I might be able to help you with your seduction."

"How's that, dad?"

"Well, your mother is a sucker for having her neck played with."

"What do you mean, dad?"

"Umm.. Your mom gets overly excited when I caress and kiss the nape of her neck. It puts her in the mood."

"Oh." Thinking for a bit, Billy said. "I'll try and figure out a way to rub mom's neck, then."

"Just don't ever let her know that I told you about her neck, or any of this conversation."

"This is just between us dad. I'll never tell anyone."

Billy couldn't believe his luck! Not only was he going to get the opportunity to seduce his mother in front of his dad - he told him how to do it.

Greg thought about what Billy said about Steff. He didn't think that she would be the one to tell Dawn about them, but it was a possibility.

What am I going to do if she does? What if this stunt didn't work? . So many questions.

Billy pushed his dad with his shoulder.

"Hey it's going to work out ok dad. If sis does tell mom, I've got your back. I'll say I saw Steff putting the moves on you while you were sleeping."

"But that is what did happen! I was asleep, and I thought it was your mother at first, then it was too late by the time I was fully awake to stop her."

"We'll even though I didn't see that, I'll say I did. I believe you dad."

"Hey I know you're not old enough to drink yet, but I think on this trip we'll let that slip. When your mom gets back, I'll walk over to the store and grab us some beer for up at camp."

"I thought you already had beer in the cooler."

"Yea enough for me, and maybe one or two for your mother." Greg pat Billy on his back, laughing out loud, then said "Hey your mom is a lightweight when it comes to drinking. We could try and get her a little tipsy. That might make it easier for you two to..." Greg paused mid sentence.

"I know what you mean dad, but don't worry; it's Mom and me. Nothing bad is going to happen."

"Come on, son. Let's go get checked in, that way all we'll have to do is backpack the stuff to the camping area. By the time we get up there and settled in, the sun will be going down."

"Okay, dad", and off they headed to the Check-In Station.

Meanwhile Dawn and Steff were at the department store in town. Dawn had found a nice bikini, but of course was waiting on Steff.

The sales lady approached Dawn. Excuse me Miss.

"It's Mrs." Dawn smiled to the clerk.

"Oh, sorry, I thought you two were sisters. Well I just wanted to let you know that we're having a big sale on ladies' panties. They're last years' styles and I have to get them sold so I can put out next year's ones."

Smiling at the clerk Dawn said to her "Thank you for the compliment, but we only need swim suites today."

Having heard the word 'sale', Steff quickly exited the dressing area.

"How much are they?" she rushed over, asking.

"Steff we don't have time for this." her mother replied.

"Mom, it's only going to take a minute to check them out, and if they're really good, they're worth at least a look."

"They're a 'buy one, get one free', and I've already marked them down by half." the clerk replied with a smile.

"Okay well take a quick look, but just a look, Steff"

Dawn picked up a pair, and right off the bat she hesitated. The material was very sheer, and would barely cover her ass. Taking a closer look Dawn gasped.

"Steff, these are crotchless panties!"

"Wow! How cool is that, mom?"

"Steffany Wilson!" Dawn replied crossing her arms, looked angrily at her daughter.

"God, Mom, just chill! All I meant by that was, wouldn't they surprise dad if you wore them tonight at camp?"

"Keep your father out of this, young lady!"

"Okay. I didn't mean anything by it. I just felt that dad would enjoy seeing you in them, that's all."

Dawn thought over what her daughter said.

"Well maybe one pair, I mean for some other time. They are at a real nice price."

"Mom, we have to buy two for the sale price."

Dawn looked at her daughter.

"I don't think I want you wearing crotch less panties yet."

"I don't care about that mom, I like the feel of them on my skin," she said, rubbing a pair against her cheek.

"Well OK, we'll take one pair each." Dawn told the sales clerk.

After paying for the goods, Dawn and Steff headed back to the campground.

Upon arrival, Greg approached the van. Trying to see if Dawn was upset or not, he smiled and said,

"Glad your back honey. I was starting to miss you."

"Thank you, dear."

"Me to, mom." Billy yelled throwing her a wave, and a big smile.

"Thank you Billy."

"Didn't anyone miss me?" Steff asked, pouting in the front seat of the van.

"Of course we did." Greg replied.

"Now let's start to get everything ready for the hike. I need to walk over to the store and pickup some more beer."

"Honey, I think you have enough already."

"I just want to be sure. I wouldn't want to run out up there. It would take me too long to get more."

Dawn rolled her eyes at her husband. "Okay. We'll get the stuff ready.

Greg hurried over the road to the store.

Opening the rear of the van Billy started emptying the camping gear from it.

