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Dad videorecord My Asian Mom getting fucked by our Old Neighbor

 Dad videorecord My Asian Mom getting fucked by our Old Neighbor

I heard some footsteps from the distance, the camera shifted to the door as an unknown man entered the bedroom. He was a middle-aged white man; I would say early 50's, about 5'9, had grey hair, a trimmed beard and medium build. I recognized him but I could not remember who he was. He was shirt less and wearing just boxer shorts.

He walked in cautiously. He looked at my dad and then looked at my mom. Right then I immediately knew who he was: It was Mr Patterson!

He was a neighbour of mine, my mom didn't like him much; he always tried to hit on her, even though he was married. My mom accused him of having a creepy 'Asian women fetish', amongst other things. I was completely stunned with this latest development.

Peter rubbed his hands and licked his lips as he looked longingly at my mom.

"Waited for a while huh?" asked my dad.

"Ohhh, you have no idea how long I have wanted this"

"Well, go ahead Pete, take her robe off."

Peter inched closer to my mom; his hands shook as he slowly removed her sash. He let the robe fall to the ground, and let out a huge gasp of pleasure.

"Oh my, oh my," he said as he looked at my mom's gorgeous body.

He put his hands around her hips, squat down and examined her tits intently. He took his tongue out and licked her nipples. Mom grimaced as the creepy old man licked her pert breasts.

"Those pill kicked in yet?" asked Dad.

Peter nodded.

"Well, Go ahead and take her to the bed then."

Peter led Mom to the bed, got her lying down on it, took his shorts off and put his cock in her. The look on his face was priceless; it was like he was both shocked and happy at the same time.

Peter was giving the effort of his life as he pumped his cock into my mom, while she just looked away into the distance, probably wishing that it would all be over quickly.

He was on top of my mom, with his face right next to her.

"Can I kiss you?" he polity asked my mother.

My mom looked over to my dad and asked, "Did he pay for that?"

"He did."

"Ok then," said my mom with noticeable disgust in her voice, "you can kiss me."

My mom squirmed as Peter kissed her on the lips. I can't really explain exactly why, but watching that middle-aged white man planting unwanted kisses on my Asian mother was so unbelievably hot! I had never been more turned-on.

Peter continued thrusting into my mother, the old man was making some progress too; he got her groaning a little.

As the sex was going on, a mature white woman casually walked into the room. She had on a cleaving-bearing blue dress, medium-length black hair, a nice round ass, and a pretty hot figure for a woman I suspected was over fifty. I knew who she was right away; it was Peter's wife: Helen Patterson.

She stood next to my dad, holding a wine glass, and watched on as her husband had sex with another woman.

Dad put the camera on her and asked, "So, what you think of all this?"

"Hmm, well, I know he is living out his dream right now," she paused to take a sip of her wine, "ever since you all moved in, he has had an obsession for her; he started working out, his computer is full of Asian models, he even moaned her name during lovemaking, he wants her so badly. So when you came up to him with this offer, I agreed with it. He would have done it, even if I said no."

"Ahem, yes" remarked Dad, "and you ok with it?"

"I honestly don't care anymore," she replied.

"Yeah...Well, you know, right now my wife and your husband are, you know, getting it on. So... i was thinking that I only think it's only fair that maybe me and you, you know, get a bit freaky?"

"Not a chance," she fired back.

Dad responded with silence.

"Your son on the other hand, I would consider."

Score! I always thought she was a MILF (Or a GILF to be more precise.)

On the bed, Peter turned around and got Mom to ride him. He put his hands on her tits and played with her erect nipples, Mom seemed to like that.

Mom rubbed her hands on Peter's chest as she rode him. She had a surprised expression on her face, and remarked, "Hmm, you been working out. And look, Tony, he shaves his chest."

Dad didn't respond. I sensed that he was embarrassed by that comment.

Mom seemed to be warming to Peter; she smiled at him and led his fingers into her mouth.

"Hmm hmmm," Mom said as she sucked Peter's finger, "You could teach my husband a thing or two."

"Ha, good one," quipped Dad.

Mom then turned to Dad, glared, and said sternly, "I wasn't joking." Right after saying that, she bent down and gave Peter a peck on the lips.

My mom had just told my thirty-seven year old dad that he was not as good in the bedroom as a man that was more than ten years older than him. Dad was very humiliated; his sexual prowess was mocked in front of the whole world. Mom was really starting to enjoy herself; I think the humiliation factor was really turning her on.

"Can-can I mention that thing I told you?" asked Peter

"Huh?" grumbled Dad, "oh right, whatever,"

"What thing?" asked Mom.