"Billy I'm going to change quickly into some jeans. Can you and your sister keep unpacking?"

"Sure, mom."

Dawn grabbed a pair of jeans out of her bag, and headed to the rest room near the check-in station.

"I'll be only a minute; please don't kill one another while I'm gone."

"We won't" They both replied, and Dawn walked away.

"So, Billy I saw you and mom in the van last night. How did you pull that off?"

"I saw you and dad also, so I could ask you the same thing."

"Well, big brother, I think if we both play our cards right we'll both be having sex with our parents again."

Billy smiled at the thought.

"You know sis? I think this is the first time we've agreed on anything."

While loading her backpack, Steff looked up at her brother and said

"I think your right, bro. We'd better not make a habit of this. It would freak mom and dad out."

"I think your right about that." Billy replied back.

"Oh! I have to tell you about the panties mom bought at the store today. Talk about being hot."

"Panties? I thought you went to buy bikinis." Billy interjected.

"We did, but they had a great deal on these super sexy panties, there very sheer black, and very tiny. I mean they almost don't cover anything, but the sexiest thing is, they're crotch less."

Billy went over in his mind the description of the panties, picturing his mother wearing them, walking around, watching the way her ass hugged the tight shear material, making out every curve in her slender ass. Then he pictured his mom lying down on her back, slowly raising her legs up in the air and parting her thighs so he could get a good view of her pussy.

Steff spoke up, and smashed the vivid images that she put in his head.

"Hey! You'd better calm that monster down, before mom and dad get back."

Billy noticed that he had a hard-on again and bashfully apologized to Steff.

"There's nothing to be sorry about. In fact, from what I'm seeing, that thing is kind of sexy. How is it I've never noticed that trophy all these years?"

Billy decided to tell his sister what happened to him. Explaining how he was bitten on one side of his shaft, and since then having sexual urges for mom, and, how his once normal size dick had turned into this monster that was now raring to escape from his pants.

"Well I don't know what to say to that Billy, except, I would look at it as a gift. I mean, what girl wouldn't want to try that thing out? I'll bet Mom thinks about it, now that she's had it between her fingers."

"You'd better stop talking about his Steff or it isn't going to go away by the time they get back."

Smiling at her brother, Steff agreed.

Billy changed the subject and told Steff what Dad and he were talking about while they were shopping, and how he was going to try and seduce mom.

"I'll try and find a way to help push her into your seduction plan, if I see an opportunity arise." Steff said, as she paused for a moment to looked down at Billy's stiff cock, and then back up to see their mother approaching.

"What were you two talking about?" Greg asked, startling the both of them.

"Didn't hear you behind us, dad. Nothing much, just discussing who was going to backpack what up to the lake." Billy replied, trying desperately to hide his erection from his father's view.

Greg put the beer in the cooler, and started packing up his stuff. He grabbed the big tent and cooler, along with his backpack and headed towards the path to the lake.

Dawn quickly packed her stuff up, and with the rest of them headed out towards their hideaway camping spot.

"This is going to be a great trip this year." Billy said with a big smile on his face, he glanced at his mother walking in front of him and smiled devilishly at her.

"I think so too" Steff replied with the same look on her face as she eyed her loving father.

As they climbed up the rocky trail that took them to the lake, they had to walk single file.

Greg took the lead to set the pace and pushed the group on; right behind him was his daughter. Since her pack was the lightest of the group, she had no trouble keeping pace with him.

Dawn, on the other hand, was struggling with her pack and thought may have over packed this year, but she did her best to keep in stride.

Billy was just pacing along, bringing up the rear as he enjoyed the view he was getting of his mother in front of him. He watched how her hips made her ass sway in her tight jeans.

He imagined running his fingers all over her luscious ass cheeks, squeezing them tightly in his hands.

Greg looked back at the group, and saw them falling behind, so he stopped.

"You need a break honey?"

"Yes, Greg just for a couple minutes. My shoulders are killing me."

"Okay we can take five right here", he said as he unstrapped his pack, and tossed it on the leaf covered ground.

Billy dropped his pack, and walked up behind his mother; he reached for her pack and said,

"I'll help take that off for you, mom."

"Thank you, honey, that will be a big help, my shoulders are so tight."

As Billy lifted the pack and pulled it back toward himself, he unintentionally pushed his waist into his mother's backside. His dick smashed against her ass cheeks. His dick wasn't stiff, but the light brushing of her jeans as it slid against his cock stirred Billy's blood. He felt his dick give a slight twitch, and it sent a shiver up Billy's spine. He rapidly removed her pack set it down behind her.

As Billy was bent over, putting her pack down he took a quick glance and he saw his mother's round ass only inches away from his face.

Billy felt himself slipping away again. He fought the urge to just pull those jeans off her and rub his face all over her wonderful ass. Billy rushed to straighten up so he could gain control over his sexual yearnings.

As Billy calmed himself down, he saw a good opportunity to put a plan in motion.

"Mom, if your shoulders hurt that bad, I can rub them while we take this break."

Smiling at her son Dawn replied,

"That would be wonderful Billy, if you wouldn't mind."

"It's the least I can do mom." Billy replied.

Taking his mom's hand, Billy helped her to the ground in front of him, while he took a seat on his pack.

With both hands Billy began to massage his mother's ailing shoulders.

"How's that feel, mom?"

"Oh, wonderful honey, just wonderful", Dawn sighed.

Billy slowly squeezed and rubbed both shoulder blades. He rubbed his hands up to the base of her neck, and back down to the edge of her forearm.

Billy didn't want to get her excited yet, but wanted her to get use to the idea of him giving her a rub, so he never ventured beyond her shoulders.

Greg saw what Billy was doing and gave him a quick wink.

Billy smiled and winked back at his dad as he rubbed less gingerly on her shoulders, working out the tension.

"Sorry, but if we want to make it to camp before dark, we've got to go now. After we're settled in, I or Billy can rub your shoulders some more." Greg said, as he waved every one up on their feet.

"Okay," with a look of disappointment, Dawn replied.

As Billy helped put her pack back on he said,

"Don't worry mom, I promise I'll finish the job when we get there."

Dawn looked deep into her son's eyes and smiled.

"Thank you, Billy", as she leaned over and kissed his cheek.

As they finally made it to the camping site, Greg immediately started to put the tents up. He erected the tents facing one another in a circle pattern around a big fire pit that someone had made on a previous trip.

Looking around, under a big tree Billy spied a picnic table. Somehow someone must have dragged one of them up to the secluded spot.

Billy started to move the table, but his mother said,

"It's okay right there Billy.", as she motioned with her hand for him to stop.

"Would you and your sister go and get some wood for the fire pit, before it gets dark, please?" Greg asked.

"Okay dad."

The two of them went overboard with the amount of wood they collected, making a pile next to the fire pit. Greg finished with all the tents and seeing all the wood commented,

"I don't think we're going to need any more wood for the rest of our stay."

Greg took some kindling and lit a small fire. He put his hands up in front of himself, and felt the warmth from the flame and looked over his shoulder, admiring his wife's sexy figure.

"Honey, can you get me a beer and a couple of sandwiches out of the cooler?"

Greg wasn't the only one that was admiring her. Billy was also checking her out. Seeing a good opportunity to make some points, Billy spoke up.

"I'll get them for dad; you look like you need a break, mom."

"Thank you, sweetie." Dawn said, as she looked at her son in appreciation.

"Any one else want anything while I'm getting stuff out for dad?"

"I'll have a sandwich", Steff replied, as she took a seat on a log next to her father by the fire pit.

"Me, too." Dawn replied, Grab me a water, also.

"Okay, mom." Billy said, as he reached into the cooler and grabbed 6 sandwiches, a beer, and 3 waters.

With his hands full he managed to make it over to the fire pit and started passing out the food and drinks to his father and sister first.

Dawn sat on a wooden stump across from her husband, and took the sandwich and water from her son.

"Thank you, Billy." Dawn stated, as she set the sandwich down on her lap and opened her water bottle.

"Any time, Mom." Bill said, as he sat down next to her.

As they watched the fire and ate their sandwiches, the sun started to set. In the twilight Greg excused himself.

"I'll be right back. I have to go and see a man about something" Which translated into I have to take a leak.

Dawn stood up and rubbed her shoulders.

"This log is very uncomfortable. I'm going to grab a sleeping bag to sit on.

"Oh mom, I'm sorry, I almost forgot about finishing your massage." Bill said and grabbed hold of his mother's hand.

"That's okay honey; I wasn't going to hold you to it."

"Mom, it's not a problem. I enjoyed making you feel better. Really, I do."

With a look of contentment in her eyes Dawn gave his hand a light squeeze, and replied,

"Okay. Let me go change into something more comfortable first, and get the sleeping bag."

"Alright, mom." Bill said, and devilishly smiled inwardly as he admired her backside as she walked to her tent.

Steff watched the affect their mother was having on Billy. She hissed softly and waved her hands to get his attention.

"Soon, brother. Be patient. Don't blow it. Just follow my lead." Steff spoke in a voice loud enough for everyone to hear, and said.

"Hey I'm bushed from that hike myself. I think I'm going to change also, and get more comfortable."