Dad took a deep breath and spoke quickly in a mumble. "Oh yeah, he told me this fantasy he had about you, I told him to tell you while I taped, whatever."

"Hmm, ok, sounds strange, but you can tell me Peter." Mom gave him a reassuring smile

"Ok, yeah, here goes: in my fantasy I live on a shore, like an island, just by myself, I'm a fisherman, a strong one, yeah. So, one day, a ship crashes near my island, a Korean ship, I guess, and all the crew die, expect you; I suspect that there are survivors, and go on with my day. Then, a week or so later, as I wander the jungle, I find you there, wearing animals hides, wielding a bow, barefooted, lots of leg, cleavage, oh my, and umm, you speak no English and have never seen a white man before, so you try to attack, and we tussle around the grass, my passion, your passion, meshing together, until we on the floor, in the same position we are now. I eventually take you as my bride, teach you English, have children with you, and we live on there, just us and the kids, forever and ever, for all of our lives..."
Speechless. Utterly speechless. That's what the entire room had become. I could not even process what he had just said.

After a long, tense silence, my mom, out of nowhere, began to giggle. "Oh heeheehee, that's actually pretty nice, so what am I in the fantasy? an Asian jungle woman?"

A broad smile had spread across Peter's face, he'd never looked happier. "Yes, umm yes!"

"Kinda cute," she replied.

As Mom continued to giggle, she playfully hopped on Peter's cock, Dad cut to Helen for a reaction shot, she looked quite pissed off.

Peter grabbed my mom's ass, "Oh my god, you're so beautiful, you have the best ass ever."

Just after he said that, a wine glass was heard to be smashed off-camera. Dad cut to a very pissed off Helen, "You told me the same fucking thing!" she screamed to Peter.

Helen went over to Mom, and forcefully shoved her off Peter's cock. Mom fell down on the bed.

"Since we have a joint account," screamed Helen, "I paid for this, this, this fucking hussy! So you! You fucking slut! Get on all fours like a bitch, right now!"

Mom looked at Helen with a blank expression.

"Roll with it, roll with it!" said Dad to Mom.

Mom shrugged her shoulders and got on all fours.

Helen gazed at my mom's perfectly round, toned ass cheeks, pulled her arm back, and gave the most hardest slap to the ass I have ever seen. Mom was winching, you could tell that slap hurt. It was no school-girl spank; it was a full-on slap to the ass.

Helen was not done, "You come here to my house! And have sex with my husband!?" another hard slap to the ass, "I been married to him for twenty years and he only gets this excited for you!" and another smack to the ass, "You're nothing but a slut! A fucking slut!" Helen slapped Mom's ass one last time, and then stormed out the room.

The room stayed silent for a moment, everyone was in shock. Dad zoomed in on Mom's ass; it had visible red handprints on it, her ass looked quite tender. He put the camera on Peter and remarked, "...That was hot..."

Peter then suddenly sprang to life, and since my mom was already in the perfect position, shoved his cock into her ass.

He pumped her hard and fast, while making sure not to grab her butt since it was still raw. He gently pulled her hair as he kept on fucking her. Mom was caught up in the excitement; she was loudly moaning and groaning.

"Oh yes, yes, yes," she said, "come on, yes, cum hard."

Peter kept going harder, harder, harder. Both were sweating and moaning, mom's tits were shaking as he thrust himself deep into her

Peter got to his boiling point, "Its cumming!" he screamed, "its cumming, ah! Here it cums, ahhh! He thrust deep and cummed on her ass.

Peter stood up, wobbled a bit, and sat on a nearby chair: he was spent. Mom lay flat on the bed, also tired. The guys on the chatroom loved it:

"RedBangor: awesome shag! cummed loads! that old fucker kept up all the way with her

"RedBangor: that lady coming in slapping kim, that was hot, I would tap both!

"Joh-Joh: What a great investment I made in her. She is such a star, hmm Helen too, and that story has some nice legs as well.

"Erickson: bitch got what she deserved, taking a ladys man like that. next time, i spank both bitches

"Dennis_mothertrucker: my mom did that once, but this mom, she may be hotter!

"Justlookingforlove_32: I LOVED IT and I LOVE her!!!"


Who knew watching my parents having sex would've lead to all this? I never, ever, expected our lives to change the way they have. Dad used to be a respectable business man; he is now a man who films his wife performing sexual acts for her webcam show. Speaking of Mom, she used to be a normal, everyday housewife; she is now a prostitute who performs live sex-shows on the internet! Who knew any of this would happen? I surely didn't! Maybe no one knows; no one knows what their parents are really like, when those covers get exposed.