"That sounds like a good idea Sis, maybe I should too." Billy said, and covered his mouth with his hands to trying to hide the big grin on his face.

His sister got up first, and headed to her tent.

Billy watched her walk and couldn't help but notice how she had the same swing to her hips as their mother had. He watched as her ass swish to and fro.

There you go again, . and with that, he got up and headed to his own tent to change.

Finding his pajamas, Billy changed his mind, and grabbed a light tee shirt and sweatpants instead. Billy knew the material was thicker than his pajamas, so he decided not to wear any underwear.

This will give me more room, just in case I need it, . he thought to himself.

Billy grabbed his own sleeping bag, and exited his tent. As he walked back to the fire pit, Billy watched as his mother unrolled her sleeping bag and he had trouble walking after he saw what his mother was wearing. Billy found it very hard not to stare at her body.

Dawn had changed into a long light night shirt; it draped down midway to her thighs, and exposed the rest of her naked legs. As Billy walked closer to her, he got a good view down her shirt, while she was still unraveling the sleeping bag.

She's not wearing a bra! . Billy said to himself, in excitement. Billy watched as her nipples pointed downward, jiggling as she continued unrolling the bag. Billy felt that strange heat building in his body again.

His dick began to grow quickly, so he got behind his mother so it wasn't in her line of sight. He placed his own sleeping bag on the ground behind her. As Billy glanced toward his mother, he could see the silhouette of her mound through her night shirt by the light of the fire.

Finished, Dawn sat on her knees with her ass resting on her feet.

Billy moved his rolled up sleeping bag behind her and sat on it. He looked over at his sister, and noticed what she had decided to wear. With this, his jaw dropped open; he couldn't believe his eyes; she too had a night shirt on.

Did they read each other's minds? . he wondered to himself. Billy found himself checking out his sister's body now; he ran his eyes up and down it and stopped at her chest. Poking straight out of the material he could visibly see her nipples.

"Hey! I was only gone for a couple minutes. How did you all change so quickly?" Greg inquired, as he walked back over to his stump.

"Why don't you get comfortable too, daddy?" Steff asked.

Greg looked over at his son and wife, and saw that his boy was getting ready to massage his mother.

Greg spoke up.

"I think now is a good time to break out my surprise."

"Surprise?" Dawn asked, with a questioning look on her face.

"Yea I got us some wine when I went over to the store. I figured the kids are old enough now to enjoy a glass with their old parents."

"I think I might pass; you know how that effects me, Greg" Dawn replied.

Billy put his hands on his mother's shoulders, and began his massage, slowly kneading his thumbs into her shoulder blades.

Dawn pushed her head back, and closed her eyes. She worked her legs out from under her ass, and placed them in front of herself, and put her hands behind her to rest back on them, Dawn inched her shoulders closer toward her son's magical fingers.

"Oh that feels so good" Dawn expressed.

"Come on, honey, one glass will loosen your muscles up more easily." Greg said.

"I guess one glass wouldn't hurt." Dawn replied, as she pushed her shoulder blades closer together, and then relaxed them again.

"Great! I'll go change quickly, and pour us a round."

Greg quickly changed into his own sweatpants, and tee shirt. Grabbing his own sleeping bag, he rushed back to the fire pit.

Giving his daughter his sleeping bag, Greg asked,

"Baby, would you please unroll this for me while I go fill up the cups?"

"Okay, daddy" Steff said, as she looked up at her father and gave him a smile.

Greg filled the plastic cups to the rim and came back holding two cups, handing them over to his wife and son first.

"Here you go honey, watch you don't spill it on your sleeping bag."

Dawn opened her eyes, and grabbed the cup.

"I think you poured too much, Greg."

"I had a little trouble seeing how full the cups were over there in the dark." Greg knowingly lied to his wife.

Billy paused massaging his mother for a moment and took his own cup. Quickly he drank it half down, then rested it to his right side.

Dawn sat forward and sipped hers, trying not to spill any on the sleeping bag.

Billy slid his sleeping bag in closer to his mother's body, and spread his legs. Now she was right in front of him. He began massaging her again and started with his hands midway in the center of her back. He slowly pushed them up to her shoulders again, kneading them with his hands, then lightly drug his palms back down the center of her back.

Greg returned with the last two drinks, and sat on his sleeping bag, handing Steff's her drink.

Without wasting anytime, Steff moved over to her father's side and took the cup from him.

Slowly Billy was massaging his mothers back, still not trying anything to get her sexually aroused yet.

He stopped every so often to take a sip of his own wine.

Dawn was enjoying the massage and was still leaning forward with her head down. She took the last sip of her wine and reached back to set her cup on the ground.

"Wait, honey, I'll get us another round." Greg said, already standing as he noticed her finish her wine.

"No. I... Think one is fine. I'm so relaxed right now."

"Nonsense! Think how much more relaxed you're going to be." Greg said, and grabbed her and Billy's empty cups and walked over to the cooler.

Greg filled them up, but not as much as before. He returned and handed them both their wine.

"Thank you dear", Dawn replied, with half opened eyes.

Greg made another round for himself and Steff, and again sat down, and watched as Billy gave his mother her back-rub.

Billy was taking his time, but he now decided to get braver. Still massaging his mother's shoulders, and going up & down her spine with his hands. He worked his fingers harder into her back, pushing them up to her neck and then lightly tracing over to her shoulders. He would then glide his fingers down her arms and return to the middle of her back. Over time, he noticed that her night shirt was starting to ride up higher in the back.

Dawn was loving the massage, all the tension had gone, and with the combination of the wine and rub-down, she could feel herself slipping into a dream state.

Greg and Steff had finished their wine also. Getting more comfortable, Greg sat back on his elbows, and put his feet out in front of himself as he looked over at his wife and son. Greg settled in and watched intently as his son explored his wife's back, and shoulders. Greg could see how relaxed Dawn was, and knew it was just a matter of time before Billy would be making the move to her neck.

The anticipation of watching his son slowly seduce his wife was having an unexpected affect on him. Greg was finding himself getting aroused by what he was seeing, feeling his dick grow hard in his pants. Greg started to have second thoughts about what Billy was going to do, but for some reason he found himself wanting to see it happen. Maybe it was the wine, or maybe the quite atmosphere, with only the sound of crickets and caddydids playing their music in the background, or perhaps the sight of his wife with another person being touched in a seductive nature under firelight. Whatever it was, Greg found himself being put in a trance by it.

Steff glanced over at her father. She'd seen him in this hypnotic state before, and began to slowly scoot herself over to his left side. She turned on her right side until she felt her left leg brush against his. Lifting it, she put it on top of his left thigh, and leaned in and placed her head on his chest. Steff turned her head slightly and watched as Billy messaged their mother, herself.

Billy looked over and saw his father and sister comfortably watching him massage his mother. Billy glanced down and spied that his mother's nightshirt was close to becoming free.

Billy traced his fingers back down to the middle of his mother's back and pinched the nightshirt between his fingers pulling up, while rubbing with his palms. The nightshirt popped free, and he lifted it up to the top of her panties. He stopped before the shirt pulled up in the front, fearing that doing so might bring his mother back to her senses.

Billy looked down and admired his mother's white cotton panties just covering half her ass cheeks.

Feeling more confident Billy, rubbed his hands up to the bottom of his mother's neck, moving his hands to both sides of her neck, and very lightly scuffed his fingertips upon both sides. He stopped when they touched the bottom of her ear lobe, then lightly tickled back down to the base of her neck line.

Dawn felt a shiver run through her body. She leaned herself back into her son, and rested her head back. A light moan escaped from her lips.

Billy heard her moan, he knew the massage and wine had taken effect. He saw his chance and leaned in with his head. As he was lightly brushing, the left side of his mother's neck, he gave her a soft kiss there.

"Oh..", Dawn expressed, feeling a tingling sensation that generated from her neck and shot throughout her body.

Billy opened his left hand and stroked his palm up and down her neck. He lightly took his tongue and explored the right side of her neck with it and gave her little soft kisses in-between.

"Oh Billy, this is feeling too good, you're going to have to stop this", Dawn said, in a pleading tone, as she clutched her hands on the sleeping bag, and curled her toes.

Billy ignored his mother's plea, and eased himself off his sleeping bag. He spread his legs out and moved his body closer behind his mother. Billy inched closer until his crotch was pressed firmly against his mother's ass. Billy eased his Mom towards him until her back rested on his chest. He took his hands and rubbed down his mother's arms. Billy lightly nibbled on her neck, and kissed it afterwards.

The erotic show that was taking place was also having an effect of Greg. He didn't understand why, but seeing his son seduce his wife was turning him on.

Steff could feel her father's excitement building, his breathing had become harder, and his body was stiffing up.

Without speaking a word, Steff took her left hand and rubbed it in little circles on her father's chest. Slowly she moved her way down to his stomach.

While Billy kissed his mother's neck under the fire light, he caught sight of what his sister was doing. This made Billy bolder and he took his hands and moved them from his mother's arms to the side of her chest. Bill rubbed up and down, from her armpits to the top of her hips, and began to suck on his mother's neck,

Dawn could feel herself getting wet. In her foggy state, she half opened her eyes, She tried to focus her vision and made out two people across from her. She opened her eyes all the way, and the images came into focus, Her mind tried to rationalize what her eyes were seeing. Through the flames of the fire, she made out her husband and daughter as they rested close to one another. Running her eyes over their sprawled out bodies, she made out her daughter's hand as it traced over her father's chest. Dawn glanced up and saw their faces, noting that they both were intently watching her and Billy.

"Greg, what are we doing"? Dawn asked, as she tried to get a grip on the situation.

"Just relax, and enjoy your massage, dear. It looks like you're really enjoying it, honey." Greg replied, knowing he wanted to see more of his wife's seduction.

Billy's blood was so overwhelmed with sexual desire, he didn't care anymore about the consequence of his actions. He knew he was going to take his mother, right here and now in front of her husband. His massive dick pulsated against his mothers ass crack and begged for a hole to slide into. His pants were wet with the precum that oozed out of his cock.

Billy took his hands that were rubbing his mother's side, and advanced them to her front a little. He slid this hands up until his fingers brushed lightly along the side of his mother's soft breast. He moved up her neck with his mouth, and nibbled on her right earlobe.

"Oh. Billy, what are you doing to me?" Dawn asked, as she felt herself getting aroused by her son's foreplay.

Billy slid his hands down and back up his mother's sides, but moved them even further towards her front, until both his palms were placed firmly on his mother's soft tits. He squeezed them in his palms, and began to work them in his hands as he rolled her perky nipples between his fingertips. Billy worked his mouth harder on her neck, biting, licking, sucking, and kissing it.

Dawn was in total bliss - her body started to quiver as she felt herself having micro orgasms.

"Billy, please stop, we can't, not again," Dawn whispered, in a low erotic tone.

Billy worked his mouth up his mother's neck and nibbled on her ear again, he softly whispered to her

"I want you mom, I'm going to make love to you right here mom."

"No.. Oh.. We can't.. Oh.. Your father.. Oh god!" Dawn, half out of her right mind tried to reply.

Billy slid his mother across his chest, and cradled her in his right arm, and swung her body slightly to her left side. He was able to reach her face now. Billy leaned in and kissed his mother's lips. Billy pushed them apart until she willingly opened her mouth and kissed him back.

Dawn shifted her body more, and now was completely on her left side. She moved her right hand and wrapped it around her son's neck Her left hand eased down between her son's legs, and she could feel her son's hard cock rub against her arm.

Billy's left hand was still kneading his mother's left tit for all it was worth. Rolling her hard nipples with his fingertips, he started to slide his left hand away from her chest and down to her stomach. He ventured further and further down her body, until he was at her abdomen. Billy played with her nightshirt. He crinkled the material in his fingers and pulled the front of the material up, exposing her panties for all to see.

Billy took his left hand and slid it down to the top of her panties. He worked his fingers under the material, until he felt his mother's soft skin. Billy slid further down with his left hand until he felt the top of her heated mound. He rubbed up and down in little increments on her mound until his middle finger slid between her pussy lips. Billy worked his fingers on his mother's moist pussy lips until he found her rock hard clit, and began to toying with it using his middle finger.

"Oh god. Billy, Oh. Oh. I'm going to cum." Dawn replied in her climatic state.

Billy removed his left hand from his mother's pussy and took hold of his mother's left hand, pulling it up until her fingers brushed his waiting cock. He placed his hand on top of hers and rubbed her hand up and down his swollen shaft.

Billy whispered in his mother's ear "Like before mom, take my cock in your hand."

Billy felt his mother rubbing on her own now, so he worked his left hand and slowly pulled his sweatpants down until his mother's fingers were rubbing his exposed cock.

Billy could feel her hand wrap around his massive dick, as she began to jerk him off. Billy's left hand went back down to his mother's wet pussy and worked harder on her clit. He wanted to bring her close to her climax, but when he thought she was going to cum, he pulled his finger away, and went back to rubbing her left tit. Billy was building her sexual urges to where he knew she wouldn't be able to stop him.

Billy felt his mother's excitement grow as she clutched tighter on his cock. He felt she must be too far gone in her sexual state to be aware of his next move, so he slowly took his right hand and placed it on his mothers head. Slowly he began to lowered his mother's head down toward his cock. Billy moved his left hand back to his mom's wet pussy, and eased a finger up inside her. He worked it slowly in and out, then added another digit, and worked it in. As he readied to insert a third finger into her, he could feel her hot breath as it blew over the tip of his dick. Billy inserted the third digit and gave her a little nudge with his right hand. He felt his mother's mouth open, and slide around the head of his dick. Her warm, wet mouth encompassing his cock drove Billy wild and he pushed harder with his right hand until he felt his cock slide deep down his mother's throat.

"Ohh, yes mom. Suck it.. Oh god..Oh you're so fantastic." Billy said, as he pumped his dick into his mother's hot mouth.

Working his three fingers up his mother's pussy, Billy began to fuck her with them. He rammed them harder inside her as he felt her mouth work its magic on his dick, building him up to the point of no return. He could feel her pushing herself against his left hand, slamming her hot pussy against his fingers. Billy knew she was too close at cumming to stop him. Billy took his right hand and slid his mother's panties down, exposing her firm ass. He pulled her head up to his face and kissed her as he still worked his fingers inside her. With his mother still in front of him, Billy wiggled his body under her, easing himself down until he could feel his massive dick slide past his mother's ass and rest against her drenched pussy.

His mother was so far gone he could feel her pushing harder now against his fingers as they slammed feverishly into her sopping cunt, almost pushing his cock into her finger filled pussy. Now was the time Billy had waited for. He timed her pushes and waited until he knew she was going to push herself against his hand again, quickly he removed his fingers as she pushed down hard, and forced his throbbing cock inside her. Billy put his hands behind him, resting them on the ground and thrust his hips up, slamming his monster dick deep inside his mother, forcing her to fall back on his cock.

"Billy! No! Oh God No! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!.

Billy pushed up harder, until he felt himself bottom out, his balls slapped against his mother's soft ass. Faster and faster he pumped, his mother pushing back now. He could feel her tight pussy as it worked on his dick. Billy pushed his body forward, forcing his mother to fall forward, catching herself with her hands.

Dawn looked across the fire, and couldn't believe what she saw. Her husband was on his back, and her daughter was sitting on top of him, slamming her little pussy up and down his stiff dick.

But before Dawn could say anything, Billy was on his knees behind her, ready to bring her to her own orgasm. Holding her hips with both hands, Billy pulled her hard back into his massive cock.

Billy pushed his mother back and forth, working his massive cock faster and faster into her love canal, his cum ready to explode. He could feel the weakness in his legs as he felt his mother's pussy tighten around his cock. Her body began to shiver all over. And with one great push he held his dick deep inside her.

"Oh. Uh. Uh. I'm cumming! I'm cumming. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh." Dawn screamed, her body trembling from her climax.

"Oh mom! Oh mom! Ohh... "Billy exclaimed, as his sperm shot deep inside his mother's womb. His dick pumped massive amounts of cum deep inside his mother. His body tingled from head to toe and he could feel himself blacking out. Billy fell forward and collapsed on top of his mother.

Weak from her own orgasm, Dawn crashed to the ground, still feeling her son's warm cock deep inside and still expelling its seed into her.

Totally exhausted, Dawn unable to move, found herself forced to quietly listen to the sounds of lust coming from her husband, and daughter. As she heard their moans of ecstasy, Dawn began to fight with the reality of what had taken place, but something else was also happening. The sperm that her son had planted inside her felt different somehow. The feeling began to intensify and spread out from her womb and encompassed her entire body. Dawn felt herself changing, feeling no longer any remorse for the incestual act she'd had with her son. She found herself wanting more of that massive cock to fill her up again. She wanted to continue on with their sick sexual escapades. Dawn felt her pussy squeeze itself around her son's thick cock, her hips making little gyrations, She lifted her ass up against her son, her pussy milking his thick shaft, trying to bring it back to its full hardness again.

What am I doing, . Dawn thought to herself, her mind racing with images of her and Billy fucking themselves to total satisfaction.

Becoming more and more submissive to her new desires, Dawn was becoming hopelessly lost in this new feeling she was experiencing, and getting more and more aroused. She could hear her daughter's unthinkable words escaping from her moaning mouth.

"Oh.. Daddy.. I'm cumming!. Please cum with me. I want you to cum inside me.. Please daddy.. Oh yes. Oh. Oh. Yes."

Steff, looked across at her mother as she lay on the ground in her blissful state, feeling her own orgasm building as she ground herself hard on her father cock, bringing him to his own climatic explosion.

Steff stiffened her body, and pushed hard down on her father, her body tingling from her climax. As she enjoyed her blissful orgasm, she thought how easy it was to fuck her father, and right in front of her own mother, knowing full well there wasn't going to be any fallout from her sexual escapades.

He had played right into her hands, as they both watched the seduction of her mother. Steff noticed how her father was reacting. She spied his dick growing in his pants and that was all she needed to see.

Steff ran her fingers across his chest and slowing made her way down to his stomach, as they both watched mother and son play out their unacceptable taboo, Steff felt her own pussy getting wet She watched as her brother moved slowly to her mother breast. That's when she eased her hand down to her father's sweatpants, and began to play her own game of seduction.

As Billy place both of his hands firmly on their mother's tits, Steff heard her father give a little groan. Steff slid her hand down further, she rolled it over his now hard dick, and rubbed her hand up and down his shaft, she moved her head up to his ear she whisper.

"I think Billy is going to fuck her."

Greg's dick jumped hearing her speak those dark words.

"I think you want to see him fuck mommy, daddy." Steff said as she kissed her father's earlobe.

"Tell me you want to see them fuck daddy." Steff said as she nibbled on his ear while worked her finger under his sweatpants.

Steff ran her hand down and grasped her father's cock in her hand; she slid her hand up and down his shaft, and whispered again into her father's ear.

"Say it daddy, tell me you want to see them fuck. Tell me daddy."

Greg was lost in his own world, and mumbles to his own daughter.

"Yes... I want to see them fuck."

"Mmmm.. Good daddy." Steff replied.

Steff kissed down her father's body, down until she was at the top of his sweat pants, she pulled them down with her free hand, and hovered her mouth over his cock. Slowly. Steff flicked the tip with her tongue, as she slid her hand up and down his shaft.

"Ohh." Greg moaned, as he watched his son run his hands down his wife's panties, and his fingers played with her pussy.

Steff opened her mouth and slid her father into her; she tasted the salty mixture of precum that had leaked out of the tip.

"Uhh." Greg said, as he watched his wife take her own son down her throat, bobbing her head up and down his massive pole.

Steff eased her father's pants down further with her right hand. She stealth fully removed her panties with her left fingers, and kicked them completely off of her body. Her left hand ran back up to her pussy, and toyed with her pussy, she was getting herself ready for her father's waiting cock.

Greg was mesmerized by what he was witnessing; his body was building with lust in anticipation of seeing his son's cock slide into his mothers welcoming pussy.

Greg watched as Billy's fingers slammed into his mother, her moans almost to a scream, her body pushing back onto his hand, and he watched his son's cock lining up for its incestual journey.

Steff brought her body up and over her father's, slid on top of him, and began to rub up and down his stiff cock with her little mound, teasing his dick with her pussy slit.

Greg was hopelessly lost in lust, as he watched his son bring his mother to her climatic explosion. His heart pounded in his chest as he watched his son remove his fingers and pushed his massive dick into his wife's unsuspecting snatch.

Greg let out a gasp, as he watched the look on his wife's face, a look of pain and pleasure.

Steff heard her father's gasp, she spread her legs wider and slowly eased her wet little pussy onto her father's rock hard cock.

"Oh.. Daddy.." Steff said, as she slid herself down more onto his hot dick, she pushed him deeper and deeper into her slick cunt.

Greg felt his daughter's pussy lips circling around his dick; he lay on his back, and closed his eyes as his own forbidden sex took place.

Steff turned her body around and straddled her father. She looked across the campfire and watched her mother getting fucked doggie style by her son. Steff was excited again at the sight of her mother and brother fucking, so much so she smashed her pussy down hard on her father's baby maker and rode his dick. She ground her pussy into her father, and leaned back on her hands. Steff was quickening her pace, bringing herself closer and closer to her own orgasm.

Steff knew she was close to cumming. She watched as her mother had her own orgasm, as she listened to both of them crying out in ecstasy, and watched her mother fall onto the ground.

Steff felt the tingle in her body; she was ready to explode. Steff began to scream to her father.

"Oh.. Daddy.. I'm cumming!. Please cum with me. I want you to cum inside me.. Please daddy.. Oh yes. Oh. Oh. Yes."

Steff quivered on her father's cock, she felt him release his hot cum as it spewed deep inside her womb, and felt it pump more and more sperm into her love canal. Steff closed her eyes and collapsed on her father. Steff turned her head to the side, and said.

"That was fantastic daddy, I love you so much."

Greg, recovering himself, replied

"I love you too, honey bear." He said as he squeezed his daughter tight in his arms.

He couldn't believe how relaxed he was, feeling his daughter's body lying on him Greg wished it could last forever. Moving his daughter to his side, he snuggled up with her and kissed her lips as he began to fall asleep.

Dawn's sexual urges began to quite down. She felt more relaxed, and she found herself getting sleepy She felt her son pull his limp dick slowly out of her stretched pussy, and roll over onto her right side. Billy recovered from his blackout and embraced his mother, pulling her closer to him. He held her tight, and their bodies clung together.

With the four of them sleeping in each other's arms, Mother and son, Father and daughter, tomorrow should be very interesting, indeed.